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Blue Lagoon Sea Lion Encounter from Nassau
"Blue Lagoon Island officially known as Salt Cay provides one of the few programs worldwide where you can get up-close-and-personal with sea lions in an all-natural marine habitat. The ferry terminal on nearby Paradise Island serves as the launch point for outings to Blue Lagoon Island from Nassau. Get hire a taxi or ride a ferry from Woodes Rogers Wharf in downtown Nassau.At Paradise Island Ferry Terminal your boat awaits to take you on a scenic journey to Blue Lagoon Island. Your route includes navigation through Nassau harbor where your captain points out yachts and mansions of interest. The likes of Tiger Woods
From $117.00
CraigCat Rental in Riviera Beach Marina
"Choose the perfect day and time to take the CraigCat for a spin. Then go to Blue Water Boat Rental located at 200 East 13th Street. Meet the friendly and accommodating staff who will show you to your boat. Get yourself ready for a fun time on the water and head into the beautiful water to begin your CraigCat rental. As you are gliding thr enjoy the maneuverability of the CraigCat. Soak in the sun and take in the gorgeous views of the shoreline while riding through Riviera Beach Marina. Have fun on the water with either a 1-hour or 2-hour CraigCat rental.18 years and o"""Explore the water on this compact catamaran for 2 the CraigCat. Rent your own CraigCat for 1 hour and sail around the beautiful water of Florida. Enjoy an exciting adventure on the CraigCat."
From $99.00
21' Dual Console Boat Rental in Riviera Beach Marina
"Choose the best day to go on the water with the 21' Dual Console Boat. Then arrive at Blue Water Powerboat Rental located at 200 East 13th Street. After meeting the professional and accommodating staff be shown to the boat. Find a seat on the Dual Console along with your group of up to 6 people. Now go into Riviera Beach Marina to begin either your 2-hour 4-hour or 8-hour rental. Feel the power of the Dual Console Boat as you cruise through the water. Enjoy the gorgeous views of the shoreline from the boat as the wind rushes past. Pack your favorite snacks and drinks for a relaxing day on the water.
From $191.00

More Warnings and Dangers in Abaco Island

Warning, graphic photos!

Warning, alcohol abuse can cause...tongue wagging, hip displacement, disco fever! Do not let this happen to you!
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Dec 11, 2004
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Treasure Cay Road, Treasure Cay, Great Abaco Island, AB-22134, Caribbean
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North end of White Sound, Green Turtle Cay, Great Abaco Island, Caribbean
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Elbow Cay, Great Abaco Island, Caribbean
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