Nicaragua Transportation

  • three wheel drive from Mirador to Laguna de Apoyo
    three wheel drive from Mirador to Laguna...
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  • Young girl selling sodas at the busstop in Rivas
    Young girl selling sodas at the busstop...
    by Pieter11
  • Transportation
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Nicaragua Transportation

  • Boat from San Carlos

    El Castillo Transportation

    At San Carlos, there is a wharf and a ticketing office where all tickets must be bought. It's important that you prepare to depart for El Castillo by purchasing your tickets right away. However, our experience proved that being patient and waiting for the next boat is better than desperately trying to charter a private launch. The trip to El...

  • Solentiname Islands

    Solentiname Islands Transportation

    The tour around the islands should be separately negotiated from the boat ride to the islands because the trip from San Carlos to the islands is more dangerous and requires more boatman skills. During our tour around the islands, mostly a trip from San Fernando to Mancarron, with excursionary views of smaller islands to spot wildlife, can be...

  • Horse carriage

    There are different ways of seeing the sights in the town by foot, taxi or horse carriage. If it is not raining, the horse carriage tour is worth doing Most of the sights are within a 10 to 15 block area that surrounds the central square, where you can hire a horse carriage, they will take you to all the historic sites.A popular way to see the...

  • Paxeos Shuttle Service

    From the airport to Granada or elsewhere in Nicaragua, anytime of the day or night, Paxeos is a good safe option. We paid $50- for the private 45 minute shuttle, which certainly is not cheap. But, our flight arrived at 10pm on X-mas eve, and we wanted an immediate safe and guaranteed way to get our baggage to our hotel on the first night of entry...

  • La Costena Air Service

    La Costena operates several 12 seater twin prop airplanes that fly from Managua to numerous places otherwise difficult to reach. A one hour flight to San Carlos was less than $100-, so I figured this would provide a great way to get an overview of the lake before we explored in the southern region. Service was good; unfortunately, cloudy skies...

  • Boat Transportation

    There is ferry service between Granada and San Carlos twice weekly, with a stop at Ometepe Island, This is convenient for those with plenty of time as while the ferry is modern and safe, it's still quite slow relative to the bus or airplane services available. Make sure to get tickets in advance. Travel from San Carlos to El Castillo and other...

  • Nicaraguan Bus Service

    Nicaraguan bus service comes in basically three varieties. At the local level, the old fashioned school bus, or "chicken bus", dominates, and provides very cheap and relatively safe way to get around. These may take awhile to get filled up before departing, but be patient. People watching at the grimy bus station is part of the fun. Fares are so...

  • Tica Bus from Costa Rica to Nicaragua

    After flying from Los Angeles, California in the US to San Jose, Costa Rica on America West Airlines you can purchase a ticket from Tica Bus. Tica Bus runs all throughout Central America, from capital to capital & large cities in between.We traveled from San Jose to Granada,Nicaragua (you can take the bus that heads to Managua if you'd like to get...

  • Flying to Big Corn Island from Managua

    There are two airlines flying from Managua to Big Corn Island and they are La Costeña and Atlantic Airlines. If you arrive with an international flight and are continuing to Corn Island it is not far to walk to the domestic departur/arrival hall. It’s in the end of the same building you arrive to. I bought the ticket for the flight from a travel...

  • Public buses in Nicaragua

    They are absolutely safe. Take from Managua UCA a minibus to Granada, it will safe you some time and is only 20 cordobas, that is 1 $. From Rivas to San Juan del Sur the colectivo taxi is 35 cordobas p.p. it runs from the bus station and if you dont want to wait until the bus leaves a good solution. From Managua UCA there are also minibuses to Leon...

  • Behold their omnipresence... the taxis

    Oh, the phenomenon called taxi is... something special in Nicaragua.In Managua they are a necessity, but more on that on the Managua pages...Apart from their use within an urbanized area, it is possible to go by taxi from one town to another, if they are not too far.Examples... In an attempt to get as fast as possible to Somoto, there was an...

  • Getting to Ometepe

    The little town of San Jorge is the main departure point of the ferries and the boats that take you from the mainland to Ometepe island, arriving at Moyogalpa. There is also an option to take a boat from Granada to Altagracia, but it takes much more time and it is not a frequently used option....the time-table I have (from summer 2007) for the...

