Panama Transportation

  • Diablo  Rojo...
    Diablo Rojo...
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    All Aboard!
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    Red devil at the Albrook terminal
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Panama Transportation

  • Rental Car

    Panamá City Transportation

    Getting frustrated with the public transportation for things that were further afield, I found a steal with a rental car on my last days. Buses are plentiful, but slow. And they work on a card system which you can add credit to anywhere, but can only buy for the first time in one not-so-central location. Unless you manage that, which is not...

  • Columbia to Panama along the coast

    Take a bus from Medellin (or Cartagena to Monteria, then to Turbo) to Turbo from there a boat (7 am ?) to Capurganá, from there you have boats to Puerto Obaldia, or to boat or a 2hour walk to Sapzurro, a nice little beach and short walk to La Miel, Panama, the last stop of San Blas Adventures formerly Darien Gapster going to Carti, Panama. In...

  • Air Panam

    When we flew in Bocas Del Toro we used "Air Panama" We had a 6:00 am scheduled take off and we were in the air by 6:05am. Using Air Panama was hassle free. I purchased our tickets online and had no problem when we checked in that morning. People we met in Bocas Del Toro did the drive from Panama City to the port city for the ferry into Bocas ( an 8...

  • Umbrellas furnished

    By far the quickest way to get to Boquete is to fly.We flew on Aeroperlas to David. From David we drove to Boquete.Aeroperlas flies out of the domestic airport Marcos A. Gelabert, located in Albrook. It is 30 minutes from Tocumen International Airport.Our plane was sitting waiting for passengers to board. It was pouring down rain so no one was...

  • Diablo Rojo

    Cost:: 25 cent. onlyFrom to every where inside Panama citythe principal routes are:Via España - Tocumen, Concepcion, San Pedro, VeranilloTransismica - Don Bosco, Pedregal, Los Andes Cerro Batea, San Isidro. Tumba Muerto (Ricardo J. Alfaro): Mananitas, Veranillo, Los Andes, Cerro Batea, Santa LibradaTime: almost 24 hours (from 4:30 am to 1:00 am...

  • Regular Taxi not SET

    Price approx.: in US$One way from Banking area PC to:Old Panama: 2 - 3Casco Viejo: 2 - 3Costway Amador: 5Canal: Miraflores locks: 10 - 15Canal:Gatun locks: 60PTY airport (Tocumen): 15PAC airport (Albrook): 5Gamboa : 20Colon: 60 - 80Azuero: 150Santa Catalina: 200Chiriqui: 200El Valle: 80 - 100Farallon: 80 - 100Hire the day: 50 - 75 -but is not mean...

  • Personal Driver

    One of the nicest and knowledgable drivers and his personal cars are awesome! He has a BMW Sedan and a Honda CRV that he uses to pickup and transport passengers to do whatever they need to do around Panama City. Archibaldo White6679-5885268-2530Depending on what you want to do or need to do, he charges between $80 and $250 per day. Very comfortable...

  • Beware of Air Panama

    I lost nine hours of vacation time bc of Air Panama. The first flight was delayed over 5 hours. The second over 2 hours. The third was on time. The fourth was 1 hour. From what I experienced, I will use AeroPerlas next time. It may cost a wee bit more, but I did not see any of their planes leave or arrive late. The run basically the same routes as...

  • Now the real thing Trip in an Embera ...

    After seeing the insperation here is the real picture. You can spend a few hours or a few weeks in the rain forest in Panama by dugout.You can do this by contacting.VT member Tammy (snoopy9109) she can help and lives in PanamaPhone:Tel/Fax: (507) 314 1417Website: if you speak spanish you can call the embera...

  • Small, old buses in Panama

    Many small buses from the 1960's were lined up in the street. The view reminds like a Cuban street scene with old american cars. I wonder if the old buses are still in traffic?

  • Panama City/Colon Bus Service

    Because of problems with train schedules (see separate tip), I took the bus from Panama City to Colon and return. The service departs hourly from the main (Albrook) bus terminal in Panama City and the main terminal in Colon and takes about two hours. The Greyhound-style buses were older models and could be a bit cleaner, but the service was a big...

  • Panama Railroad

    Panama's only train, from Panama City to Colon, no longer runs on the regular daily schedule described in guide books. An erratic schedule that varies by day, with no service at all on some days, has been substituted, and the station in Colon is not staffed. Check the current schedule carefully after you arrive in Panama before heading to the...

  • Taxi is Hailed

    They taxi vehicles are allowed on the dock area for ships after the tour buses leave. They charge $3 to get to town, and around $30 to have a tour there. The cost to go to Gatun and Portobelo is $120, compared to $83 each for the day using the tour ship offering that included Portobelo town also. Taxi would be around $180-200 to get to Panama City.

