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Krujas Castle Half Day Tour from Tirana
"Start your walking tour of Kruje visiting Kruja’s castle which was was the center of Skanderbeg's (National Hero of Albania) battle against the Ottoman Turks and today it is a center of tourism in Albania. Then we will see Skenderbeg’s  museum which which has a wonderful selection of authentic antiques and souvenirs and you can buy traditional Albanian costumes books musical instruments and different items from the communist days. By the end of the tour you will have a lunch break in one of Kruja’s restaurants. Tour will end in front of National Museum in the city center.""""Kruja a small characteristic town perched on a hill
From EUR39.00
Kruja Full Day Tour from Durres
"After pick-up from your hotel in Durres you will travel to Kruja. There you will visit Kruja castle and the Scanderbeg museum which is inside the castle. Another museum not to be missed is the Ethnographic museum. Here you will see the Albanian tradit lunch (optional and at extra cost) in a restaurant with traditional cuisine or another good place to eat can be suggested. Before you return to Durres there will be a stop in the old bazaar where you can find interesting souvenir from Albanian culture and history all handmade by the local artisans of Kruja.""""Kruja is the most important city symbol of the Albanian resistance under the leadership of Gjergj Kastrioti ""Skanderbeg"" who successfully fought the Ottomans for more than 25 years in the 15th century. Kruja castle was built in the 4th century the Skanderbeg Museum in the castle and the Ethnographic Museum. Climb up to the tower where you can admire a splendid panorama of Kruja and the surrounding area. Later you can do shopping in the beautiful old bazaar and buy local handmade souvenir."
From EUR62.00
Tirana and Kruja Full Day Trip from Durres
"Departures from Durres to the city of Tirana the capital of Albania has almost one million inhabitants so nearly a third of the Albanian population is located there. Tirana is a business city par excellence like a western city regarding the quality of life and the lifestyle of the inhabitants. The night life is in quite similar to any other European city different from all other Albanian cities. Both Italian and English are commonly spoken by most of the people. Your tour begins with a visit to the center of Tirana at Scanderbeg Square (Giorgio Castriota Scanderbeg national hero who resisted the invasion for 25 years by defending Albania and Europe and its Christian religious and moral values from thge Ottoman invasion) which is a landmark of the City (along with t the Government House) will follow. Then you will depart to Kruja. Kruja is a small town (only 13
From EUR70.00

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Mini bus from Tirana

From Tirana the minibuses leave from the Zogu i Zi at the end of Rruga e Durresit, we found them parked around the corner on Rruga Mine Peza, behind the gas station. Takes about 1 1/2 hours for 200...
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Apr 08, 2006
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