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Private Custom Day Tour from Vienna: The Original Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg
"Let us show you where the hills are alive in the City of Salzburg and the beautiful Salzkammergut Region during this unique private custom Sound of Music tour in Salzburg from Vienna. You will not only hear the real story about the von Trapp family but also some interesting facts about the movie locations and set in Salzburg.Your professional guide will take you to the Mirabell Gardens Schloss Leopoldkron Schloss Hellbrunn the Lake Fuschlsee and Wolfgangsee in the Salzkammergut and to the wedding cathedral in Mondsee. Relax and listen to the original music of the movie while we take you towards the most breathtaking landscapes of the Salzkammergut.Your 4-hour private tour will stop at the following Sound of Music Film Locations in Salzburg:Mirabell Gardens The Mirabell Gardens were laid out in the 1 the winged horse
From EUR380.00
Half-Day Sightseeing Tour of Historic Salzburg
"Come along and see the beautiful city on the banks of the Salzach River with Festungsberg mountain directly above it. Perched on the mountain is Festung Hohensalzburg the largest preserved medieval castle in Europe. From the castle you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city.See austere Gothic buildings Renaissance palaces Baroque churches as well as many town houses from the period of the monarchy. The most famous and most visited monuments are all those associated with the life of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who was born here in 1756. You can visit his birth house or the house where the artist lived later or even the church where he was baptized. In one of the city's most famous streets Getreidegasse
From EUR380.00
Private Tour of Melk Hallstatt and Salzburg from Vienna
"We will take you on a private ride to the West of Austria to the famous lake district. With a first stop at a Benedictine abbey above the town of Melk Lower Austria which is on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Danube river adjoining the Wachau valley.The abbey contains the tomb of Saint Coloman of Stockerau and the remains of several members of the House of Babenberg Austria's first ruling dynasty. Your driver will take you to the top of Abbey where you will have a great view of the town Melk nearby gardens and the famous abbey.We will then continue further into the Lake district and drive through beautiful towns like Bad Ischl and take a stop in the picturesque village of Hallstatt which is known for its production of salt dating back to prehistoric times
From EUR649.00

Sound of Music Tour Tips (31)

The Sound of Music Tour

We went to Salzburg specifically for the Sound of Music tours, as my friend and I are really big fans. It's a great way to see and explore the city! Even if you are not a fan of the movie, I think this tour will prove to be really enjoyable as well!
It's just that the SOM shot in various and beautiful locations around Salzburg, and these places I wouldn't have known about or wouldn't have even thought of visiting if it weren't for the tour.. They brought us to areas with magnificent views, and it was the best money we ever spent! :)
Of course, there's singing on the bus. It is a given... :)

earth2eartha's Profile Photo
Mar 30, 2013

SOM Tour - Better than you think - It has to be !

My wife had a singular goal in Austria - to take the Sound of Music Tour (SOM as it is affectionately know to its fans). Panorama was the tour operator. It was billed as a 4 hour bus tour to see the sites and locations where the movie was made. I went along with it, only with the proviso that I that I didn't have to participate in the sing-a-longs. Much to my surprise, it was pretty good. Yes, some of the banter by our guide was corny as others have noted - I thought it was more tongue in cheek, but there was lots of movie trivia, interesting location visits and an absolutely beautiful ride around the Austrian countryside. I shot tons of pictures. Best of all - they sold beer on board !! Worst of all - they really did have sing a longs. 4 hour tour 37 euros pp. Well worth the time and money.

PS - I was the only person on board who never actually saw the movie. My grandmother took me twice when it first came out and twice I fell sound asleep. I'm not what you'd call a fan of musicals.

yankeepeddler's Profile Photo
Jul 24, 2011

Just Corny enough!

Took this tour through Bobs Tours and it was great. Juergen was our tour guide and he was full of energy. He played the Sound of Music Soundtrack as we sped through the mountains. Lots of interesting little facts and debunking of myths. We also rode down the luge on a gorgeous spring day. I highly recommend Bobs Tours, Juergen, and Salzburg.

