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Blue Lagoon Sea Lion Encounter from Nassau
"Blue Lagoon Island officially known as Salt Cay provides one of the few programs worldwide where you can get up-close-and-personal with sea lions in an all-natural marine habitat. The ferry terminal on nearby Paradise Island serves as the launch point for outings to Blue Lagoon Island from Nassau. Get hire a taxi or ride a ferry from Woodes Rogers Wharf in downtown Nassau.At Paradise Island Ferry Terminal your boat awaits to take you on a scenic journey to Blue Lagoon Island. Your route includes navigation through Nassau harbor where your captain points out yachts and mansions of interest. The likes of Tiger Woods
From $117.00
A Taste of South Beach Food Tour
"Your enthusiastic guide will take you through five different restaurants and cafes in South Beach (often referred to as SoBe) - Miami Beach’s most popular neighborhood. On our tour you’ll by-pass the tourist traps and go straight to the eateries that the locals frequent to discover the mouth-watering dishes that will fill you up for lunch! All tastings are included in the ticket price. Tastings include the following restaurants: fresh New American cuisine Bella Cuba a traditional Cuban restaurant for a tasty pastry and their famous Cuban coffee Traditional Peruvian fare at Chalan on the Beach a family owned and operatoed restaurant Savory treat and refreshing beverage from Charlotte Bakery a Family owned Latin American bakery Every tour ends at The Frieze Ice Cream Factory for a scoop of all natural super-premium Kosher ice cream & sorbet made fresh daily in the shop. The Taste of South Beach Food Tour is more than a food tour - it’s an architectural
From $58.00
Hoverboard Rental in Miami
"This is a fun and exciting way to discover South Beach! Rent the ultimate transportation method - Hoverboards! The staff at the facility on Miami Beach will take the time to teach you everything you need to know about riding the hoverboards and t unique Miami experience that you won't regret. This is the perfect outdoor activity.After you have booked your rental just call up and book in a time that is convenient for you.Watch heads turn as you glide by with your family and friends on a fun few hours on Miami Beach!""""The best way to get around Miami is to rent a hoverboard! These cool new 'people movers' are the ultimate outdoor activity! They are so easy to ride that anyone can do it! This 2-hour rental will give you the taste you need to go back for more!"title=Highlights&1=Miami+hoverboard+rental&2=Enjoy+two+hours+of+rental+time+to+cruise+around+Miami+Beach&3=Ride+down+palm-lined+paths%2C+and+soak+up+the+Florida+sun&4=Easy+to+learn%21
From $40.00

Dive, Snorkel Tips (23)


Snorkeling and beach party.Went out with Capt.A.J on Exotic Adventures.WOW what an AWESOME time.He took us to some of the most beautiful reefs.He took underwater pictures of me and my family so we would have something to remember our trip.My kids are using the pictures as screen savers.He keep us away from the regular places most of the boats go.We got fresh speared lobster for lunch.He even taught my 14 year old to spear lobster.lunch was amazing.We went to a deserted place on the beach,where their was a make shift tables and chairs made out of driftwood.What an amazing day my family had.We will be back for the island hoping next year.

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Jan 03, 2011

Mermaid Cove

One of the best places to snorkle off of Abaco is the easily accessable Mermaid Cove.

The wave action can be impressive at times so it is not recommended for weak swimmers.

But once you move a little away from the shoreline, you will soon discover a nice bit of reef with a great collection of marine wildlife.

Please avoid stepping on the coral as that will kill it.

Remember, only boobs feed the fish!

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Jan 29, 2009

Snorkle for free near Nassau

There's very little good information about snorkeling around Nassau/New Providence, so I thought I'd write a page about it. Actually, the few references to snorkeling one finds about Nassau frequently mention Love Beach, but they don't really give you any details. Well, here are some details.

For starters, although some references to Love Beach mention that the best spots are about a mile offshore, I don't have a boat and I haven't felt like swimming quite that far, so my notes are all for pretty near-shore excursions. Which hopefully is a plus because you can literally walk into the water and be seeing the fishies in about 10 seconds. And so, it's also totally free (assuming you can find a way to access the beach, which is the biggest challenge!).

Follow this link for maps, directions on how to get there, best places to snorkel around in, and what sorts of fish you might see.

Jul 12, 2008

Paradise Cove

If you have time make the drive to Paradise cove. It was beautiful. The snorkeling was very clear and we saw lots of fish and barracudda. The food was cheap and they have gear and stuff to rent also. You don't want to miss this snorkel experience!

