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Café Las Flores Coffee Plantation Tour from Managua
"After pickup from your hotel in Managua relax and enjoy the air-conditioned ride to Hacienda El Progreso a coffee plantation located at the bottom of the Mombacho Volcano. Café Las Flores the coffee produced on this plantation is a Rainforest Alliance–certified product and one of the most popular coffees of Nicaragua. Meet your tour guide on arrival at the coffee plantation and learn about the history of coffee growing in Nicaragua and at Hacienda El Progreso. Find out how washed dried
From $77.00
Boat Ride Tour in the Nicaragua Lake
"You will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the harbor where you will board a private motor boat and explore the Isletas de Granada for 1.5 hours.During the tour you will enjoy a panoramic view of Mombacho Volcano passing by the house of native families living in the islands the Fortress of San Pablo restaurants and private vacation houses. You will also observe the variety of flora and fauna of the area.When the Mombacho Volcano erupted thousands of years ago it threw huge rocks into Lake Nicaragua. As a result of this violent eruption 365 islets were formed in front of Granada. The islets differ in size between a hundred square meters and over one hundred hectares. The wild nature resident birds and visitors and the day-a-day routine of the local families make it an ideal place for a boat ride or kayaking around the lake.After this delightful voyage it returns to the dock
From $45.00
Mombacho Natural Reserve Tour from Granada
"You will be picked up from your hotel in Granada at around 8 am and be driven to the Mombacho Natural Reserve. There you will be driven up a steep 4 kilometer road to the biological station near the summit.You may choose to do a guided hike or zipline for an extra fee or just observe the nature that will surround you. At the end of the tour you will be driven back to your hotel.""""The Mombacho Natural Reserve is one of the two remaining humid cloud forests in the Pacific region of Nicaragua. The reserve is home to the 1345 meter dormant Mombacho volcano. Upon entering the reserve visitors are driven up a steep 4 kilometer road to the biological station near the summit. If you love lush greenery and biodiversity
From $96.00

Most Viewed Restaurants in Departamento de Matagalpa


El Disparate de Potter

This place is a popular weekend hangout with the locals that have a few extra dollars. It is located on the old highway to Jinotega about 20 minutes from Matagalpa. It is located at a place were a guy...
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Selva Negra Hotel

The hotel restaurant is the only place to eat so it’s a good thing that the food is good. It is more expensive than restaurants in Granada but it is still reasonable and the quality is excellent. You...
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May 18, 2005
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Popular Cities in Departamento de Matagalpa



Departamento de Matagalpa
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Top Things to Do in Departamento de Matagalpa

Things to Do

Visit Sebaco and Chaguitillo

Sebaco is at the southern boarder of the Department of Matagalpa at the intersection of the Panamerican Highway and the Matagalpa Highway. Sebaco is a small agricultural town that is very typical of...
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Things to Do


Matagalpa is settled in a narrow valley surrounded by mountains. It kind of reminded me of the Pacific Northwest but not as much rain. Lots of forested mountains and country farms. It is also where...
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Things to Do

Birth Place of Ruben Dario

The famous Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío was born in a village known – at that time – as Metapa. It was later renamed to Ciudad Darío, honoring the beloved poet, four years after his death. The small...
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"Matagalpa - the surrounding landscape"
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