Apr 24, 2011

Explore Salzburg

I think ... Salzburg city is the most beautiful city in Europe!
In spring 07 I made a trip to Austria. I've visited Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck.
All of these cities were very nice, but the city I liked best was Salzburg. It's so different and totally inimitable!
My hotel (the NH Carlton Salzburg) was situated near the city centre.
To get an overview of the city I made a tour (I think it was called ... mozart tour ? and was offered by It was quite nice. I saw loads of sights such as mozart birthplace, castle mirabell, castle hellbrunn ... etc.
It was very impressive!
I've booked the tour and the hotel on the internet on There were no problems.

I've also bought a quite good guidebook ... so I've also explored the surrounding area of salzburg city.

Apr 04, 2011
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Paris-Lodron Strasse 1, Salzburg, Salzburg, 5020, Austria
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One of the great tours.

I have a lot of fond memories of my visit to Germany and Austria, but Bob's Special "Sound of Music" Tour is one of my favourites. It may be called the SOM tour but it includes an excellent look at the Salzburg lakes district and an great overview of salzburg history.

The tour started with a drive through town pointing out various places and sites and a drive up the hill over looking the town. We spent several minutes there and then off through the mountain to the "other side" of Salzburg, I didn't know it exsisted. An excellent drive in the country and then through the lakes district stopping at various places along the way. We had a great afternoon tea at a cafe serving traditional deserts, perched on the side of a hill overlooking a quaint town (St Gilgen I think). Then on to the Mondsee, to the church were the film Maria got married.

Our tour guide, (sorry I can't remember her name) was very good with excellent knowledge of the the area, the film and the real Von Trapp family. She was an excellent driver, had a great sense of humour and keeped us entertained. To me, she made the tour, it would not have sparkled without her.

Even if you don't take the tour, visit Salzburg. It is an absolute gem, with great shopping, beauitful buildings, statues, excellent food and friendly people.

I am a 44yo male and I was travelling by myself through Austria. I look forward to coming back and bringing my wife with me next time, and I will repeat this tour with her. Bob's Special Tour.

Apr 04, 2011

Doe, a Deer........

The Sound of Music tour, offered through Panorama Tours, was a good venture for a half of a day. The tour takes you throughout Salzburg and the surrounding areas to the locations and features shown during the film "The Sound of Music". Throughout the journey in a motorcoach bus, the soundtrack to the movie is played, and you will not hesitate to sing along as many on our bus did.

We prearranged pickup from our hotel to the location of Panorama Tours office, across from Mirabelle Palace.

iluvtrvl's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Essential movie madness. Of sorts.

Okay, so I've loved this film since I was little. It had always been one of those things I'd wanted to do. I finally had the chance - and there's a few things you realise when you get to Salzburg - the Austrians don't care for the film!!

So you get a tour of all the sights, in english, and a drive around the lake district of Austria, plus you get to see some places which were used as locations in the film.

Sadly, you can't go into the gazebo, as an 84 year old Liesl fell off once, but you get an opportunity to have your photo taken in front of it. You also can't get to the grounds of the palaces used as the Von Trapp house, but you get to see the back of the Leopardskron Palace, from across the lake! Our coach slowed down so we could take photos of the front of the "Von Trapp House" which of course, isn't! (I suspect everyone gets that slowed down chance though!).

The scenery around St Gilgen and Mondsee (where the wedding scenes were filmed) is beautiful, although we had rain, so missed out on the best views of the Alps!

The tour ends at the Mirabell Gardens, used for four scenes in Do Re Mi, and you'll probably bump into several groups of tourists recreating those very scenes...

All in all, a very enjoyable four hours, you're in a coach, with fellow TSOM fans, singing the songs (if you want), being told anecdotes from the film, wandering around, and just taking it all in!

