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4-Hour Tour of Granada by Bike
"This 4-hour bike tour starts from Granada's city center. Riding alongside a guide you will have the possibility to see some sites in the eastern part of the city such as the Church of Guadalupe the art center ""Bellas Artes"" multi stadium and recreation center and Granada colonial port with ancient cannons located in outside the building. Before reaching Asese port you will take a dirt road entering a rural setting surrounded by vegetation characteristics of tropical dry forest. There is a high chance of seeing herds of monkeys and oriole nests
From $46.00
Bike Tour of Granada and La Isletas Boat Tour
"The tour starts at Granada's Central Park when you begin your bike portion of the tour. Explore Granada's center the Central Park (""La Calzada"") known for it's entertainment during nightlife. You'll pass through Guadalupe Church at the end of La Calzada then you head to the port where your bike will be loaded onto a boat and you'll start the tour of Isletas de Granada.The boat tour would take you around some of the 365 islets that form Las Isletas de Granada in lake Nicaragua where you can admire the wildlife and Mombacho volcano. Prepare to disembark at the shipyard El Diamante where you'll continue the bike ride while heading through several small communities and where you'll have the opportunity to visit an archaeological site with pre-Columbian heritage.Return to the departure point at the end of the tour."""
From $32.00
Half-Day Trip to Masaya Volcano from Managua
"You will be picked up from your hotel in Managua and will be driven to the Nindirí municipality where the Masaya Volcano is located. Once you arrive you will hike to the rim of the volcano where you will be able to see the active lava. You will then hike to other craters and viewpoints from the central crater. After the hike you will be taken to a local restaurant for a traditional lunch. The tour lasts 4 hours and you will be taken back to your hotel in Managua at the end.""""The Masaya Volcano National Park comprises of an area of 54 km2 and includes two volcanoes and fiver craters. The volcanoes have erupted several times in history and were feared by both the indigenous people and the Spanish conquerors. The Spanish baptized the active volcano “La Boca del Infierno” or “The mouth of Hell”. They planted a cross “La Cruz de Bobadilla” (named after Father Francisco Bobadilla)
From $99.00

More Tourist Traps in Pochomil

Think, Costa Rica, 1970

If you didn't know Costa Rica in the '70's or haven't heard their history, there was nothing on the beaches of the now, very popular Costa Rica. That's Nicaragua's beaches: lots of huge, beautiful...
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Jun 08, 2009

Vendors and Beggers

So everyone knows that you will try to be sold something that you dont need when you go to the beach. But many times we dont know how to say no. There will be people trying to sell you jewelry,...
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Aug 31, 2006
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From close by Montelimar you can enjoy a surreal ATV/Snorkeling tour that takes you up the beach about 15 miles. Yes, 15 miles of undeveloped beach that is. The location is a huge tidal pool that is...
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Things to Do

The Beach

Pochomil is south of Managua about 1 hour on the Pacific Ocean. It is a popular weekend spot for people living in Managua. The beach is big and very accessible. Along the beach front at the INTUR...
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Things to Do

Hiking to Archeological Sites

Few people, including Nicaraguans, know of the large number of unstudied archeological sites in the low lands near Pochomil. There is one tour that takes you to one of Nicaragua's most signficant...
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"Pochomil Beach -- Nicaragua Pacific Coast"
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"At the beach in Pochomil"
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"Beach Closest To Managua"
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"Great beach"
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