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Manatee Watching Overnight Tour to Lake Izabal
"During this tour you will be picked up from Guatemala City at 9am and will be transferred to Izabal. The transfer may take between 4-5 hours depending on traffic conditions. Once you arrive you will settle at an eco-hostel downtown which is run by a local indigenous community. Please note that the hostel does not have regular electricity only a power plant that provides electricity for about 3 hours during the evening. You will have the opportunity to go swimming at Punta El Chapin beach on lake Izabal and take a boat ride to Rio Oscuro where you will be able to watch the ma lunch and dinner will be offered and you will make your way back to Guatemala City on the next day arriving to Guatemala City around 9:00pm on Day 2."
From $350.00
Full Day Garifuna Cultural Experience
"Explore the Garifuna culture on this full-day tour from Punta Gorda. Meet your English-speaking guide at a designated place for this small-group tour. Travel to the edge of the Belizean jungle. Arrive at an open-air thatched palapa where you are met by your host. Step inside and see the various handmade drums and shakas (maracas). Learn about the materials and techniques used to create these instruments. Take a break for some fresh fruit and Garifuna pudding a traditional treat. Try your hand at drum-making by hollowing out a solid hardwood log planing and sanding it smooth. Choose from a less labor-intensive method and fit your hollowed gourd with drum skin to create a shakas. Make either instrument without the use of power tools as is the tradition. Sit back and savor a traditional lunch following the morning's hard work. Feast on hudut a fresh fish fillet sauteed in handmade coconut milk and lightly seasoned with cilatntro and fresh herbs. Enjoy mashed plantain and fresh vegetables with your hudut. Begin your drumming lesson (90-minutes) following your lunch. Learn six differen who will introduce you to the faster-paced primero drum. Listen to a 1-hour performance by professional musicians followed by a dance lesson.Immerse yourself in the Garifuna culture. Spend the day delving into the history
From $105.00
Family Fun Indigenous Garifuna Drumming Lesson
"Situated on the edge of Punta Gorda town in picturesque surroundings under our traditional thatch palapa with parrots toucans howler monkeys iguanas and hummingbirds all living nearby from the time you arrive to the time you leave you will never forget your experience.When you arrive you will be greeted by your host Ronald Raymond McDonald (yes his real name)
From $13.00

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a backpack is best, seeing that you´re likely to be getting off the a coach and will then have to walk a bit shorts, t-shirts, especially around easter it can get HOT! But do take a thin (but water,...
Oct 05, 2002
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