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Blue Lagoon Sea Lion Encounter from Nassau
"Blue Lagoon Island officially known as Salt Cay provides one of the few programs worldwide where you can get up-close-and-personal with sea lions in an all-natural marine habitat. The ferry terminal on nearby Paradise Island serves as the launch point for outings to Blue Lagoon Island from Nassau. Get hire a taxi or ride a ferry from Woodes Rogers Wharf in downtown Nassau.At Paradise Island Ferry Terminal your boat awaits to take you on a scenic journey to Blue Lagoon Island. Your route includes navigation through Nassau harbor where your captain points out yachts and mansions of interest. The likes of Tiger Woods
From $117.00
A Taste of South Beach Food Tour
"Your enthusiastic guide will take you through five different restaurants and cafes in South Beach (often referred to as SoBe) - Miami Beach’s most popular neighborhood. On our tour you’ll by-pass the tourist traps and go straight to the eateries that the locals frequent to discover the mouth-watering dishes that will fill you up for lunch! All tastings are included in the ticket price. Tastings include the following restaurants: fresh New American cuisine Bella Cuba a traditional Cuban restaurant for a tasty pastry and their famous Cuban coffee Traditional Peruvian fare at Chalan on the Beach a family owned and operatoed restaurant Savory treat and refreshing beverage from Charlotte Bakery a Family owned Latin American bakery Every tour ends at The Frieze Ice Cream Factory for a scoop of all natural super-premium Kosher ice cream & sorbet made fresh daily in the shop. The Taste of South Beach Food Tour is more than a food tour - it’s an architectural
From $58.00
Hoverboard Rental in Miami
"This is a fun and exciting way to discover South Beach! Rent the ultimate transportation method - Hoverboards! The staff at the facility on Miami Beach will take the time to teach you everything you need to know about riding the hoverboards and t unique Miami experience that you won't regret. This is the perfect outdoor activity.After you have booked your rental just call up and book in a time that is convenient for you.Watch heads turn as you glide by with your family and friends on a fun few hours on Miami Beach!""""The best way to get around Miami is to rent a hoverboard! These cool new 'people movers' are the ultimate outdoor activity! They are so easy to ride that anyone can do it! This 2-hour rental will give you the taste you need to go back for more!"title=Highlights&1=Miami+hoverboard+rental&2=Enjoy+two+hours+of+rental+time+to+cruise+around+Miami+Beach&3=Ride+down+palm-lined+paths%2C+and+soak+up+the+Florida+sun&4=Easy+to+learn%21
From $40.00

Taxi charges Tips (5)

Always negotiate because "life is a cheat"

We had returned from Eleuthera to Nassau, and was wanting a ride for the six of us to a Airbnb 5 minutes away. We were quoted at $36 by our driver, Derrick, which seemed unreasonably high for such a short ride. While reiterating that it seems high, a lady taxi driver came over to state that the price is right. After some back and forth we negotiated the price to $45 that include an added leg to downtown. I then went over to the lady to try to explain why we are negotiating -- we are traveling, and didn't want to feel cheated or ripped off.

Her response was classic: "Life itself is a cheat."

Hmmm. Okay.

Here's a picture of the lady if you are interested in getting more classic quotes from her :)

Feb 15, 2016

Outrageous taxi charges to transport a dog

beware - Taxi tried to charge me an additional $60 to transport my quiet and friendly dog (in his cage) when I arrived at the airport in Nassau (Jan 08, 2011). I asked the airport taxi attendant on duty for clarification and he said "taxis are public transit and must charge this surcharge, how much did your airline charge you to bring the dog to the bahamas". I replied "the airline charged $57 from Vancouver Island to Nassau"...thats 4747 kms (2950 miles)...why would he ask such a stupid question?

I knew the hotel was only 4 kms but was very tired from weather related traveling delays and negotiated with the driver, we paid $50 total (2 adults, luggage, and dog in cage)...
The next morning we needed to return to the airport and catch a connecting flight to eleuthera island and I walked the dog the 4 kms (2.5 miles) and took 20 friend took the bags in the taxi and cost $6 total.
I have been traveling to the Bahamas for over 20 years and this is another example of the Bahamians ripping off tourists, They do it all the time and wonder why the tourist numbers are declining.

I believe in always paying my fair share, but these kinds of absurd fees insult the very people whom bring in thousands of dollars to the local economy and know it's simple toursit gouging.

Jan 13, 2011

How much should this cost?

The ride from Paradise Island to the port in Nassau should be a flat $6. No more. Probably not less. This is repeated by people all over and we had heard it many times before we decided to take a taxi back to the ship.

They will of course try to pack in as many people as possible for each ride. So be advised, if you think you will have a spare space next to you, it is unlikely.

cjg1's Profile Photo
Aug 22, 2008

self-declared taxis

While in the Bahamas, I was walking to the dock with the aim to catch the boat from Paradise Island to the city of Nassau. A man stopped his car to ask me where I am going. I told him. He offered to take me for $5. He never realized that I knew exactly where it was i.e. just around the corner. I obvioulsy declined the offer. I do not know if this scam is common here or it just happened here by chance. Being on guard cannot do any harm though!

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Dec 22, 2006
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Hotels Near Nassau

West Bay & Nassau Street, Nassau, New Providence Island, 8191, Caribbean
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40 George Street, P.O. Box N-4808, Nassau, New Providence Island, Caribbean
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West Hill Street, Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas
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Charlotte Street , P.O. Box N-4084
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PO Box N7550, Paradise Island, Caribbean
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West Bay St, Nassau, New Providence Island, Caribbean
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Set rates for Taxis

Taxis run on fixed rates in New Providence Island. It is $3 a person anywhere, but if you're going to and from Paradise Island, you pay $4 a person to pay for the toll bridge to get across. Taxis are very convenient because they are always there when you need them, are just one dollar more than the ferry, but the ferry comes every half hour on its own time schedule which changes every day.

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Jun 22, 2005
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"Nassau - Capital of the Bahamas"
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"Islands in the sea"
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"Happiness is Quite O-Cay"
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Things to Do Near Nassau

Things to Do

Atlantis Marina

The Atlantis Marina has some impressive yachts. We walked by the Marina on the way out of the Shopping village and were surprised at the number of yachts and their grandeur. It must be nice to travel...
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