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Day Trip Yaxha Archaeological Site from Flores
"7:00am - Personalized welcome at your hotel or airport.8:00am - Departure to Yaxha Archaeological Site10:00am - Guided walk through all the most important points of the Mayan city as roads temples pyramids occupational rooms and stunning views from the highest point of the Mayan city.1:00pm - Delicious lunch at Yaxha Restaurant portal where people of the Community will cook for you. There is a menu so you can choose from Bistek skewer chicken or vegetarian all grilled
From $63.00
"Bird Watch Tour in Ixpanpajul
"Bird Watch Tour in Ixpanpajul Tikal or Taxha ""This tour offers round-trip transportation from your hotel or airport to the park. The admissions is also included and you will be accompanied by a bird specialized guide. Lunch includes great grilled beef with rice salad and tortillas soup and desert. Drinks are not included with lunch only 1 bottle of water per person during the tour.Do not miss this great adventure and explore with us the wonders of the Mystery Green World. Some destinations to sightings are Tikal Ixpanpajul Yaxha and Lake Petén Itza. "
From $268.00
Yaxha Day Tour from Flores
"Upon pickup at the airport or your hotel transfer to Yaxha for your guided tour of the complex one of the most significant archeological sites of Guatemala. Your experienced guide will lead your group around the excavated ruins and offer insight about the Mayan civilization that used many of the 500 structures for ceremonial purposes. Listen as yo including its pyramid temples ball courts and elevated plazas. Discover the Twin Pyramid Complex (the only one outside of Tikal) also known as the Stelae Plaza. At the East Acropolis you’ll come upon Structure 216 a 100-foot (30-meter) tall pyramid where remains of a temple shrine still stand on its base
From $86.00

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"El Remate, halfway between Flores and Tikal"
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"A good base for Tikal"
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"El Remate, On the Road to Tikal"
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"On the shore of the Peten Itza lake."
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"El Remate"
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