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Quetzaltenango Street Food Tour
"You will start this tour walking   the 14th Avenue one block away from  the most important avenue in Xela to taste the Tostadas de Guacamole de Don Richard delicious fried corn tortillas with avocado. After this amazing experience you will walk walk to the 4th street to visit Doña Josefina Indigenous local K’iche woman here you will drink atolito de Elote and eat famous chuchitos with tomato sauce.You  will take a cooking class from Doña Letty and  learn how to prepare the Rellenitos famous in Guatemala for the combination of plantains (bananas) and sweet beans.For Lunch or dinner you cannot miss the Quichom (lunch) with rice and made hand tortillas
From $32.00
Trek to Chicabal Volcano and Lagoon
"Journey along the natural paths of the volcano and see over 40-Mayan altars that were used in ceremonial services. Learn about the Mayan calendar and its importance to this ancient culture. Wander down the paths and see the incredible and diverse variety898 feet. On clear mornings it is possible to see the major volcanoes of northwestern Guatemala as well as the Pacific coast. The crater rim and volcanic cone are covered in a lush cloud forest and the lower slopes of the volcano are used for agricultural purposes by the locals. This easy day-hike provides a perfect mix of tranquility culture and natural beauty.On this 5-hour tour you will go from the base of the volcano all the way to the top. There you will find an impressive view onto the lagoon. From the top the guide will lead you down the stairs to the lagoon itself. Lots of times
From $44.00
Santiaguito Volcano Hiking Tour from Quetzaltenango
"This hike gives you the opportunity to see the beautiful Guatemalan landscape and the eruptions of one of the most dangerous volcanos in the world while not being overly strenuous. You will have the chance to see different types of plants and flowers. The first part of the hike is a bit steep with some rocks as obstacles but when looking over your shoulder you can see breath-taking views of Quetzaltenango in the early morning.Halfway the road becomes more flat and easy
From $40.00

More Things to Do in Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala City

While not charming like Antigua, Guatemala City has interesting landmarks befitting acapital city.The nightlife in Guate is pretty rocking, lots of clubs and restaurants.if you are staying in antigua,...
andycandy's Profile Photo
Jul 29, 2004

Guatemalan Art

The several art galleries that line 4a Calle just east of the Central Park. There is no charge to enter these galleries and enjoy the beautiful paintings, ceramics, murals, sculptures, mosaics and...
Kindra's Profile Photo
Jan 16, 2004

Typical Sweets at Dona Maria Gordillo Dulceria

This shop has been producing typical Antiguan sweets since 1872, offering a variety of goods made from milk, condensed milk, coconut, almonds, marzapan, guyava, sesame seeds and more, packaging your...
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Jan 16, 2004

Souvenir women

These are the women that you see all over the place. They're selling all kind of arts and crafts like beautiful coloured blankets, wooden bracelets, coconut rings, tiny puppets and all more. And they...
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Dec 13, 2003

Palacio de los Capitanes Generales

This building is easily recognized by its stately arches. The tourism office and other government offices are located here.
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Mar 22, 2007

Cathedral de San Jose

This church is a tribute to Friar Pedro who was canonized in 2002. People with disabilities come here to be blessed.
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Mar 20, 2007
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Cerro de la Cruz

Gorgeous view of Antigua and Volcan Agua. Tourist police escort tourists up every day at 10 am and 3 pm I believe, free of charge (though I'm sure they'd take a tip!).
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Mar 08, 2006

Salsa Dance Lessons

Take a salsa lesson at La Salsa Academia de Baile. They have 4 great instructors and offer free group classes on Mondays and Tuesdays. I reccommend private lessons.
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Aug 04, 2005

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