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  • Rocks below the Villa Romana
    Rocks below the Villa Romana
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  • The clinic from behind the dispensing area
    The clinic from behind the dispensing...
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  • Beach at Villa Romana
    Beach at Villa Romana
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Las Tablas Things to Do


    Here is one of the closest beaches to Las Tablas – about nine miles to the east. Vacation homes line the beachside road. The homes are locally owned but also by Europeans – mainly French, according to locals. The whole scene is pretty laid back and quiet. The surf doesn’t seem as dynamic as what you find out further west near Pedasi – Playa los...


    cement alliances around the Euro Dark Age scene. Librada had other ideas. She wanted to devote herself to God and the Church. Faced with the prospect of being married off to a pagan-worshipping Sicilian, Librada prayed for deliverance. That came in the form of an instant long dark beard. Of course, the Sicilian was no longer interested and...

  • Playa Uverito, Las Tablas , Panama

    The information that one of the members enter about the "Uverito Beach" located in Las Tablas , Panama is incorrect. My family was born in this little town called "Santo Domingo" , were the Beach is located, the name of the beach comes from a centenarian "uvero" tree that used to stand in the center of the beachfront until about 15 years ago. Under...

  • Playa Uverito

    Playa Uverito means "little grape beach" in Spanish, don't know how the beach got it's name, as there are no vineyards nearby. Playa Uverito is about seven miles almost due east from Las Tablas. Just follow the signs. There is a cantina there and Rincon del Faro restaurant and La Luna Hotel.The cantina is typical Panamanian, has local beer and some...

  • Carnaval

    I have traveled throughout Central/South America looking for the best carnaval celebration, and none can really top the one in Las Tablas. I cant believe there arent more reviews on this website about it. I believe it's because its less of a tourist attraction, and more a Panamanian event. Believe me when I say it, you will have the time of your...

  • Fulo Internet

    Just down the street from Pan Caliente,On Calle 8 de Noviembre between Calle 3 de Noviembre and Ave. Belisario Porras.Cute little place that has 6 internet stations. A bit cramped, but they work well. Double Click, which is up the street and beyond the square in a fancy new office building, is more roomy and posh, but I often have problems with...


Las Tablas Restaurants

  • World Famous Resturant in Las Tablas

    Ponchalos Resturant, is world famous and offers the Famous Ponchalo Burger,6oz of ground beef, topped with a special mushroom sauce and bacon for just $3.50Ponchalos Resturant is located next to Mega Centro and Bar Allen, just before the only traffic light in town.Ponchalos Resturant offers Buffalo Wings, Quesadilla,Pizza, Nachos, Chicken Sandwich...

  • Not Just for Bread

    This is a very nice bakery at the main square (Parque Porras) in Las Tablas. They have all the local bread styles; Moñas which are sort of like short, soft French bread loaves. Michitas, which are like hot dog buns. They also have small square rolls that are like White Castle hamburger buns, only a little bigger, and they have round, braided short...

  • Fast Food - Panamanian Style

    There are not many so-called fast food restraurants that we are accustomed to frequenting in the US in Provincial Panama. Oh, there is a McDonald's, KFC, Burger King and Panamanian Pio-Pio in Chitre, but most Panamanians go to the corner fonda for a fast meal. Most have seats and a nice bill of local fare. They may be open 24 hours or only dawn to...

  • Better Alternative to Hotel Manolo...

    If you are near midtown Las Tablas, walk down Ave Belasario Porras to the Espíno supermarket and turn north (left if one is walking from the square). On the next corner you will find El Caseron. It has an open dining area and an indoor dining room that is air conditioned. They specialize in pizzas and have other local fare as well. The restaurant...

  • One of the Best Restaurants in Las...

    Franklin Tejada´s Las Faroles is a fairly new restaurant and bar just north of Las Tablas on highway 2. It is between the center of town and the hospital. It has a brick and iron fence surrounding it. It has open walls like many of the local fondas, but it is a much classier place than the typical fonda and has a bar and very comfy seating in the...

  • More Than Just a Restaurant!

    Rincon del Faro is a bit out of the way, it is on El Uverito Beach about 9 miles (15 kilometers) from Las Tablas. But a taxi from Las Tablas to this area should only be about $4-5, each way. It is much more than a restaurant, however. They have excellent food, but the views are spectacular, they have a pool on a deck just below the restaurant and...


Las Tablas Nightlife

  • The World Famous Royal Gin.

    Open-sided bar with two big screens and a juke box. I could sit on the balcony of my apartment which was across the street, when I lived there, and watch their TVs. On special occasions they have a DJ and disco, so I didn't sleep those nights, which was almost every weekend! Big reason why I moved out of that apartment was lack of sleep Friday and...