  • Buses 4

    Between Managua and some major destinations, like Leon, there are so called micro-buses. Or “intermortales”, supposedly because of the suicidal behaviour of their drivers. Can’t say that they are that extreme, but that little thing (twelve passengers only) GOES FAST. We got in 75 minutes from Leon to Managua. These microbuses leave as soon as they...

  • Buses 3

    There is a difference between “expreso” and “ruteado” buses. And yes, in deed, there is a difference. The expreso buses normally stop only at larger stations, or some “points on the road” that are known to people, and thus many people get on or off there. Unlike the “ruteado” bus that stops at EVERY SINGLE corner where a potential passenger can be...

  • Buses 2

    The so-called bus terminals are actually part of Markets. So they tend to be big, loud, dirty, chaotic and very fun to watch, unless you feel completely lost. I'd say these are the only places where I have kept a close eye on... my belongings and everything. On the other hand, great food can be found close to the buses, since, like I said, the...

  • Buses 1

    Moving around Nicaragua? Well, I'd say BUSES. Period. Ok, maybe renting a car, if you have the money. The rental itself is not that expensive, but then there is the issue of insurance. So, when the time came to decided, car was out of the question. Though, I have to say, would be a very comfortable and practical solution.Anyways, I can say a thing...

  • Take me to Nicaragua

    From Europe there are two possible ways:1. Through the US, or more precisely Miami. An option I personally tried EVERYTHING to avoid since I really hated the idea of wasting precious time and money with visa issues (there is no such thing as transfer for the US authorities. It is transit so one has to have a transit visa, even though we are talking...

  • Managua Driver

    I've been there 8 times since 1999, and I've found that it's extremely helpful to have a driver who knows the ropes. Every tripfrom Managua to the Pacific in the last two years, we've been stopped by police asking for a variety of documents and small bribes. Last month I met a driver who is great. He lives 5 minutes from the airport in Managua and...

  • Transportation Within Nicaragua

    As most towns/cities in Nicaragua do not have physical street or address numbers, it is recommended to use public transportation rather than renting a car. There have been several reports of foreigners being stopped by police intent on obtaining a bribe so as to avoid that take public transporation or taxis - they are cheap and will take you to...

  • Driving in Nicaragua...don't.

    If you really don't have to drive in Nicaragua, don't. Let someone else do the driving- the roads (probably because of the rains this past year) are full of potholes - to the point, where the traffic along some stretches try to avoid the potholes and it ends up looking like a line of cars going down Lombard Street in San Francisco!Also, honking in...

  • Bussin in from San Jose, CR

    make sure you bring warm clothes for the busride and I advise not traveling during the Christmas season as the wait at the border will last forever. We took the bus just over the boarder and then a taxi. The bus drivers usually know who will take you and make sure you ask someone on the bus how much it should cost so you dont get ripped off. Also,...

  • International Bus Fares From Managua &...

    International Busis air conditioned and is called Transnica S.A. Tel. (0)552-6619 Granada.Salida Granada - San Josè 6:20 am 8:00 am 11:00 amTicket price: two way $20 - one way $10Tica Bus Tel.(0)552-4301 Granada.Salida Granada - San Josè 6:15 am 12:15 pm Ticket price: two way $ 20 - C$ 280 - one way $ 10 - C$ 140Salida Managua -Panama 6:15 am...

  • Local Transport Around Nicaragua

    Information provided by Nicatour.netThe most common type of transportation in and around Granada is the collective taxi.The fare is 5 cordobas per person within town during the day ( 6 am to 10 pm): after 10 pm the fare is 10 cordobas. Fares double when traveling to the suburbs.Also, you can take a horse and carriage for the same price as...

  • Roads in Nicaragua

    With the exception of the Pan American Highway roads aren't in the best shape but local transportation in cities and between them is cheap and efficient. Getting around with very little spanish is not a problem.

  • Crazy buses al over the city

    very old buses are the main atracction on the capital sure you are in good condition to hold strongly, you will be traveling standing for sure.prices are about US$0.15 or US$0.25 maxTake taxis for about C15, or 1USD to almost everywhere around managua.

