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  • san juan del sur's beach
    san juan del sur's beach
    by Malecka
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    receipt of $10 arrival fee
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Nicaragua General

  • The Nicaraguan Coat of Arms


  • Food - platanos

    So... Platano frito basically means fried banana... But, again, it’s the green, larger banana that tastes more like a potato than like the fruit commonly known in Europe for example. It can be cut in round pieces and fried, or in large, very thin pieces, and dip-fried like chips, and then it’s called tajadas. Little plastic bags of tajadas are sold...

  • People

    Not sure how useful my comments would be to other people... since, for starters I wasn’t in the typical “tourist” situation in Nicaragua. I was traveling with a “local”, all the time, and it is a certain plus to speak the language (that goes for any place one visits)...People are generally very nice, very kind, ready to help... I mean, besides the...

  • Food - the cheese

    The cheese mostly eaten in Nicaragua is hard, and salty. Very, very similar to the Macedonian “Bieno sirenje”, although not as salty. It can be fried and it is great to accompany the avocado.

  • Food - tortilla

    Yes, the tortilla, made out of corn-flower and water (and NOTHING else) is actually the bread for most Nicaraguan families. They differ in the different regions, but the concept is the same.I personally love the tortilla and every single time I go to a supermarket here in Girona and see a “tortilla made of wheat” I have an urge to PUNISH the...

  • Food - Rice and frijoles

    The brown beans are a must. In the households, usually a large quantity of beans is cooked in water, and then they are prepared in different ways.One VERY famous Nicaraguan dish is GALLOPINTO, which actually is a combination of brown beans and rice. Frijoles fritos are fried beans. It simply means that the cooked beans are fried with onion and a...

  • Food - the basics

    Ok, the basics of the cousine in Central America is what can be found in abundance, and is therefore quite cheap. 1. Frijoles, cooked and served EVERY day, for every meal.2. Arroz, or rice, mostly fried with onion and peppers, and then cooked with a little bit of water.3. Maiz, or corn, and its various products. 4. Platano, or bananas, especially...

  • The refreshing drinks!!!

    OH MY!!! How generous has nature been in this region.I am a fruit lover. So, having the possibility to wake up and choose a different fresco or licuado to begin my day, was a fantastic experience. Frescos are “refreshing drinks” that the Nicaraguan people make out of everything... I mean, fruits (pitahaya, guayaba, calala, limon, naranja), seeds...

  • Introduction

    Ok, so the country is sort of divided into two very different halves. The pacific coast, the Managua department, and the whole area surrounding the volcanic belt is... one of those halves. And then, there is the Atlantic coast, the northern and the southern, where the cultural influences have been different and therefore the whole area is, not only...

  • Isla de Ometepe

    One of the main backpacker paths through Nicaragua extends along the narrow strip of land in Western Nicaragua between the Pacific coast and the huge Lago de Nicaragua. Most of Nicaragua's mjor cities are situated from the north west to the south west of the country. If you're following this route you'll surely see Lago de Nicaragua. Be sure to...

  • Flowers & Plants of Nicaragua

    Nicaragua is full of plants and flowers. The national flower is the frangipani- more commonly known as West Indian jasmine. Many flowers thrive in Nicaragua's sunshine. Hibiscus, bougainvillea and orchids abound. You might grow them as houseplants, but In Nicaragua plants such as aloe, ferns, dieffenbachia, hibiscus, ficus, and rubber plants can be...

  • Reputable Travel Agencies in Nicaragua

    Traveling within Nicaragua requires the utmost patience and tolerance as tourism is very undeveloped and remains a very poor country. Nicaragua is frequently compared with Costa Rica as the new ecotourist destination however Nicaraguans have yet to grasp the concept of customer service you find in Costa Rica. I used Oro Travel which is based in...

  • Historic Granada

    One of my favorite activities while in the historic colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua was visiting the various colonial structures around parque central. Many of these aging Spanish structures are being rehabilitated by joint teams of architects from Spain and Nicaragua. This particular Catholic cathedral dominated the central square in Granada...

