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Salzburg Card
"The free brochure 'Salzburg Guide' (received with the card at exchange of your voucher) is the ideal complement to your Salzburg Card; it includes numerous color photos and provides details on all the sights as well as advice for sights you won't want to miss. Offering the best value for money the Salzburg Card is the perfect way to get around and see the sites.""""Save money as you see the city sights with the Salzburg Card. With a choice between a 24 48 or 72 hour pass
From EUR24.00
Salzburg Card
"The free brochure 'Salzburg Guide' (received with the card at exchange of your voucher) is the ideal complement to your Salzburg Card; it includes numerous color photos and provides details on all the sights as well as advice for sights you won't want to miss. Offering the best value for money the Salzburg Card is the perfect way to get around and see the sites.""""Save money as you see the city sights with the Salzburg Card. With a choice between a 24 48 or 72 hour pass
From EUR24.00
Private Salzburg City Tour Including Salzburg Old Town Walking Tour
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Getting to Salzburg Tips (16)


I took the train to/from Salzburg. Very convenient. Salzburg is border station to Germany. That means that you can use the Bavarian "Länderticket" for regional trains to get to Salzburg. Or you can buy "special fare" tickets for 29 Euro from anywhere in Germany to Salzburg. Like I did (the so called "Tchibo" ticket).

Salzburg is served by International trains as well as regional trains. If money is an object then regional trains would do for you. Use the German (Bavarian) Ländertickets or Schönes Wochenende ticket. Or if travelling from somewhere else in Austria use the "Einfach Raus" ticket.

The Central railway station is not very large and easy to navigate. Quite convenient is that you find a Salzburg Tourism Information office on the same floor as the platforms (that is upstairs). I bought my Salzburg Card there and the friendly lady offered plenty of valuable information.

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Apr 20, 2008

Getting there

Salzburg has an international airport and very good connections by train and car.
I arrived by car from Germany. We had to leave autobahn at exit "Berchtesgarten" and followed the federal road to Salzburg in order not to pay the autobahn-tollage in Austria. We took the same way to get back.
In town you hardly find a parking lot - even those in car-parks are fully occupied. It took a while before we found one 2 km away from the centre.
I recommend to use Park-and-Ride service.

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Mar 20, 2004

From Munich to Salzburg

We travelled to Salzburg from Munich, a journey which took about two hours. Salzburg is just a stone's throw over the German border and there are frequent daily trains between it and Munich. Also, Salzburg can be included on German discount tickets, such as the "Schones Wochende". This ticket is great value: it allows unlimited travel on German rail for up to 5 people and for one day all for 30 Euros.

The train station in Salzburg is on the north side of the Salzach river and is about 10 minutes walk from the heart of the old town.

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Sep 27, 2006

Train, car, Buses, Airplane

Salzburg is connected by rail to a number of European cities like Venice, Munich, Zurich and Budapest. The train services are frequent and efficient. The Austrian rail network is excellent and you will find there are several connections to travel to Salzburg from other Austrian towns. From Hauptbahnhof, the main railway station at Salzburg you can easily get a bus that goes to your destination in the town.

And we visited this city by car from Belfort to Munich, and Munich to Salzburg. The road systems in Europe are excellent, so it is possible to drive in to Salzburg from Germany and other neighbouring countries. The autobahns are wide and well maintained – the only drawback being that petrol costs are high in this country. There are buses services to Salzburg from other European countries and these are quite comfortable and give you a chance to savour the scenery along the way.

Many European airlines have flights to Salzburg airport. The domestic airline of Austria also connects Salzburg to Vienna and Innsbruck. The airport is located 4 kms west of the city centre. From the airport, buses leave every fifteen minutes for the Salzburg railway station. The service is reduced to every half an hour after dark and the last bus leaves at 10 pm. Taxis are also available at the airport.

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May 02, 2012
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Hotels Near Salzburg

Riedenburger Strasse 2, Salzburg, 5020, Austria
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Neutorstrasse 8, Salzburg, Salzburg, 5020, Austria
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Hildmannplatz 5, Salzburg, Salzburg, 5020, Austria
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Getreidegasse 41-43, Herbert-von-Karajan Platz 3, Salzburg, Salzburg, 5020, Austria
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Getreidegasse 37, Salzburg, Salzburg, A-5020, Austria
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Maxglaner Hauptstrasse 7, Salzburg, Salzburg, A-5020, Austria
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Salzburg Airport

We flew to Salzburg from London with Ryanair, at a bargain price of £40 per person inc tax!!!!

Salzburg has a small clean airport, there isnt much in the way of facilities here...but they have the essentials - coffee, bank, duty free!!

You can use the bus to get into the centre of the city or take a taxi.

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Mar 02, 2005

From Cesky Krumlov to Salzburg

You can take a shuttle bus from CK to Linz (Austria) and hop on a train to Salzburg from there.

It will be more expensive vs CK ->Cesky Budejovice ->Linz -> Salzburg rout, but way faster.

We paid for the Sebastian Tours shuttle bus 778 CZK (~30 euro) for two people. It took us 1.5 hours to get to Linz train station.
Shuttle bus leaves at 9am, 11am, 2pm. They pick you up infront of your hotel. We traveled in the late October and were the only people on the bus. It was comfortable and entertaining. Sit in the front if you can - the scenery is amazing and you`ll enjoy it much more this way!
To buy tickets, you can just go to the Tourist Information office which is located on the main square. They`ll do the phone call for you and reserve it.
It is probably a good idea to buy tickets at least 1 day in advance during high season.

