St. Thomas Warnings and Dangers

  • Traffic is on the 'wrong' side!
    Traffic is on the 'wrong' side!
    by DAO
  • snorkeling with fish
    snorkeling with fish
    by grandmaR
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by cjg1

St. Thomas Warnings and Dangers


    This is a very serious tip. Most people arriving in St. Thomas and all the U.S. Virgin Islands are going to be walking off of a cruise ship. And straight into, and around, one of the most confusing traffic systems in the world. Cars in St. Thomas drive on the LEFT side of the road despite the rest of America driving on the right. That means that if...

  • Beware of Island Marketing

    Island Marketing is a company that sub-contracts tours and excursions from many locations in the Caribbean. On Nov.8/11 we contracted a private tour of St Thomas from them at a cost of $500.00. They contracted our tour out to VI Taxi Assoc operate who left us stranded at Megan's Bay while they ferried other groups around( despite the fact they were...

  • Construction and Traffic

    St. Thomas has many areas that are under construction especially roads in Charlotte Amalie. This construction can cause delays when driving or traveling in a taxi. It might be best to walk if you are in a hurry or have nice weather to enjoy the walk.

  • Paradise Can Be Dangerous

    St. Thomas is a big tourist and shopping destination. We have heard some stories of tourist being robbed and the shops being in on it. Make sure to always use the front door to exit and enter shops. Don't flash around your purchases. Keep them in an unidentifiable bag without a store name on it, thieves will be less likely to rob you if they don't...

  • Rain

    It does rain in St. Thomas. If you are counting on going to the beach, it won't be so nice in the rain. So have some other plan in mind to do if it rains.It rained last time we were there. The Sky Ride was really not a good option in the rain. Beach excursions were rained out. Bob took a taxi to Red Hook and took some photos of the boats there....

  • Overly Aggressive Vendors

    Most vendors in St. Thomas are very nice and courteous. Some vendors though are a bit too aggressive standing on the sidewalk and trying to get you in their shop. We always try to be polite and say a simple "No Thank You" but we did get a few rude comments back from some people.Don't feel pressured into a store or a purchase. If you feel...

  • Wear that Sunblock!

    When in Paradise, make sure to wear your sunblock. The cool breeze may be blowing but the sun is still strong. Enjoy your vacation and don't get sun burned. Liz is very good at making sure we both are covered in sunblock before heading out into the sun. We haven't gotten burned ever thankfully!!

  • Drive at your own risk!

    Everyone tried to scare us about renting our own car and driving on St. Thomas. While it wasn't as awful as everyone said, you still need to take precautions when driving. The locals pay no attention to the speed limit or to the side of the road they are supposed to be on. For instance, if there is a sharp curve, and they need more room, be...

  • "Curiosity Killed The Cat"

    Like a lot of touristy spots, there are the downfalls. My greatest disappointment by far was to see small used drug bags along the sidewalks. There is a crack cocaine problem on the main island. St.John requires boarding the ferry to get to from St.Thomas so you see less drug traffic there. Its demeanor is much more low key than St.Thomas. We...

  • A Small Dose of Reality

    At this point it might be a good idea to point out that while visitors may arrive on St. Thomas or any of the Caribbean islands believing that every inch of the island will be simply picture perfect, the reality is that away from the tourist areas most islands aren't so perfect. Just be aware that if you take that island tour, or taxi to a beach...

  • St. Thomas Driving and Cruising

    You shouldnt drive in St. Thomas. Esp if u never been there of know anyone there. It would just make ur trip frustrating bec. locals drive fast on those small curvy roads and most of the driving is up or down hill. A lot of ppl. will yell out there windows or honk their horn at you NON STOP! And when your partying at night, ESP. IF YOUR A GIRL,...

  • Carjacked at Gunpoint

    Well, I am a pretty savy traveler, but I violated the "don't be an idiot" rule and got a pretty good scare. DO NOT DRIVE OR DO ANYTHING AFTER MIDNIGHT on this island. There is a large drug problem, and the problem is, that people want your money for their drugs. I was cut off and stopped and blocked in by 2 vehicles and 3 people, and had a 9mm...

  • Scooters in Virgin Islands!

    Renting a scooter looks like a fun way to see the island......don't! Driving is on the left, AND people drive a little crazy! Very fast paced. A local told us he has seen MANY LOCALS get hurt on scooters. Imagine being a visitor, not knowing the roads, and atmosphere and making a mistake! Could be fatal! BE SAFE.

  • Be aware and be smart

    Some outlying areas that are thick jungle and secluded beaches can be dangerous. Use common sense to protect yourself and your belongings. We were told by a local resident certain secluded beach areas are prime for muggings.

  • Corrupt Police and High Crime

    This is what the board of tourism does not want you to know. In Dec. of 2003 the island ended the year with 26- 27 murders, out of a population of only 46,000 people. This is a thoroughfare for durg runners enroute to the continental US and do not go on the beaches at night most notable Coki beach (no it doesnt get its name from there but it is...

  • Driving and crime

    I would advise not driving on St. Thomas. Traffic is heavy, the roads are narrow and winding and they drive on the left-hand side of the road. We saw so many tourists in rental cars driving like crazy and adding to the congestion. Cabs are readily available and all have standardized rates so you can't get ripped off-- just make sure you look for...

  • Be careful driving there...

    They drive on the left side of the road and this is not the biggest problem... The problem is the roads are very narrow, with lots of curves and up and downs. The taxi and bus/safari people drive like crazy, speeding and taking the entire road....

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St. Thomas Warnings and Dangers

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