  • The Old Train Station in Granada

    We encountered a part of Granada's more prosperous days when we came across this now defunct train station on the outskirts of the old colonial city. There are no train tracks running to the terminal building other than a 50 foot section of old rail track. After the Sandinista revolution the country was in shambles. The government had to sell off...

  • Reminders of a Tragic Past

    A statue of a boy was erected as a memorial to 5 slain boys who were killed 20 ears ago in front of this house in the city of Masaya during the Sandinista revolution. The boys were killed by Nicaraguan nationl guard troops who encountered them while on patrol in Masaya. The boys were shot by a machine gun mounted on a patrol vehicle because one of...

  • Carpet of petals

    Fallen blossom - From a Manzana de agua tree (water apple) - such a resplendent pink/purple carpet that I just had to photograph it - Thanks to fellow VTer Quime from Panama for identifying the tree for me (check out the flowers on his homepage!).

  • Finding a Local Guide

    Many people travel and do so solely by the 'god-like' word of their trusty Lonely Planet book. While these books are good, you're only going to follow the trail of every other person who reads these books. If you want a real experience, try to speak with staff at the restaurants you eat in, the cabs you hire or the people you meet in the street....

  • Ruben Dario´s museum

    I found that house close to Ruben Dario´s museum. the museum is free of charge, with some history of this famous poet.

  • one of the survivors

    This building was one of the few that survive the 1972 earthquake that destroy Managua.Now is a modern hotel and I heard Dictator Somoza used as his warehouse after the earthquake.

  • The dry season

    The dry season in Nicaragua is between December and May. Every day is sunny with a blue sky and the air is dry. Slowly the landscape changed from green to yellow/brown. The week before I left Nicaragua, in the middle of May, more clouds gathered on the sky and it became all grey. I thought it was going to rain again, but before I left it didn't.

  • The rain season

    When I came to Nicaragua it was a very green country. It was in the middle of the rainy season. That doesn't mean it rains all the time, but there can be heavy showers and sometimes grey with clouds. But there is also a lot of sunshine. And it is always hot and humid.I remember that when we were sitting in rockingchairs on the terrace outside our...

  • Rainy season is a good time to visit...

    Contrary to what people think, rainy season (June to August) is an ok period to visit Nicaragua. A friend of mine visited the country in the dry season and said it did not look pleasant at all because everything was so dry. My experience has been the contrary. This is a really beautiful country! In September you might want to head back home,...

  • vulcans & quarks

    This country is semi-wild, very musical and safe.I was there on dec '02 and I saw their christmas tree and Santa Claus on the beach... Peoples are friendly, usually almost black, nicaraguan girls are beautyful, white teeth and eyes, likes "Thats Things..." and great swims. Most I miss for a nicaraguan girls and fields of vulcans and pacific ocean.

  • visit La Playa Marsella, 10...

    visit La Playa Marsella, 10 km away from San Juan del Sur.

  • visit el Coyotepe-antiguo...

    visit el Coyotepe-antiguo carcel, Masaya Fue cárcel política en tiempos de los Somoza y los sandinistas. *Mas sobre Coyotepe: - *More about Coyotepe: -

  • isolanthui's General Tip

    Rivas (Ciudad de los Mangos-city of mangos), is the first town on the road from Costa Rica, and a pit stop on the way to the coast at San juan del Sur.

  • Mirador Catarina

    Between Granada and Masaya, you will find a series of six towns, known as the “Pueblos Blancos”. You will find picturesque and beautiful handcrafts and ceramics in these towns. The third town will be “Catarina”, where you should stop at the “Mirador”, have a drink and enjoy the cool breeze and outstanding view of “Laguna de Apoyo”

  • Go to Montelimar which is a...

    Go to Montelimar which is a Hotel that has a private beach. There is an entrance fee for the nights that you would like to stay which includes meals, drinks and the room. Basically everything! Good bargain! Very nice, friendly people!

  • travel by boat to the volcano.

    Granada remained the least affected by the terrible earthquake in 1972 which literally flatened Managua the once thriving capital. Granada is a really charming place where the wealthy live. It's also Violetta Chamorro's hometown. In the immediate proximity of the shore in lake Nicaragua there are lots of small islands and islets. They've been...

  • Little kids will try and be...