As for the trains leaving for Salzbrug, there were plenty. Only had to wait half an hour or so for the next one. The trains were very comfortable too.

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Nov 14, 2007

An effcient bus system

Salburg is small and you will hardly need to use the public transport, except to go to/from teh station and to see attractions outside the center. Anyway the bus system is efficient, clean, usually punctual and not too expensive. It is very easy to use the bus network since maps are very clear and show all the connections, moreover a recorded voice announces every stop and the possible changes. Busses don't run at night, but there are a number of busses driving back to the deposits which you can use anyway. If you are downtown nad missed the last bus just wait for one to arrive and stop it.

Dec 11, 2002

Getting to Salzburg

There are two good ways to get to Salzburg. The first is to fly into London, then take Ryan Air from London directly to Salzburg. Ryan Air is really cheap. The second way is to fly into London or Frankfurt, then take a puddle jumper to Munich. From Munich take the train into Salzburg. This is really easy if you do not have a lot of baggage to haul (meaning one big suitcase on wheels and a carry-on is managable). At the Munich airport ask where the underground train is, then get your tickets at the airport. With a plane ticket you get the train ticket into Munich city for free, and you can buy the ticket from Munich city into Salzburg there as well. Trains from Munich to Salzburg are usually every two hours, but ask about weekeds. Take the train from the airport to the Haupbahnhof (Main train station). From there take the train to Salzburg. Cabs are lined up at the Salzburg trainstation. Since Salzburg is fairly small, you will not spend a lot of money taking a cab to where your hotel is. If you want, you can take a bus from the Salzburg train station as well.

Jul 31, 2003

Top 5 Salzburg Writers

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"Mozarts Music and Mozart's Kugeln & Nockerl"
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"The Hidden Wonders of Salzburg - A MUST SEE!"
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"One order of Salzburg, please . . ."
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"Fairyland for Real......"
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By Train....

I arrived in Salzburg from Vienna, a day trip.
The train took almost 3 hours for me, from about 9 am to about 12 pm.
As you can see from the train ticket on the left, the journey is 317 km & passing through St. Polten & Linz.
It was a pleasant journey seeing the sceneries & the ruralness of Austria.

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Oct 17, 2003

Scenic Bus From Salzburg To Kitzbuehel

You could go by local Postbuses (part of Oebb) from Salzburg to Lofer then St. Johann in Tirol and Kitzbuehel for a scenic route through the mountains.
There are buses at 8:23, 12:23, 15:23 and 16:15 taking about 2:30 hours and € 18,40 (2016) with a change in Lofer and maybe also in St. Johann in Tirol.
This web page is showing trains and buses:

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Oct 24, 2016

Salzburg Arrival

We arrived from the Uk to Salzburg by plane landing at Salzburg's little airport with its views of the surrounding mountains. Being on a package tour we had a coach transfer to our austrian resort. What was amusing is that you are in Austria for a few minutes on the journey then you cut across through part of Germany and then back into Austria and each time my mobile phone gave me a welcome message to each country as we passed the border - along with several others on the coach so it was quite a musical journey!

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Nov 25, 2005

From train station to Old Town

After I had read a very "wise" advice of 1 of the travelers here on "virtual tourist", I decided to WALK from the train station to Old Town, as per the "tip" it would take only 20 minutes.
The 1st woman whom I asked where exactly to go to reach Old Town, looked a bit puzzled and noticed that it was too far for walking, especially with my suitcase, but I was full of optimism, and just said: "It's OK, I'll walk". She told me to go straight to the river, then to turn left and then, when I reach a bridge, to cross it, and there will be Old Town. So I did. To my surprise, there was no Old Town on the other side, and after about 20 minutes of walking in the wrong direction I found out that I crossed the wrong bridge: apparently there was more than 1 bridge till you reach Old Town!
To make a long story short, it took me 1 hour to get to Old Town, and another hour to find my hotel (locals do not speak much English in Salzburg, however, they tried to help me as they could). If I took a cab I would be in my hotel in 10 minutes, and it would cost me less than 10 Euros! My advice to all travelers: if you are not familiar with the place you go to, do not listen to "wise guys", take a cab, check-in in your hotel, then you can explore the city at your own pace (without heavy luggage!)

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Jun 12, 2008

Things to Do Near Salzburg

Things to Do


this will be my things to do tips of the getriedegasse, I will have a separate shopping tip here. getriedegasse is the most famous street in Salzburg since along the street lies Mozart's Birthplace...
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Things to Do


there are actually many Roman Catholic Churches in the historic city center of Salzburg as the city was ruled by the Roman Catholic Archbishop Prince in the middle ages and one of the most visited as...
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Things to Do


Like what I've said, Who has never heard of the Iconic Wolgang Amadeus Mozart? who was the Most Known Composer of the Classical era. there are actually two Mozart Houses in Salzburg, the house where...
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Things to Do

Salzburger Landestheater

For half a century after its Broadway debut, the American musical “The Sound of Music” was unknown to most people in Salzburg and strongly disliked by those few who knew it. As I have already...
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Things to Do

St Peter's Church and Abbey

Saint Rupert founded this church and its monastery around 700. The church and the buildings were destroyed by a fire in 1127. The church was rebuilt from 1130 to 1143. It was modified through the...
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Things to Do

Museum der Moderne

This Museum of Modern Art is on a cliff overlooking Salzburg. If you don’t feel like walking up (which I didn’t because it was pouring rain the day I went up) there is an elevator inside the cliff...
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