  • Regional RAil

    The line was shut down in 1981. It was restarted in 2001, and Kansas City RR bought the line. It carries commuters across the isthmus in the AM. Afterword the tourists can use the rail to get to GAtun locks, or all the way across. Apparently freight cars also use these lines to transport the 48 mile route.

  • Airplanes

    If you are flying to Bocas del Toro, to David or San Blas islands you have to go to Albrook airport - which has an excellent shopping mall, by the way, where you can go by many public buses. But if you are going to fly you have to take a taxi because the entrance is at least one kilometer away from the bus terminal. There are no public buses to...

  • Buses and 'Diablo Rojos'

    A very comfortable and efficient net of buses make traveling to any place in Panama easy and affordable. The general bus fares are about 1$ to 1.5$ per hour. Urban buses cost 0.25$. Diablos rojos are the colourful buses that operate mainly in urban areas. They are usually hand painted and carry images of their religion, culture or street life....

  • Hitching

    Hitching is not common at all. People in Panama do not stop to take hitch hikers. They told me themselves. They didn't explain the reason. I suppose they are afraid or too busy. If they happen to stop for you offer them some money. They will probably take it. I have seen some poor hitch hikers waiting for hours in the hot sun in vain....

  • Transportation to and from Boca Chica

    To get to Boca Chica from Panama city you get on the bus for David and after five hours get off on the junction to Horconcitos. There you can find taxis waiting to take you to Boca Chica for 15$. If there are no taxis when you get there you just ask a passer by to take the message to the village. You may have to wait for half an hour. From David...

  • transportation from bocas del toro to...

    you can hire a tourism taxi that can pick you up at bocas del toro to boquete and go anyplace else if you want. and it will also take you back to panama when you leave.this method will take around 2-3 hours if you want to fly go to this page and you can do reservation on line. this takes no mere than 30 min. but youll have to...

  • Rent a car

    There are times when it is best to have your own transportation. This seemed like one of those times. We rented a car in David from Hertz and drove to Boquete. From Boquete to Guadalupe, back to Boquete, and then back to David.Panama has good highways and we had no problem getting around.

  • Direct flight

    We were able to get a direct flight from Dallas/Fort Worth on American Airlines to Tocumen International Airport in Panama. They do this annually during the high season. Luckily we arrived in Panama early enough to make it to Boquete by dusk.

  • Clearing the border on a yacht

    By the time I'm done, you'll know how to get around! :)If you're arriving or leaving Panama on a yacht, you still need to clear customs and immigration somewhere. Make sure to choose a reliable, highly-recommended skipper to start with, for all the right reasons. He will normally be used to transporting foreign travellers back and forth and he...

  • Panama City to Portobelo

    Practical details: You can reach Portobelo by chicken bus from Panama City, or Colon (the biggest cities around -- I'm sure you can also get there from other places in Panama.) I got off my Panama-Portobelo bus to meet a friend near Colon, then backtracked a bit to get a chicken bus to Portobelo. The ride was longer than I expected & a bit rough,...

  • Sail away, sail away...

    Portobelo,Caribbean Sea side of Panama. This historic little town of old Spanish forts & buckaneer fame is where I joined my sailing group for the crossing to Cartagena, Colombia. The pic is dark but I left it as is because it's exactly as I remember the moment, dawn on November 28, my first encounter with some of our gang, waiting for the skipper...

  • WOW the bus !!

    The bus is good when you want to travel long distance. It is cheap and safe. But in Panama city the bus is crazy. Very cheap but creazy and the route is hard to know. I recommend the taxi but if you are not scared try the bus and get off anywhere it's fun.

  • Taxi Taxi Taxi!

    To travel in Panama City and surrounding used the taxi. It is cheap you can go everywher for $1-3 us. Taxi drivers make up thier rate. So ask and if it's too expensive you can try to deal or just say no and wait for another taxi. Taxis are everywhere. The most you will wait for a taxi is 30 seconds. But not recommended for people with heart...

  • Port of Colon

    At the city of Colon there is Panamas biggest port at the Caribbean Sea. The port is a destination for cruisers visiting Panama. Colon has a really bad reputation because the crime rate is tremendous. As the city hasn’t to offer that much anyway it isn’t recommendable to stay here. Take a taxi or one of the tour guides waiting in the passenger...

  • Panama Canal Railway

    The Panama Canal Railway has been built in 1855 and rebuilt in 1909 during construction of the Panama Canal. It runs from Colon on the Caribbean toward Balboa on the Pacific. It was operated by the USA until it was handed over to Panama in 1979. In 1998, the government of Panama officially signed over the railway to the Panama Canal Railway Co. The...

  • From costa rica to panama by Sixaola...