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Feb 09, 2008
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Hotels Near The Bahamas

West Bay Street, PO Box 39-CB-13005, , New Providence Island, 20317, Caribbean
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PO Box N7550, Paradise Island, Caribbean
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Bayshore Drive, West End, , Grand Bahama Island, Caribbean
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Sea Horse Road at Port Lucaya, Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island, Caribbean
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Great Guana Cay, , Great Abaco Island, Caribbean
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Rose Island

We went on an "all day excursion" which was really only about 4 hours. . .
we booked through majestic tours. it was called the Sea Island Tour. They pick you up at your hotel and take you to the docks to catch a catamaran and take you to rose Island. There is a little "camp" there. you can snorkle (i reccommend bringing your own gear) get a paddleboat, kayak, play volleyball, lay out or catcha hammock. it was sooo much fun. it was kinda pricey-$70 a person, but I had a lot of fun. you can get the jet ski guys on the beach to take you somewhere to go snorkling for much less, but I reccommend doing this one.

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Jun 13, 2006

Sea Garden

DEFINATELY visit the sea garden. . The best way to do this is to bring your own snorkling gear.
We got some ricecripies at breakfast and put it in a little baggie. . .
We got our gear and went to talk to the jet ski rental guys-They SWARM the beach. you can't walk the beach ANYWHERE on paradise island without SOMEONE asking you if you want to rent a jetski-it's pretty steep too-$60 for a half hour-just remember EVERYTHING down there is negotiable.
Anyway, we got one of the jetski guys-his name was Patrick from Patricks Motorsports-awesome guy-he took us to a snorkling site and waited for us to finish snorkling and then took us to the sea garden-it's beautiful-I'll put some pictures on here-anyway, you open your little baggie underwater and the fish just pack against you to get at the cereal. you can feel them pressing against you-they aren't scared at all!! it was awesome...He took us there and back for $40. it was a GREAT DEAL!

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Jun 13, 2006

Coco Cay snorkling

Unbelieveble! 50 meters from the beach you can find all kind of exotic fish there. Tiny yellow with bright blue stripes, bigger yellow with polka dots, small gray with stripes, sea weed, corals, sea urchin! The water was cold in April, we could not stay in the ocean more that 45 min.

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Apr 22, 2006


I've been to the Bahamas many times but this last time I decided to sign up for a snorkel trip. I booked through Stuart Coves dive shop who came and picked us up in Nassau (we had taken a cruise ship over) and drove us to the marina. The snorkeling was excellent and the boats and equipment were very well maintained. They took us to 3 dive sites. Two of the sites were just phenomenal for snorkeling. Clear blue water, colorful fish and diverse reefs. The last dive was thrilling as they lowered a bucket of chum into the water and the sharks appeared from all over. We all got into the water careful not to splash around too much but the sharks could have cared less about us as they were much more interested in the chum. I have to say that was one of the best times I've ever had in the Bahamas.

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Jan 13, 2006

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"Cruise Trip to the Bahama Island"
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SUB Bahamas

You have to try this it was amazing! Your deep in water as if you were diving but on an underwater motorcycle with a bubble dome over your head, you don't even have to get your hair wet! It was such a cool experience!
Plus you get to go snorkeling

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Nov 26, 2004

A Paradise Cay on earth on Blue Lagoon Island...

Beautiful, crystal clear waters, white sandy beach, relaxing on a hammock, it truly is paradise. We went off and explored the island, I definetly recommend going there! Just a 20 minute ride from Paradise Island.

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Nov 26, 2004

Swim with the fishes

This was my first time snorkeling. Omigosh, it was awesome. Sign up with a boat..they'll have experts to help you (even if you can't swim!). Coral reefs were out of this world. Exotic'll have an awesome time!

Nov 11, 2004


There are many snorkling charters. All are decently priced and you will see many fish and coral. The snorkling is great for even beginners. We chose one of the places that take you to two snorkling spots and then take you to swim with the sharks. I wish I could remember the name but they have pamphlets in all the hotels. Swimming with the sharks was a must see. It is so amazing; they are right under your feet as you hold on to a tie line attached to the boat. I don't have digital prints of this but take my word for it if you are going snorkling - choose the one that takes you to swim with the sharks.

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Jul 26, 2004

Things to Do Near The Bahamas

Things to Do

Atlantis Aquarium

In addition to the big central tank there are special environmental areas on of whichs hold nine species of enormous groupers. Smaller separate tanks are what they call“Jewel Habitats”. There is...
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Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas - Buyer Beware I had booked through the Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas ( website) for 7 days for my daughter, her husband, and their daughter at...
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Beaches on the south side of the island are the prettiest, Coral beach which is accessible by Coral road is amazing, that's where Sheraton and Westin are located, Taino beach is kind of like a public...
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I haven't done most of the activities that the ship offers at Half Moon. The activity that I HAVE done is parasailing. Bob didn't want to go with me, so he went back to the ship and took pictures from...
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Lucaya National Park

We wanted to get away from the crowds and experience a more natural part of the islands. We found the cheapest way to do what we wanted was to rent a car and drive out. The drive is an hour from the...
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The only inhabitants on Allen's Cay are the iguanas. The only way to access the islands is by dinghy. Unfortunately, we didn't get in to the island because there was too much wind. The Allen's Cay...
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