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Day Trip to La Tigra and El Picacho Park
"Tour departs early in the morning at 6:00am from your hotel in Tegucigalpa to San Juancito in our Land Cruiser 4X4.You'll receive a free map of the trails and once there you will start hiking crossing La Tigra National Park. We will be waiting for you at Jutiapa (the other side of La Tigra) in the visitors center at 2:00pm and then we will take you to El Picacho National Park to see the overview of Tegucigalpa on the aft sightseeing spots and fauna of a cloud forest mountain of a tropical area. Also at El Pichacho National Park expect to see the overview of the capital city of Honduras and take really cool pictures. From there we'll take you to your hotel to have"""Hike crossing La Tigra National Park Tegucigalpa we'll take you on our Land Cruiser 4X4 to San Juancito and from there you'll cross the national park hiking.We will be waiting for you at Jutiapa (the other side of La Tigra). Expect to see waterfa sightseeing spots and fauna of a cloud forest mountain of a tropical area."title=Highlights&1=Explore+La+Tigra+National+Park+and+El+Picacho+during+a+full-day+excursion&2=Travel+through+La+Tigra+National+Park+on+foot%2C+admiring+waterfalls%2C+cloud+forests+and+a+wealth+of+wildlife&3=Enjoy+city+views+of+Tegucigalpa+from+El+Picacho
From $40.00
Los Micos Lagoon in Parque Nacional Punta Sal from Tela
"One of the main attractions of the Jeannette Kawas National Park Los Micos Lagoon abound in aquatic birds and monkeys.As a unique specialist tour this excursion involves a launched tour by ferry of the country’s second largest lagoon as well as an afternoon’s stay at the most typical Garifuna village in Honduras Miami both situated right on the ocean’s edge. The lagoon derives its name from the white-faced monkeys or ‘micos’ which frequent the mangroves. Laguna Los Micos is truly an astounding birdwatcher’s paradise with over 350 species sighted. A casting their nets."
From $38.00
Miami Motorcycle Tour in Tela
"You will Experience the off road sandy terrain on a Kawasaki KLR 650 Honda XR 600 R Yamaha XT 250 or even in a Yamaha XT 125 and live the moment with an adrenaline rush. Starting from the coast of the Caribbean city of Tela you will go to the Garifuna Village of Miami by the beach passing through two Garifuna Villages on a sandy road.When you arrive to the Garifuna Village you will have the opportunity to relax by the beach or enjoy a typical Honduran meal while visiting with the local Garifuna villagers.""""You will enjoy riding motorcycle in the wonderful Garifuna Village in the north coast of Honduras
From $78.00

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