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Lucaya - PIER ONE Tips (3)


The place is fixed up so great!lots of marine type things,cards from travelers from around the world,The owner is always working when we come.The open loft-outdoor seating and dining is great!
Pluss they feed the local sharks each night!!Wow this is a must see!AND THE DRINKS ARE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!Also-For a great meal at a great price, Try Giovanis-Port Lucaya,For that special Night on the town-Luciano's upstairs-Port Lucaya,Make a reservation early!Great view & The best food!

Favorite Dish The steaks were great!

moneysavr's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

Pier One: Best Sushi Ever!

The restaurant is basically three in one. They have a seafood menu, an upper class italian food and best of all sushi which just opened in November.
The red dragon and fresh salmon is just delicious paired with saki.
The night I went there were five or six sharks but the atmosphere was great and the food just wonderful.
We went in the evening and watched the sunset and the ships coming in and leaving the harbour. The best view on the island the restaurant is right in the water.
Great Decor.

Favorite Dish Sushi-Red Dragon , christmas and bahama mama

Mar 09, 2011


1. Shoney's-Quality Food
Actually, this is being unfair to Shoney's Restaurants. Shoney's food is at least edible.
2. Menu Misprints
Be sure to ask if the description on the menu matches what you will actually receive. Numerous "Misprints." When you order an item and it arrives not as described, it's the customer fault. Just ask the manager who expects you to read minds.
3. Items "Not Available"
Call ahead to be sure there's actually food. When we arrived, snapper, grouper, and shark items were out. That's half the menu. Enjoy your popcorn shrimp off the kiddie menu!
4. Pricey
Do not expect to find ANY entree priced lower than $24.95. If you would like to pay that while you hold your nose to avoid tasting the food, be my guest. I did it once and should have read the negative reviews on a variety of websites before going.
5. Sharks…Where?
Don’t expect to see sharks…if the wind blows more than 5mph, anytime from November-April, or during shark mating season. Of course, the restaurant doesn’t tell you this until you’ve ordered and then look over the rail to see the staff attempt to feed the rocks and empty ocean.
6. Service
They get their 15% no matter what. We asked 6 times for a glass of water, SIX! The restaurant was practically empty.
7. The Drive There
We passed a number of other restaurants that the locals told us we should have gone to instead. Stop there before you drive all the way out to the harbor just to be disappointed.

Favorite Dish The burger I got from Zorba's after I vomitted at Pier One.

Mar 27, 2010
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Hotels in The Bahamas

West Bay & Nassau Street, Nassau, New Providence Island, 8191, Caribbean
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40 George Street, P.O. Box N-4808, Nassau, New Providence Island, Caribbean
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West Hill Street, Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas
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Charlotte Street , P.O. Box N-4084
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PO Box N7550, Paradise Island, Caribbean
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West Bay St, Nassau, New Providence Island, Caribbean
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Things To Do in The Bahamas

Things to do

Dive, Snorkel

Snorkeling and beach party.Went out with Capt.A.J on Exotic Adventures.WOW what an AWESOME time.He took us to some of the most beautiful reefs.He took underwater pictures of me and my family so we...
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This is a lovely building with the statue at the gate of Columbus. I walked down tehre and stopped for several minutes observing the house and the statue. Then I was told that it was the Government...
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Grand Bahama

Guava Duff is the traditional dessert. It is very sweet and it takes a long time to prepare. Not all the restaurants have it, but if you happen to see one that offers it, stop by and try it. I did not...
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Things to do

Blue Lagoon

This place really faccinated me as I was able to climb a pirate watch tower set up at 1 side of the Island, Th Island itself looks like a croissant shape meaning that outside you are in contact to the...
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Out Islands

I would definitely recommend water shoes due to the rocks in the water. The water slide there is huge and even as an adult I was scared of it. My four year old went down it, but it goes so fast that I...
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Water & Beach

For Fernanda and the kids this was the first tropical experience, with strong marks. The clear blue waters, the white sands, the bending coconuts, all was there to make this brief experience...
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