    From San Jose,Costa Rica, it takes the entire day to reach Bocas Isla. You must be sure to take a Directo bus,or you spend twice the time to get to the border.. From San Jose, take MEPE company DIRECTO bus to SIXAOLA at 0600 at the Caribbean section of the bus terminal.SiXAOLA is the horrible little town on the costa rican side of the border with...

  • Crossing from north to South America?

    There is no possible way my Vter...If it were not for the Darien Gap between Panama and Columbia, it would be possible to drive a motor vehicle from the northern edge of Alaska to the southern tip of South America. For engineering and maybe for political reasons, the 200 miles of jungle and swamp between Panama and Columbia has never been tamed.

  • Renting a Car

    If you are thinking of renting a car, there are well paved roads in almost all the main cities.The country is crossed almost enterely by a recent 4 line highway, at least until the province of veraguas and chiriqui, where the 4 line is under construcction right now.

  • Bus terminal and Air terminal

    Here you will find The New bus Terminal of ALBROOK (the biggest and modern in central america), where you takes the buses to and for any place in the republic.A 5 minutes by taxi there is the Albrook Airport, to local fly all over the country

  • Tintin and snowy dog do the dugout

    This was the transport tip about Tin tin that inspired my trip to Panama did not take much of an excuse to get me started. You really can do this in Panama see next tip for details and numbers.

  • Oscar a Great Local Driver (my best...

    Oscar was my driver excellent English very nice family new and nice auto. will pick you up at airport and act as a guide for $80 $100 per day. Loved his service. Meet his wife and kids really enjoyed it all. real good guy.

  • Colors and Testostorne

    The long distance Bus system in Panama is very good can go from Panama city on a first class air con bus to David in the far north for $18. all the way to San Jose Costa Rica on the Tica Bus is only $25 with food service and movie. The local buses are beautiful and look exciting great place to meet locals is on the Bus.Panama City. Gran Terminal de...

  • Minibuses and Chivas!

    Not only does the country have some of the most luxurious buses but it also accomodates the locals with the smaller minibuses that traverse the entire country at regular intervals. One of my more interesting trips was on one such bus from the city of David in the province of Chiriqui to the Caribbean coastal destination of Bocas del Toro. My...

  • Oh those buses!

    Panama has a wonderful transport system! To travel within the city itself, taxis are the way to go - they are incredibly cheap and ubiquitous! I have traveled from the city to the border of Costa Rica on luxury buses that show the latest movies and provide a small snack and drink. Reclining seats that resemble first class on the airlines. They are...

  • Air Panama

    On Christmas Eve old Cliffie checked in for an Air Panama flight to Mexico City. The airline had hopelessly overbooked the flight but old Cliffie's quiet but determined negotiation brought him accommodation and all meals at the Holiday Inn for three days until the next flight to Mexico. He spent Christmas Day at the poolside, drinking margaritas...

  • Private yacht - Cartagena to Panama

    I sailed by private yacht to Colon from Cartagena. It cost $200 for a 5 day trip which included a day's stop in the San Blas Islands. Ask at the port in Cartagena for boats. Highly recommended.

  • Taxi and buses

    There are plenty of taxi in Panama and are very reasonable in cost. To save your self some money, walk away from the front door of your hotel, you will get charge more likely at locate rate then if you hail it directly from outside your hotel lobby. You don't need to walk far, just go slightly off to the corner or just count 20 steps to either...

  • How to get to Panama

    Well, you can fly to Panama City :). You can also arrive by boat to either Panama city, Colon, Portobelo, or other less known ports. And then there is the bus route: Chicken bus of course :).

  • Traveling between Central America &...

    Traveling between Central America and South America is not as hard as it seems. Sure, traveling overland through the Darien is out of the question, but you can fly or take a boat to South America from Panama. Your options are limited, but the best place to start is Panama City. Once in Panama City,, just head to the Voyager hostel (near Plaza...

  • We arrived in the port city of...

    We arrived in the port city of Colon by cruise ship.Once in Panama the best way to get around is by cab. Especially if you can not speak Spanish!!! I can't say enough good things about our cab driver - he really made the day wonderful!

  • By airplane.Now there are a...

    By airplane.Now there are a lot of cruises arriving to Panama.To travel to the beaches or to Chiriqui it is nice to rent a car (Budget, National rent a car, etc. ), it is not very expensive and it gives you freedom of movement. To travel to San Blas and Bocas del Toro, it is faster to go by airplane (Around $100). But you can go by bus to almost...

  • Copa is the Panamanian...

    Copa is the Panamanian airline, but lots of other carriers fly there as well, including AA from MIA, and Taca from Costa Rica.Taxis are remarkably cheap in town, about a buck to go a few miles. They of course take advantage of you at the airport, charging about 25 bucks for a twenty minute ride.


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