    Little kids will try and be your guides. I had one 'help' me. They get commissions from the owners of in the markets to bring people around. Sometime they make more than there parents do in a day, because of people like me. I am a sucker for the children and tip them well. I do not bargin or haggle either. The prices are extremely inexpenisive to...

  • make a pilgramage to El Sauce

    I really enjoyed our pilgramage to El Sauce. Though I am not a particularly religious person and I am not even Catholic, I went with some family members on their journey to pray at this 160 year old church. I will be building a travelogue about this soon.

  • Here's a view of the marshy...

    Here's a view of the marshy area along the Rio Frio near Lago de Nicaragua. I'm not certain as to exact what kinds of birds are in this tree--they might be cormorants. There were also some egrets in this area.

  • Here's a view of downtown San...

    Here's a view of downtown San Carlos. Note that there's a man sleeping (face down!) on the sidewalk to the right, despite all the people walking by!

  • One can see a lot here by just...

    One can see a lot here by just walking around. It's definitely the mode of transportation of most everyone else here, so there's a lot of interaction between the residents here. In fact, a group of people was playing catch in the street and one threw me the ball (to get me to join in) definitely they are quite friendly (and curious too--but...

  • Check out the map. West coast...

    Check out the map. West coast is where most things are. Leon , Granada, the lake and a mysterious island.

  • I have only seen a small part...

    I have only seen a small part of the country, the West Coast, but I guess I've seen a lot of interesting places. So, when visiting Nicaragua you should have a stop at the Isla Ometepe in the Lake Nicaragua. It was a great trip taking a small ferry boat from San Jorge and having a one hour sea journey with the native Nicaraguans and the things...

  • nicaragua is all about hangin...

    nicaragua is all about hangin out, go to granada and spend some cash in a beautifully decrepid colonial city. A saw the most beautiful german girl there from berlin and acted like a complete baffoon at a place called the bearded monkey which has quite the reputation. My fav places were Leon and Isla de ometepe which was so beautiful and peaceful,...

  • I love going to see the Masaya...

    I love going to see the Masaya volcano. It is so breathtaking when you climb up and see this huge hole. The food is what I miss the most. The fritangas, barbequed beef served with fried platains and gallopinto which is fried rice and beans mixed together.

  • Beachfront in San Juan del Sur...

    Beachfront in San Juan del Sur is nice. Lots of beachfront bars/eateries you can visit. Sunset at San Juan del Sur

  • La Barra, Rio Grande, on the...

    La Barra, Rio Grande, on the fringe with no running water or electricity, I helped to build a clinic and church. The people were wonderful I miss the lobster, fresh every day, and I miss the warmness of the people of La Barra

  • Was only here a short time. We...

    Was only here a short time. We stayed in a small fishing village near the Costa Rican Border. I remember border guards with Machine guns who wanted to rummage through our bags for 'treasures'. The people were so giving...gentle. I remember their shy smiles.

  • I would take people to the...

    I would take people to the island of Ometepe. this is a volcanic island in the middle of the largest lake in the country. its composed of two large volcanoes (volcan maderas & Volcan Concepcion) and its the largest island in the worls inside a fresh water lake. 80% of the island is still virgin territory, and because of its volcanic origin the soil...

  • It is a beautiful country. ...

    It is a beautiful country. Not even the family home I visited in Managua is still standing, because of the earthquake, but the lake and the volcanos will still be there. I would love to hear about experiences of recent visitors. I went there with small children and lived with my husband's family for six months. I know more about the country from...

  • I remember going to the...

    I remember going to the Iglesia de Santa María de los Angeles in Managua to attend the Misa Campesina Nicaragüense. The walls were painted with scenes depicting the Nicaraguan Revolution. It is well worth seeing. Take along your own toilet paper and hand cleaner. I most certainly miss the people of Nicaragua, especially those of Santa María del...

  • It's so hard to narrow it...

    It's so hard to narrow it down! You must go to the Masaya market, they have everything from food, to clothing and brightly coloured blankets, to stuffed frogs (honestly!) to hair salons, it's like a mall, but made out of little stalls of wood, metal, sometimes card board...You also must go to San Juan del Sur, the beach is muy bonita and the little...


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