You'll also get a complimentary packet of Edelweiss, at the end!

josiejo's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Beautiful and romantic Salzburg

Located at the northern boundary of Alps, the city was founded around 700 b.c and since then has kept great economic and cultural importance for that part of Austria. The rich baroque architecture invites everybody to walk through its narrow streets or simply sit on a bank and contemplate.

The main tourist monuments are within one or two km far and are around the cathedral: The cathedral itself and all the building that sorrounded it, the Mozart square, Getreidegasse ( shop street and also we can see the Mozart´s birthplace), Hohensalzburg fortress (take the cable car if you are still tired but don´t forget to go down on foot, so you can appreciate the view), the 712 b.c. founded Nonnberg monastery and its cemetery with stunning view from the mountains, the festival theatre and many, many churches.
Across the River are the Mirabel Palace, its gardens and more nice places to view.

A bit far from downtown are Leopoldskron, Anif, Klessheim and Hellbrunn palaces.

If one wishes to go to Salzburg I suggest to see the movie The sound of music (1965). It happens in Austria but focused in Salzburg and many shops in the city sell souveniers from the places showed in the movie. Also is possible to get a tour to visit these places.

Also don´t miss a visit to the mountains around the city. They have stunning views but in winter can be a cloudy and very cold.

Feb 28, 2009

Top 5 Salzburg Writers

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"Mozarts Music and Mozart's Kugeln & Nockerl"
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"The Hidden Wonders of Salzburg - A MUST SEE!"
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"One order of Salzburg, please . . ."
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"Fairyland for Real......"
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Unexpected highlight

Reluctantly we decided to go and.. had an awesome time!!!
Bought tickets directly from PanoramaTours at Mirabellplatz but it can also be done online.

It was a bit rushed at times but hey, that`s a normal thing for a big tour (2 full buses). The Lake District was unbelievably gorgeous. The water is so clean there, you can literally drink it from the lakes.

DURATION: 3,5 hours.
PRICE: Paid 70 euro for both of us.

1) Book in advance, especially if it is a high season.
2) Watch the movie before going to Salzbrug to refresh your memory - it would make the tour more interesting. Plus you`d be able to sing the songs on the bus with Trudy and other passengers from memory.
3) Come earlier and choose the front seats - you`ll see much more that way.
4) Pick Trudy and Marcus team - they were hilarious. Trudy also had an awesome voice.
5) It is not allowed to eat on the bus, so if you think you are going to get hungry, take some snacks and eat them at the stops. They do sell drinks though: 1.5 euro for a beer and 1 euro for a soft drink.
6) If you need to use Internet, there is a computer booth located right behind the office, on Mirabellplatz. People who bought the tour can use it for free. We did. :-)

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Feb 27, 2008

Curious about the Sound of Music

In the 1960s, the musical movie "The Sound of Music" was filmed in Salzburg and its surrounding region. The movie was based on the true story of Maria von Trapp, a Salzburg-based nun who joined and eventually married into an aristocratic family (Von Trapp) and fled German occupation with her new family. Strangely, most Austrians have never seen the film and when asked, they were not interested. My austrian friends told me that Hollywood's version of the Trapp story is pure fantasy. Although Von Trapp family did sing and escape Salzburg during WW-II, the real life story is nothing like the romantic version in the famous film. Oh well, that's Hollywood for you!

If you're one of the thousands of fans of this classical musical film "The Sound of Music", and you've come to Salzburg just for the sole purpose of seeing where the film was shot, you can book the The Sound of Music Tour at the local tour agents.

