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León Full Day Sightseeing Tour
"You will start your experience with a visit to the old Cathedral of 'La Asuncion' which took more than a hundred years to build and was finished in 1747. This church is the largest in Central America America and also a world heritage site by UNESCO located at the main square. You will also see the birth house of Ruben Da one of the Spanish-speaking world`s greatest poets known as the father of Modernism. Later you will see the 'Ortiz Gurdian' art gallery and the El Convento hotel and its colonial architecture. During the walking tour get to know the historic murals of the city and understand the role played by Leon in the social economic and political development of Nicaragua.At the end of the tour you will be taken back to your hotel.""""León is the main city of the northwest part of Nicaragua
From $65.00
Hiking and Sandboarding in Cerro Negro
"Go on an adventure to discover one of Nicaragua’s monsters: Cerro Negro active volcano.  Born in 1850 it is one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua. Cerro Negro “Black Mount” is the most recent of a group of four very young cinder cones in the central Maribios. Hiking to the top takes less than an hour; a sort of trail has been made in the rocks an ranges between 30 and 42-48 Celsius (according to season; once you hike the breeze makes it easier) and the overwhelming view once you reach the active crater will be the reward you had ever imagined. From the top you will also observe the crater of Telica another active volcano as well as the Pacific Ocean 20 miles away.  Once at the top you will start sand boarding
From $105.00
Cerro Negro Hiking and Sand Boarding from León
"You will be picked up from your hotel or a designated pickup area in León and transferred to the Cerra Negro volcano. Formed in 1850 it is the youngest volcano in Central America and has had an eruptive history with the latest eruption in 1999.Once at the base of the volcano there will be a hike to the top. This ascent is rough due to loose rocks a steep inclination and heavy boards. During the climb there will be stops for information about the history of the volcano and its features such as the craters and lava fields.Upon arrival near the top you will receive a short technical briefing from your experienced bilingual guide. From there you will head to the steeper outer rim for the real point of descent where you will have a chance to do a test run inside the crater. After some final orientations you will then board all the way down to the base of Cerra Negro in the ride of your life."
From $35.00

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