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Metropol Tips (7)

Metropol: The Worst Restaurant

Metropol is the worst restaurant in Isla Verde. My husband, my son and me went there and they served us a fish full of worms. We notify them and they said nothing at all and after all this we have to pay 74.00 for the food.
Not Recommended.

Favorite Dish NONE

Oct 05, 2009

Metropol: Fusion of Puerto Rican and Cuban Food

We were being brought by our taxi to our hotel and we passed by this sign saying metropol and the cab driver commented that it was a good restaurant and of reasonable price...okay, I said, we'll probably have lunch first since the room might not be ready yet at the Marriott.

I believe Metropol is actually a chain of stores, popular with the locals.

So, once we registered and of course room won't be available until 430 PM, we walked towards the resturant which was just across the Ritz which was beside the Marriott. It looks small from outside but bigger inside and what I noticed was that the people eating there were mostly Puerto Ricans, well-dressed and seemingly enjoying the food. It was lunchtime and I ordered the recommended Fiesta Havana ($16) which was rice with beans and lots of yummy meat around it. Very Cuban flavour...and my wife loved the fried chicken ($11) that she had. The kids loved it too - altthough I noticed that the plain hotdog was $6.50.

The waiter was attentive but did not change or ask my drink to be changed - maybe there are no refills or they just wait for you to ask them. But overall, a yummy restaurant, specially if you want that Cuban spice.

Favorite Dish Fried Chicken; Fiesta Havana

jumpingnorman's Profile Photo
Jun 15, 2009

El Metropol: discover the local food, great price

We've been to the one near the hotels at Isla Verde. They've got two other locations on the island.
A lot of people go there, locals and tourists. Very nice atmosphere, small, but not too small place (they had some tables for up to 15 people), the tables are close one to each other, so it's not what we can call a quiet place, it's more a living place :-)
Employees are very elegant in their suits with their bow tie.
They've got a parking if you come by driving.

It's local family food, generously served (I haven't been able to finish my dish, neither my wife).
Excellent local food, a great experience !

Favorite Dish I've taken the "Cubana Fiesta", assortment of 5 entrees from Cuba.
My wife wanted to pick the Zarsuela, with a lot of seafood, but changed her mind finally for a Gallena something (don't remember the name sorry), a stuffed "little chicken".
Both were delicious !

Feb 25, 2009

Metropol Restaurante & Bar: Caribbean Fare with a Cuban Flair

Restaurant Metropol has three locations in greater San Juan. We visited the one on Ave. Isla Verde, near the airport, at the recommendation of our taxi driver. Karen and I were with my sister, Cathy, and her husband, Eddy, and asked the driver to take us to a nice place where we could experience authentic Caribbean food. We found the the restaurant was upscale, a little more expensive than I would have liked, but obviously a favorite eating spot for local businessmen. The place was fairly packed when we were there for lunch. Upon entereing, Cathy remembered that she had been here once before, as the guest of a local insurance executive when she was in San Juan some time earlier on a business trip. The service was attentive, portions were huge, and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

Favorite Dish I had the half fried chicken with black beans, rice and fried plantains. It was delicious, and much more than I could possibly eat, even with my big appeitite - see photo.

Stephen-KarenConn's Profile Photo
Oct 13, 2006
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Metropol: More Like Real Puerto Rican Food

Isla Verde is filled with Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Mexican restaurants. If you go into the city, you can find more authentic Puerto Rican food. But if you want to stay in Isla Verde, Metropol is your best bet. Follow the road past the chicken fighting arena and you're there.

Favorite Dish Definitely order the alcapurrias (although it's just a side dish).

mikeayers's Profile Photo
Apr 22, 2005

Metropol: Fabulous Cuban Food

had never had Cuban food before I went to San Juan so didnt know what to expect.
Well this place is awesome.
they have some of the best meat we have ever tasted.
And the prices are very good for what you get.
The staff is very friendly.
We like this place so much, we ended up eating there most nights we stayed in San Juan.
San Juan is not an easy place to find a good restaurant so this one is a gem

dlparker's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2003


Located in touristy Isla Verde, Metropol is the best of the local restaurants.

Favorite Dish I often dream of their Baked Salmon with Black Beans and Rice!

The negative side: Garlic Breath

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Jan 15, 2007

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