For your reference, here are the locations where the film was shot:

1) The Benedictine Convent on Nonnberg: it is here the nuns sang 'Maria'
2) Mirabell Gardens and Mirabell Palace : Maria and the children sing 'Do-Re-Mi'
3) Residenz Square and Residenz Fountain : Maria crosses Residenz square in a bus on her way from Nonnberg Convent to the Trapp Villa singing 'I have confidence in me'
4) Felsenreit-schule: here is where the Trapp family performed its farewell song and Baron von Trapp sang Edelweiss
5) St. Peter's Cemetery : it was here that the dramatic flight scenes were filmed
6) Leopoldskron Palace: the façade facing the lake represented the von Trapp residence
7) The Sound of Music Pavillon: this can be found at Hellbrunn Palace today, in the movie it was still located at Leopoldskron Palace. One of the most famous and romantic scenes was filmed here: 'I am 16 going on 17'.
8) Frohnburg Palace: courtyard and main front were used as a backdrop

Other scenes were filmed outside of Salzburg city, for example, at Anif Palace, Hohenwerfen Castles, Mondsee, Fuschl, St. Gilgen and Lake Wolfgang.

longsanborn's Profile Photo
May 22, 2007

a nice tour, shame we

.. missed the bus trip - instead we had a tour of seven people in a large van. We wanted the bus with Sound of Music written on it! Anyway, it was great; listening to the music and looking out at the mountains, looking at the various lakes, the home of 'Redbull' in the mountains outside Salzburg and the little village where Mozart's Mother was born an raised.

john&eduarda's Profile Photo
Dec 31, 2006

The Sound Of Music

A great way to see Salzburg and the nearby district is to go on a 'Sound of Music' tour. Admittedly it was overcast the day I went, so the weather wasn't perfect, but the landscapes, towns and other places we went to were beautiful on their own.

The tour starts from the Mirabell gardens (although to see the gardens you go in yourself, this part is not guided). The gardens were used in the movie when Maria is teaching the children to sing 'Do-Re-Mi'. Next it was off to Leopoldskron Castle, an incredible estate that was used to film the scene where the children fall out of the boat. The exterior of the castle was also used to portray the von Trapp family home. Then it was Hellbrunn Castle, a short stop to see the glass pavilion that Liesl and Rolfe sing '16 going on 17' in - although this pavilion was used for exterior shots and has been moved from its original setting (filming of the interior was done in a studio in Hollywood). We then went past Nonnberg Abbey (used as Maria's convent) which is behind the hill that Hohensalzburg Fortress sits upon.

Leaving the city of Salzburg we took the short trip out to St. Gilgen and Lake Wolfgang. St. Gilgen lies east of Salzburg and is an impressive town. It was used as footage from the beginning of the movie, and with the high mountains (with cabel cars running up and down), the beautiful Lake Wolfgang and picturesque village, I could not think of a better place to film.

Our last destination on the trip was at Mondsee. The outside of the church here was used in the movie as the church where Maria and the Baron were married. We also stopped here with enough time to grab something to eat. The apple strudel was highly recommended (but there are heaps of restaurants to choose from).

All round it was an excellent tour. The tour runs twice daily and lasts for four hours.

Adult: 35€
Children: 18€

More photos and comments can be found on my 'Sound Of Music Tour' travelogue.

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Nov 24, 2005

Things to Do Near Sound of Music Tour

Things to Do

Mirabell Castle and Garden

Mirabell gardens. Zwergerlgarten (dwarves garden). There may have been 28 dwarves modelled on real life subjects. Today there are only 17. I primi gnomi probabilmente risalgono al 1691 –...
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Like what I've said, Who has never heard of the Iconic Wolgang Amadeus Mozart? who was the Most Known Composer of the Classical era. there are actually two Mozart Houses in Salzburg, the house where...
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Mozart's Birthplace

This is the house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in 1756. He lived here for the first seventeen years of his life – when he wasn’t off traveling, which was most of the time. In 2006, just in...
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Salzburger Landestheater

For half a century after its Broadway debut, the American musical “The Sound of Music” was unknown to most people in Salzburg and strongly disliked by those few who knew it. As I have already...
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this will be my things to do tips of the getriedegasse, I will have a separate shopping tip here. getriedegasse is the most famous street in Salzburg since along the street lies Mozart's Birthplace...
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there are actually many Roman Catholic Churches in the historic city center of Salzburg as the city was ruled by the Roman Catholic Archbishop Prince in the middle ages and one of the most visited as...
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