  • Granada buses

    i did my travel to granada by using local chicken bus. it took me an hour to get there, but a backpacker told me at the hotel that he did it by taxi, including a stop by city of masaya for about 25 dollars.taxis inside the city of granada just 1 dollar and less!!!

  • Bad roads

    Specially during the rain season the road can be very bad with a lot of potholes. It can even have been washed away or just be muddy.The best car would be a 4WD jeep.

  • The Map Of Nicaragua

    Difficult to go from West to East.The main road goes down the west coast, then the road to the East is more an adventure !!Flying is a good option to cross the country as you can save time and avoid the areas with paludism.

  • The chickenbus!

    The only way to get around Nicaragua is by chickenbus. The name comes from the fact that everything, including chicken and other alive creatures, are put on the roof. It's a cheap but not really comfortable way of travelling. The chickenbusses are originally american schoolbusses (made for children... get the idea of 'not really comfortable'?) But...

  • Taxis in Nicaragua: Part II

    Well... not only were we being pulled over but we also had a flat tire, in the middle of nowhere! After showing the police our passports, I quickly pulled out my camera to snap a couple of "ice breaking" photos and my trusty bag of melted candies followed in hopes of softening any potential police fiasco. Meanwhile, our cab driver pulled out the...

  • Taxis in Nicaragua

    Taxis are cheap in Nicaragua. In Managua it's pretty much 1-2 dollars anywhere within city limits and 5-8 to the airport. In the country, it's typically less. Be sure to bargain for a fair (non-gringo) price but remember that everyone has to make a living!On the way from San Juan to Managua we decided to buck up 30.00 for the 1+ hour taxi ride back...

  • Getting to the Caribbean

    You can take either La Costeña or Atlantic flight from Managua to Corn Islands through Bluefields. There are many flights per day.You should be able to buy your ticket on the spot and ticket dates can be changed with no fee. La Costeña has smaller airplanes and you can take nice photos from the airplane. On the other hand, Atlantic has more...

  • Ometepe-San Carlos en barco/by boat

    Para llegar a San Carlos hay tres opciones: en avioneta desde Managua (700 C$ trayecto), en autobús (11 horas desde Managua por carretera sin asfaltar) o en barco desde Granada o Altagracia.Yo tomé el barco desde Altagracia, en Ometepe (12 h, 30 C$) a eso de las seis y media de la tarde (noche). El viaje hubiera estado bien de no ser por dos...

  • Going by bus

    Busses in Nicaragua can be crowded. If there is no place inside the bus people sit on the roof or hang on the sides. Well, it might not be confortable but it is cheap.

  • I left from Madrid on Iberia...

    I left from Madrid on Iberia (best&fastest connecting) service via Miami where you have to change (15 minutes transit)for a smaller plane which always waits for intercontinental connection to arrive. Iberia left Madrid 3h late and still it worked smoothly, no or rental car. Bus works only for experienced traveller's who are fluent in...

  • Plenty of chicken buses...

    Plenty of chicken buses around. Also, there are convenient van services between Granada and Managua. They are more pricey, but worth the money to get out of the hellhole of Managua.

  • Air travel into and out of...

    Air travel into and out of Managua was wonderful. I must say that the Sandinistas can really do airport security. Our bags were searched very respectfully but thoroughly several times. I felt very safe getting on that airplane and the airline personnel were all very professional.We travelled around in the back of a truck. I don't recommend this....

  • Here's a view from the back of...

    Here's a view from the back of the motor boat that went along the Rio Frio between Los Chiles, Costa Rica and San Carlos, Nicaragua.

  • Well, I went to Nicaragua by...

    Well, I went to Nicaragua by bus..I don't think that's possible for most of you (...). But travelling through the country, you should use a public transport. it takes some time, but it's interesting to meet new people.

  • I flew into Managua on...

    I flew into Managua on Continental Airlines, it was easy and really the only way to get there form where I came. A couple of friends had come from Guatemala and then went to Costa Rica by bus, this was apparently very stressful and long (it's the long wait at the borders, not the travel time), but less expensive than flying.Buses run all over the...

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Nicaragua Transportation

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