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  • A chicken bus in Guatemala City
    A chicken bus in Guatemala City
    by jumpingnorman
  • Sunset on Lake Atitlán
    Sunset on Lake Atitlán
    by gdilieto
  • Steet Scene in San Pedro La Laguna
    Steet Scene in San Pedro La Laguna
    by gdilieto
Map of Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala


Guatemala City






Parque Nacional Tikal


San Pedro La Laguna


Lago de Atitlán


Santiago Atitlán






Río Dulce




San Antonio Palopó






El Remate




San Antonio Aguas Calientes


Puerto Barrios




San Vicente Pacaya


Santa Cruz del Quiché




Sierra los Cuchumatanes


Todos Santos Cuchumatán


Tecpán Guatemala


San Francisco de Sales












Santa Cruz La Laguna


San Francisco El Alto




Puerto Santo Tomás de Castilla




Mixco Viejo







Lago de Amatitlán


Antigua Guatemala

Guatemala City

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  • Reserva Natural Atitlan

    Panajachel Things to Do

    This Nature Reserve is a little way back up the road towards Solola and down a side road. It is well worth a visit, whether for walking the trails through the forest and watching out for wildlife, or for the canopy ziplines - we didn't try the latter but it looked fun!Entry fee is 55Quetzals.The visitors centre is very modern and has a lot of...

  • Porta Del Lago Hotel

    Panajachel Hotels

    2 Avenida 6-17 Zona 2, Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Shopping for crafts

    Panajachel Shopping

    Panajachel and the surrounding villages are rightly considered among the best places to shop for handicrafts. The high proportion (90%) of Maya living here, and the high numbers of visitors, combine to create a shopping frenzy! Naturally the quality of goods on offer varies, but it is generally good to very good, and with negotiation prices can be...



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  • Canopy/Zip-Lining close to Flores

    Flores Things to Do

    A short 5-minutes ride from Flores the natural park Ixpanpajul is located. They offer several activities in the wild nature such as swinging through the forest on a Zip-Line from tree to tree. They call it Tarzan-Canopy-Tour and offer this activity also at night. As we found this out we wanted to try this before leaving Flores! It was an amazing...

  • La Lancha Lodge

    Flores Hotels

    Lake Peten Itza, Flores, Guatemala

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • And thanks for all the fish...

    Flores Restaurants

    What a nice place! After some hard bus rides through Guatemala we stayed a few days on the wonderful island Flores. There we went EVERY night and some days even for lunch (too bad they dont do breakfast) to the Villa de chef restaurant. Right at the shore of this beautiful lake, with romantic sunsets almost garanteed and an atmosfere that is...


Parque Nacional Tikal

San Pedro La Laguna

Lago de Atitlán

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Santiago Atitlán

  • Shopping for handicrafts

    Santiago Atitlán Shopping

    The main street here is lined with shops selling all sorts of hand-crafted items – textiles galore, wood carvings, paintings, decorations, leather goods and more. The quality seemed to me to be on the whole pretty good, and the prices reasonable if you’re happy to haggle a little. I bought a woven glasses case on one of the stalls down near the...

  • Traditional dress in Santiago

    Santiago Atitlán Local Customs

    Santiago has a distinctive style of local dress, as do many of the Maya-dominated towns of Guatemala. The women wear huipiles, usually with a pale blue background, on which are darker vertical stripes. Between the stripes there are often colourful tropical birds, though sometimes they are left plain, and around the neckline are embroidered equally...

  • Maximón

    Santiago Atitlán Local Customs

    A visit to the Mayan idol, Maximón, is a highlight of any trip to Santiago Atitlàn. Unlike many such figures, you won’t find him in a church or other place of worship, but in a family home. It is a great honour among local families to act as Maximón’s host, and also a great responsibility. He has his own room, and is watched over day and night....




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  • Robberies in Hotels

    Cobán Warnings and Dangers

    Many backpackers and visitors in general like to stay in dormitories. Rooms for 4 or more people.Now:1. never leave belongings of higher value in your room alone. never. i bet you knew that. everybody can take a look in your room without your knowledge.2. never sleep without securing your belongings (ask for a safe and a signature/bill) if possible...

  • Semuc Champey Mirador

    Cobán Things to Do

    Besides the pools, the hiking around Semuc Champey is absolutely fabulous. the area is permeated with lush jungles, rich flora and fauna that most people do not have the luxury of experiencing at home.There is a trail up to a lookout called El Mirador. This trail rises steeply along the valley walls, sometimes feeling like you're climbing rather...

  • Semuc Champey Lagoons

    Cobán Things to Do

    The Semuc Champey lagoons are probably the most famous landmark around Coban. These aquamarine pools are gorgeous, formed from limestone runoff of the nearby river. It is a gorgeous site to relax for a day. One can hike up to el mirador, a look out from the mountainside. Or just lay around in the pools. Or even, if you're feeling adventurous, hike...


