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    Tirana Airport.
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Most Viewed Transportation in Tirana

  • 1. Bus

    There are quite frequent buses to the Airport leaving from behind the Muzeu Kombetar (National History Museum) in the city center. Buy the ticket from the driver. Rruga Ded Gio Luli near Bulevardu...

  • 2. Plane from Tirana to Rome

    Blue Panomara Airlines links Tirana to 9 Italian cities.A companhia aérea Blue Panomara liga Tirana a 9 cidades italianas.

  • 3. Tirana Airport.

    Tirana Airport is located 11 kilometers from the center of Tirana and is named after Mother Teresa. There is actually a little statue of Mother Teresa outside...

  • 4. Bus from central Tirana to Dajti Express

    To reach the Dajti Express, just take the bus Bus line Linzë - Qender -Linzë as far as Porcelain. Then walk for 1.5 km following the sign "teleferic"Fare30...

  • 5. Train from Tirana to Durrës

    As the train station in Tirana is closed, the nearest train station to make connection to Durrës is at Kashar. There are many trains a day, from 06:10 to 19:00,...

  • 6. Bus from the centre to the airport

    There is a shuttle bus from the centre of the city to the airport. The trip takes about 30 minutes.Timetable07:00 - 19:00, every hourFare250 ALLBus StationRruga...

  • 7. Bus from Tirana to Pristina

    There are buses in the morning (i think quite frequent), i had one at 7 am, taking 5 hours, leaving from the Muzeu Kombetar (Rruga Ded Gio Luli near Bulevardu...

  • 8. Hitchhiking to Tirana

    There was no public transport from Koror into Albania, so I had to hictch hike, with little succes. It took me the whole day to get to Tirana. I started...

  • 9. Traffic jams.

    The northern area of Skanderbeg Square, where Rruga Sheshi Skenderbeg and Bulevardi Zogu I connect to Rruga e Durresit, seems to be a focal traffic point....

  • 10. Bus stations.

    If you are going southwards from Tirana, then you will have to take a bus from the Western Kombinat. The bus station is to the left of the street and slightly...

  • 11. Going to or from airport by bus.

    There is a shuttle bus going between the airport and the city centre every hour between 06.00 and 18.00, the same departure time in both directions. The journey...

  • 12. Arriving by air at Rinas Airport.

    When coming by air you will arrive at Albania's only airport, Rinas Airport, 17 km north-west of Tirana. It is a smallish airport with a couple of coffee bars...

  • 13. Skopje to Tirana by bus.

    After the recent excellent Euromeet 2011 organised wonderfully by Valentina I needed to travel to Tirana in Albania to get my flight home. An internet search...

  • 14. Easy to arrive, harder to leave

    We came to Tirana from Ohrid in Macedonia. Getting to the capital is relatively straightforward - all roads seem to lead there, though bumpily.Our journey was...

  • 15. Airport

    Forget all you've read about Tirana's chaotic and dirty airport: it's all new. There was no scramble of people trying to get visas, there was an ATM waiting for...

  • 16. Bus to Macedonia

    If you want to buy a ticket to Macedonia, it costs 10 euros one way, and you can buy it from the Pollogu Tourist office at the top of Zogu boulevard, near the...

  • 17. Bus

    Some of Albania's roads are so bad, and the buses so old and clapped out, that legend has it that they struggle to wash out the stench of the travel sick after...

  • 18. Train

    Tirana's train station is a small, quiet and dusty affair. It stands out as an island of calm on the busy and dusty Tirana street, next door to the chaos of...

  • 19. Informal Minivan Bus (Furgon) Stations

    Many people are used to having transportation links all converge on one spot - a central bus station, a central train station. Such people will find...

  • 20. Lovely building, awful place.

    I arrived in very good time at Tirana Airport which is officially called Mother Theresa but also known more historically as Rinas and was initially impressed by...

  • 21. Taxi!

    I must admit I had heard a few horror stories about taxi drivers in Albania and, on general principle, I am alway suspicious of them in places where I am...

  • 22. Tirana airport

    I have to say Tirana airport was a pleasure both arriveing and departing. Straight through customs, out the door, turn left and straight on to the airport bus,...

  • 23. Arrivals of Buses from Saranda to Tirana

    Hello, The buses from Saranda will arrive next to Kombinat( until 2 years ago it was like that). There you will have to take the city buses of Tirana. Careful...

  • 24. Bus Tirana-Prishitna

    Hello,There is a Coach that lives from Tirana Center next to the big Hotel of 15 floor.In Albanian you say "15 kateshi".They live Tirana at 3 pm and arrive to...

  • 25. Buses Ulcin-Shkodra-Tirana

    Hi, I can only give you an answer for Ulcin-Shkodra et Shkodra-Tirana.There are minibuses 2 times an day at least from Ulcin-Shkodra around 5-6 euros.And for...

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