Saint Lucia Transportation

  • runway from the ship
    runway from the ship
    by grandmaR
  • Another little plane landing at the airport
    Another little plane landing at the...
    by grandmaR
  • TLPC runway from St. Marks
    TLPC runway from St. Marks
    by grandmaR

Saint Lucia Transportation

  • George F. L. Charles and Hewanorra...

    Saint Lucia Transportation

    Obviously since St. Lucia is an island, you can't get there by driving. It's either FLY or come on a boat. Both times I have been there, I have been by cruise ship. But St. Lucia actually has TWO airports Castries TLPC SLU George F. L. Charles Airport (formerly Vigie Airport) Vieux-Fort TLPL UVF Hewanorra International Airport Since George F. L....

  • Island Surrounded by Water

    Obviously since St. Lucia is an island, you can't get there by driving. It's either FLY or come on a boat. Both times I have been there, I have been by cruise ship. But St. Lucia actually has TWO airportsCastries TLPC SLU George F. L. Charles Airport (formerly Vigie Airport)Vieux-Fort TLPL UVF Hewanorra International AirportSince George F. L....

  • Land Transportation

    When I was in St. Lucia, I was mostly traveling by tour bus - some smaller vans and some larger buses. But for people not arriving by cruise ships, they have the option of bus, rental car or taxi. Keep in mind that they drive on the left and not on the right.Note that a BUS in St. Lucia is a mini-van. Buses are very affordable, but it may be easier...

  • Driving with a rental car

    You need to drive on the left hand side, and be aware that other drivers do not always keep to their side on the road. Apart from the main through roads, potholes, very narrow roads with bends and steep inclines are common. Be aware of pedestrians, dogs and other animals suddenly appearing on the roads. At night, the lights of traffic coming your...

  • Taxi

    Taxis are an easy way to get into town. Just to be safe it is best to have the hotel arrange the taxi for you. Most drivers will arrange a pick up time with you so you are guaranteed to get the same ride back to your resort. A taxi from our resort into Castries cost $40 roundtrip; which isn't bad for a 15 minute trip.

  • From Airport to Rodney Bay

    The easiest way to et from the airport to Rodney Bay is by taxi. 200ECdollars. I will recommend one particular person Stannis... if he cannot do the job he will arange another person to do it. My friend booked this for me, tellinghim that I couldnt see, I would be wearing a panama hat, the driver ( not Stannis for me trip form airport) cam and...

  • Cruise Ships

    St. Lucia is a cruise ship port and during our trip we encountered several in Harbor. Holland America and Carnival were the two lines I remember seeing in the port by Castries. The cruise ships seem gigantic compared to the little island town.

  • Helicopter

    Taking a helicopter was an option for arriving at the Sandals properties. We were arriving at SLU so our drive was about 15 minutes but if you are arriving from Hewanorra Airport the drive is anywhere from one and a half to two hours depending on road conditions (and very winding narrow roads). We met a couple at our resort who took the long...

  • Airport Transfers

    Airport Transfers were included in our Sandals vacation. After clearing Customs & Immigration we collected our luggage. Do not let the men in red shirts take your bags; they are just looking for money and the exit is only two feet away. After we exited; a representative from Sandals was waiting. We gave him our names and hopped into the shuttle...

  • AA to SLU

    As always we chose American Airlines as our carrier to SLU. We departed JFK to San Juan. A short layover later and we were on a prop plane to St. Lucia. The flight from JFK was a good one and not very full. We had an extra seat to ourselves to stretch out. Our friends Chris and Karen had the same situation.The plane ride from San Juan to SLU on the...

  • George FL Charles Airport

    George FL Charles Airport (SLU) is the closer of the two airports to the major resorts of the island. This airport though is much smaller than Hewanorra International and you will be arriving via prop plane. I think despite it's small size it is the way to go if you want a short ride to your resort. Our ride from the airport to Sandals La Toc was...

  • Hiring Taxis to get around.

    Most young St. Lucian men aspire to be taxi drivers -- that's where the money is. To be honest, most taxi drivers are a great source of knowledge about the island. You can hire a taxi for as little as $100/day (US). Just remember to tip, as well. The drivers will take you as short a distance as the nearest town for shopping, and as far as an entire...

  • Driving St. Lucia

    Several posts on this site warn against renting a car on the island, and driving St. Lucia is definitely not like driving in the an American suburb. However we did rent a car and everything worked out fine.It is left side driving, like in England. The roads are twisty and often steep on this volcanic island. Hairpin turns abound. Rather than...

  • Castries (Vigie) airport saves time and...

    St. Lucia has two airports. Vigie in the north (in Castries) is much smaller and can't handle large planes, but is much closer to most of the hotels, restaurants, etc. We flew into Vigie (had to change planes in Puerto Rico), and it was a short $15 US taxi ride to our hotel in Rodney Bay. Our flight home however left from Hewanorra in the south (in...

  • Local buses save $$

    If you're going to be staying in the north-west part of St. Lucia, it's definitely worth it to learn how the buses work. A taxi from Castries (airport) to Rodney Bay (hotel) was $40EC ($15 US), but later we took a bus for $2EC ($0.75 US) between the two cities. The buses run continuously - we never had to wait more than 30 seconds (REALLY!) for a...

  • how to get around on the cheap

    Arriving from the US usually means coming to Hewanorra UVF on the south end of the island. You can get a cab ride with a tour guide to boot for US$50 to Rodney Bay, which is probably where you are headed. Once there take Jitney Bus for EC$1, best deal around and you get to meet the locals. Make all deals with cabbies in advance, where to, how long...