Río Dulce

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  • The Bakery without white Bread

    Río Dulce Restaurants

    Think the Title says it all. The sandwich wasn't bad. Decent Portion size. The Wheat bread is really a Whole Wheat with whole grains. So if you aren't into crunchies in your bread go with White. Maybe they will have it that day ....... Don't think I will try to get a favorite

  • Catamaran Hotel

    Río Dulce Hotels

    Aldea Rio Dulce Rio Dulce Izabal Guatemala, Rio D

  • Stay on the Rio Dulce

    Río Dulce Things to Do

    There's a cute little hideaway approximately halfway between Rio Dulce town and Livingston on the beautiful Rio Dulce called Finca Tatin. It's family owned with hammocks under a big rancho and bungalows or dormitory-style for sleeping. Home-cooked, inexpensive meals are served to the guests and there are a bazillion things to do while you're there;...



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  • Spanish School Sol Latino

    Quetzaltenango Things to Do

    In 2015 I studied 5 weeks Spanish at Sol Latino in Quetzaltenango. I found out about this school by a recommendation of another traveller who I met in Mexico. I think what sets this school apart is the personal attention of the staff. I felt people were genuinely interested in me, when I was ill someone of the school went with me to a doctor and...

  • Guatemalan Adventure

    Quetzaltenango Things to Do

    My family and I decide to take vacation two months ago and we organise before the trip, like places to visit, activities to do etc. we Contacted Travel & Health Guatemala, which is an agency dedicated to the planning and doing trips in Guatemala. They organize all, like our hotel, activities; I really recommend the activities because they do...

  • Sol Latino

    Quetzaltenango Things to Do

    In 2015 I studied 5 weeks Spanish at Sol Latino in Quetzaltenango. I found out about this school by a recommendation of another traveller who I met in Mexico. I think what sets this school apart is the personal attention of the staff. I felt people were genuinely interested in me, when I was ill someone of the school went with me to a doctor and...


San Antonio Palopó

  • By boat to San Antonio Palopó

    San Antonio Palopó Transportation

    There are two ways to get here from Panajachel: pick-up truck (cheap but bumpy) or boat (dearer, because you will have to hire a private one as the ferries don’t call here, but more scenic). Actually there is a third way – some of the tours of the lake call here too.We opted for the boat as it seemed a nicer way to travel, despite the higher cost....

  • Handicrafts in San Antonio Palopó

    San Antonio Palopó Shopping

    The other attraction that draws visitors to San Antonio is the opportunity to shop. The distinctive blue huipiles are on offer everywhere and are probably a more wearable design when you get back home than the more ornate ones elsewhere. Other handicrafts are generally of a good quality and prices seem a little lower than in other villages – I paid...

  • Life in the village

    San Antonio Palopó Favorites

    Although the church is likely to be the first thing that catches your eye, don’t let it be the only thing that you see here. The village streets are unprepossessing and there are no buildings or architectural merit, but a stroll around them is a pleasant way of spending some time. Whereas near the church we found that local women were rather...



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  • Swim/Bodysurf

    Monterrico Things to Do

    Kind of a shore break here so no real surfing so to speak but you can do some fun body whomping in the shore the rips though as they are frequent here. Best time to swim in in the morning prior to 11 or after 3pm when the sand starts to cool down. From 11-3 the black sand is a bit on the hot side to walk on barefoot.

  • Eating

    Monterrico Restaurants

    You can eat any any of the many places in town, a local tienda, or cook a meal yourself.I did it all> Monterrico was a bit over priced compared to Hawaii but the food was safe westernized so to speak..that being said the real meals for me were in Hawaii and on the basic side..we even BBQ'd some local fish one night and washed it down with many...

  • Beach football (soccer ok????)

    Monterrico Things to Do

    The locals love beach soccer and in the village of Hawaii they have a championship team. If you are around during a festival you will probably see a game...Look for the Gallo tent and the noise.



See all 21 Sayaxché Tips
  • Combi from Santa Elena through to Coban

    Sayaxché Transportation

    Combi Vans, a shared minevan usually packed full of human cargo inside and with baggage on the roof, ply the highways from Flores/Santa Elena through to Coban on a relatively new highway system. Just before I took this route, many here on VT argued that it would be hard going on a gravel road, taking many hours, but at the time of our trip a new...

  • Across the River

    Sayaxché Transportation

    As I explained, the minibus dropped us on the "wrong" side of the Rio De La Pasion. To reach Sayaxché, it is but a short boat ride across the river (cost: 28 cents).I wonder how many people who read this tip have crossed from Chiang Khong to Houayxai. It was exactly the same experience, although a world away. Actually El Remate reminded me a lot of...

  • Minibus from Flores to Sayaxché

    Sayaxché Transportation

    All bus from Flores actually depart from lively Santa Elena, across the causeway.I took a tuktuk from the hotel to the bus station. There, I found the minibus to Sayaxché easily. I was alone when the bus started, but we made a first stop in the rowdy market and then stopped again and again in the town's outskirts. Pretty soon we were jammed full....


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