  • There is something to do in Las Tablas!

    The Casino has recently changed hands, new sign has not been put up yet, but it's open for business! It is at Calle Ramon Mora and Calle 12 de Octubre. Just turn left at the Banco National de Panama as you are headed to the center of town (Carretera National 2 aka, Ave Carlos Lopez) and go one block and turn right and you are there! Not much to it,...

  • Las Tablas Hotels

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Las Tablas Shopping

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    Compleo Comercial Fundado por Antero y Aquiles: Supermarket in Las Tablas

    by bilgeez Updated Aug 28, 2010

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    Even though Las Tablas has about 7,000 inhabitants the pickings for supermarkets are slim. There is really only one true "supermarket" in Las Tablas, that is the: Compleo Comercial Fundado por Antero y Aquiles Espino Acevedo or as the locals call it; "Super Centro Rosa". There are many corner shops that one can run in and buy a few things, but few stores in town that carry a wide range of products. Espino has almost all the items one would expect to find in a US supermarket, everything from produce to shampoo.
    There is an ATM on the premesis, but then there are ATMs all up and down Ave. Porras as there are four or five banks on this street as well and each has an ATM.
    S/C Rosa is moving into a new building being built now, I guess to compete with the gigantic, new Super Carne up the street next to the Texaco station on the road to Pedasi. Even tho Super Carne has been around about 2 yrs now, Rosa seems to be thriving and expanding. Which is nice to see. The area is growing and there are more gringos moving into this area as it is still very cheap to live here.

    What to buy: Even though Espino has produce, one usually can get a better price and quality from the vendors directly across the street from the supermarket. If you speak Spanish fairly well, you should do this, otherwise just grab what you need and make sure you have the attendant weigh your purchases before you go to the checkout.
    Also, on Wednesday and Saturday there are two men who sell fish and shrimp on the corner outside of this supermarket. You can get some excellent deals. But be prepared to haggle, they charge more to gringos. You shouldn't pay more than $1 for a fish or more than $1.50 a pound for small-medium shrimp, $3-4 a pound for larger shrimp, or $5 a pound for the langostinos.

    What to pay: Prices for produce are much less than in the US. But one doesn't find the variety. Most other items are about the same as the US, some are more expensive. Stay away from packaged products or US/ European business brand names, (i.e.; Hunt's, Nestle) they are more expensive. Local meat is much less expensive than in the US and is much better quality!

    Supermercado Espino
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Las Tablas Local Customs


    Pollera dresses are made by artisans in the area. We visited one woman's home who is famous throughout the country. The dresses are handmade are very exquisite. They also take years to make which leads to very high prices - this is not something you go down to JC Penny's for! The dressmakers then like to choose local beauties on which to show off...


    Always an important part of Panamanian life, you need a pageant to crown a queen. Here in Las Tablas, there is more than one queen, I'm told, which means more than one pageant. Lots of fireworks, dancing and music are entailed!

  • Corpus Christi

    The feast of Corpus Christi, the celebration of the gift of the Eucharist, is celebrated forty days after the Ascention, sometime in June. It is a big fiesta in Panama and most towns have a celebration on that day or the days approximating it. Here in Las Tablas, is no exception. They had an evening Mass and parade afterwards, with fireworks and...


Las Tablas Off The Beaten Path


    Keep heading out on the Azuero Peninsula from Las Tablas and you will come to the little town of Pedasi - home to Panama's first woman president. Drive a little further and the main road ends at a group of villas around the Playa los Distiladeros. Another smaller road veers off and takes you further out into the bush at the resort of Villa Romana....

  • Fiesta in Peña Blanca

    As I said on another tip page, all towns in Panama have at least one Patron Saint. In the village of Peña Blanca, which is a few miles south of Las Tablas, they recently celebrated a fiesta of their town´s patron, St. Anthony of Padua, or San Antonio de Padua. He is the Patron Saint of fishermen, also, and since Peña Blanco is close to the Pacific,...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Las Tablas General

  • Infant of Prague Chapel

    On Calle Manuel Barrios. Between Belasario Porras and Moises Espino. The “other” patron of Las Tablas, the underdog to Santa Librada, who has a cult following, plus it’s the biggest and oldest church in Las Tablas. Poor baby Jesus has a little chapel and not much respect from the locals. But it’s a nice little chapel nonetheless. Newly remodeled,...

  • Espino School

    The Espino School is some interesting architecture as it is more continental style than colonial or Mediterranean-style. And, it is one of the oldest buildings in Las Tablas besides the Iglesia Santa Librada. The School is on Calle Los Santos between Ave Belisario Porras and Calle Moises Espino. It’s right around the corner from Hotel Manolo. If...

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