  • Find Something to Hold onto Tightly!!

    We had a shuttle take us to our resort from the airport. First of all, there are no lines painted on the roads in St. Lucia. So it is hard to tell where you are suppose to drive. They also wind along the island with LOTS of 180 degree turns so you can't see if someone is coming around the corner. But the shuttle drivers are use to the roads, so...

  • Maxi Taxis -the locals taxi

    Travelling by Maxi Taxis (mini van's) like the local's is a good way for getting a feel for the people and the culture. These Maxi Taxis often play Calypso music, and bump along to the many pot holes that charaterises the poorly maintained roads of St Lucia.There are two airports that lie in St Lucia - one near the capital Castries, and one in the...

  • Local Bus

    Most tour companies will try to charge $25-$45 to take you into Castries town. If you go to a local bus stop it will cost you $1 and they stop where you want/ pick up where they find you. This service is friendly and safe. You even get to chat to the local people. Very nice.

  • International Airport

    Bear in mind that the international airport is located all the way in the South at Vieux Fort, so if you are staying in the North at the Gros Islet area, where most of the resorts like Sandals are, it will take you 90 minutes to get there!For a 100 bucks you can take a helicopter, which will take 15 minutes at the most!

  • Taxi drivers double as tour guides

    Many taxi drivers will ask you if you're interested in taking a tour. If you say yes, bargain with them on the price for the journey. I'd read a tip here for it costing $80 for a tour to the Pitons and back from Castries. That sounded like a good idea. However, when the opportunity arose for us, the driver was firm at $100 for that tour. I suppose...

  • Aircraft -- that's the way

    Generally, if your destination is St. Lucia, you're going to hop on a few planes. From the U.S. West Coast, we had two choices:US Airways:Day 1: Fly to Toronto and spend the nightDay 2: Fly to PhiladelphiaDay 2: Fly to San Juan, Puerto RicoDay 2: Fly to Vieux Fort, Saint LuciaThe return flight would have us spend the night in Philadelphia.American...

  • Airport To Hotel

    When you arrive at the airport you'll of course go through customs.. Once through you will have ot find your transportation to your hotel...If you have booked a tour you will most likely have a ride..the big problem in saint lucia is that most of the hotels are in the North end of the island and the airport is in the south...It is a long ride 2-3...

  • taxi cabs

    As with most of the West indies, the best bet is to make a deal with a taxi man for a ride. I know this goes against most peoples sense of adventure, but if you are going anywhere farther than a bike ride, you have to be concerned about a couple things. for one the roads are left hand drive, which could be a problem if you are not used to it. there...

  • Brig Unicorn - trip on a pirate ship

    The trip on the Brig Unicorn, an old replica of a pirate ship, is a wonderful way of viewing Saint Lucia's west coast from the sea. The ship actually appears in the films Roots and Pirates of the Caribbean. The trip starts at about 9 am in Rodney Bay and sails gently in 2.5 hours to Soufriere. During the trip you get beautiful views of Pigeon...

  • Hire a cabbie

    If you want to see the most of St. Lucia that you can without spending a lot of money on hotel-organized tours.... hire a cab! My boyfriend and I didn't want to go on the guided tours through the hotel, so we called for a cab driver to take us wherever we wanted to go. The cabs offer tours through their services - so for $140 US dollars, we were...

  • cabs

    I suggest finding a cab driver (ours was Peter) and asking him to drive you around the island for the day. I think we paid $30 each for the whole day. You can work out a deal with them for groups. They are very hospitable and will teach you about the island as well as take you to little fishing villages to visit the local life.

  • Try the Helicopter

    The roads on St Lucia are very under-developed (although there's plenty of investment, it's slowly improving) so if cost is no issue (actually the prices are moderate) and either you are in a hurry or you want to see how beautiful the island is from the air, try taking a helicopter. It took us about 9 minutes to get from Castries to the Hilton...

  • We took a plane to get there.

    Took a few taxis around town. That runs into big money really quick. Be sure to deal with he driver who picks you up with the hotel. If you are out and about you are at the mercyf the cab drivers and prices that can be way over the top!If you have nerves of steel and the ability to drive on the left hand side of the road, you can rent a car. I just...

  • Even though St. Lucia is...

    Even though St. Lucia is rather small it has two international airports, one in the South for Overseas flight and one in the North for short haul flights.Coming from the French Islands there is a hover craft crossing called L'Expres. It also makes a good day trip to see Martinique.Getting around the island is fairly easy, taxis are every where. The...

  • Renting a car

    If you are going to rent a car I strongly recommend you obtain an international drivers license and get it stamped by immigration when you arrive. This eliminates the need of obtaining a temporary St. Lucia drivers permit from the local police station. St. Lucia, a former British Crown Colony, drives on the left with right side steering wheel. It...

  • With Condor from Frankfurt

    St. Lucia has two airports -- Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) at Vieux Fort on the south end of the island and Vigie Airport (SLU) near Castries is in the northwest part; it takes about 1 ½ hour to drive from one to the other.St. Lucia is a lush and hilly island. There are no straight roads, but rather they wind and meander.

  • We only discovered the St...

    We only discovered the St Lucian bus service on our last day there. There are bus stops in Castries for each direction (behind the market). You get on the bus (an MPV) at the front of the line, and when it's (very) full, it will go. The slightest indication to the driver will have him stop where you want. The price is extremely low.


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