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"Salzburg Combo: 48-Hour Salzburg Card
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"Salzburg Combo: 48-Hour Salzburg Card
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To and from Salzburg by train

The fastest trains in Austria are called “Railjet”, but that doesn’t mean they are powered by jet propulsion. They are in fact quite ordinary electric trains, but they do go rather fast and don’t stop very often, for instance they don’t stop at all between Salzburg and Munich.

What really impressed me about the Austrian railway is that they had an extra Railjet train in Salzburg, so when it transpired that our Railjet would be about half an hour late coming from Vienna Airport, they simply rolled out the extra train which left right on time for the run from Salzburg to Munich.

Second photo: First class in a Railjet train to Munich.

Third photo: Changing to a German ICE train (InterCityExpress) in Munich.

Fourth photo: First class in an ICE. I traveled first class this time because there was a good offer on the German railways website. The main difference between the classes is that first class has only three seats in each row, and second class has four. Also first class is often less crowded, but there is no guarantee of that. And in first class they usually have some daily newspapers, and you can order drinks and snacks to be brought to your seat from the bistro car. I used to travel first class quite often on business, but not so often now that I have to pay for it myself.


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Jul 19, 2016

Salzburg Hauptbahnhof

UPDATE: As of September 2015, train travel between Salzburg and Munich, Germany has been severely disrupted due to border control issues. The train station itself may also be crowded or disrupted by migrants attempting to cross the border into Germany. Be sure to check the latest news updates and transportation news from Austrian Rail for the latest information.

Salzburg's Hauptbahnhof, or main train station, is located about a 15-minute walk from the Old Town. It is on the main line from Munich to Vienna, and is reachable via "RailJet," ICE, and EuroCity Trains from many different destinations, including Zürich, Budapest, Frankfurt, and Cologne. An interesting feature is that German Rail's "Bayern-Ticket," a special ticket covering travel on local trains and public transportation in the German state of Bavaria (cost ranges from EUR 22 for a single traveler to EUR 38 for 5 people traveling together, not valid weekdays before 9AM), covers travel to and from Salzburg (NOTE: the Bayern-Ticket does not cover travel in Austria beyond Salzburg, nor does it cover Salzburg's public transportation system). For example, if you're traveling from Munich Airport to Salzburg, you can use the Bayern-Ticket to take the S-8 to Munich's Ostbahnhof, then change to a local Meridian (Not IC, EC, or RailJet) train to Salzburg.

If you want to make a day-trip to Bavaria from Salzburg (or travel to Munich Airport), never fear: There is a DB (German Rail) ticket counter and two ticket machines in Salzburg. Purchase your Bayern-Ticket from the DB ticket machines to avoid a EUR 2 surcharge. Be aware the Bayern-Ticket has restrictions, so be sure to review them before purchase.

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Sep 18, 2015

the Bavaria ticket

Though I grew up in America where the car is king, now that I live in Europe I have learned that the train is often a lot easier and even more economical. Also, visiting breweries and getting behind the wheel is not only dangerous but in Germany, downright stupid. With great train connections and the Bavaria Ticket special, you can't go wrong. There are hourly trains leaving Munich to Salzburg and the journey is about two hours.

While Salzburg may not be the major transportation hub that Vienna is, it is well-connected in all respects and especially so with regard to trains. We came from Munich where trains run to the Sound of Music wonder hourly. The added bonus is that despite Salzburg not being in Bavaria, you can use the Bavaria ticket to travel there since it literally right over the border. While the Bavaria ticket may not be the super group value it once was, it remains an amazingly great deal. In previous times, you could buy the ticket for either one person or for groups up to five. They have retooled to the ticket to make it more fair for smaller groups, especially the common one of couples. The base price is now €22 with each additional person adding €4.

This ticket is good for the entire day of purchase until 3 am the following day so you can use it as a round trip ticket if you are returning the same day. You can use it on buses once in the towns you are traveling to IF they are in Bavaria. In Salzburg's case, it is not valid on the buses in the city. So, with four people, we paid €34 to not only get to Salzburg but to return home to Munich. Since the trip is only two hours each way, it is easily done as a day trip.

For what to pack, click here

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Oct 28, 2014

WESTBAHN: the cheapest train to Vienna

There is a PRIVATE train-company in Austria now as well and all they do is travelling 12 times a day between Vienna and Salzburg.
What I found perfect with them:
For just 25 euros you can travel from Salzburg to Vienna with them, 50 euros is the returnticket and they will go 12 times a day in each direction.
Compare that 50 euros with the daytrips by bus from Vienna that are more than 100 euros !
The ordinary tickets in this distance with ÖBB (the normal train-company of Austria) is 50 euros one way, (or 25 euros when you have a "Vorteilscard" that will cost you an extra of 100 euros per year)
You dont need to buy your ticket in advance, you just take a place in the train, and the conductor is coming to sell you a ticket.
travel-time is about the same as with ÖBB: 3 hours to Salzburg, although ÖBB has a few trains that are 15min faster !
trains also stop in: Wien-Hütteldorf - St.Pölten - Amstetten - Linz - Wels - Attnang-Puchheim
and they use the same rails & stations like ÖBB !
Trains go every day of the year at the same time, also on sundays & holidays
There are 3 snack-bars in each train, they sell coffee, sandwiches, softdrinks, croissants etc. BUT no hot meals !
What I found a disadvantage against ÖBB:
the last train is leaving Vienna already at 06.32pm and in Salzburg at 07.24pm
I missed HOT snacks in the snack-bars
I missed seats thal allow you to take a nap
their seats are changeable a bit, but that was not better for sleeping !
When you sit in the upper floor you have to store your bigger luggage
below, in the lower floor in a lockable place !

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Jul 30, 2012
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Trains in eastern Europe

As others have advised, timetable and route info is readily available from the websites mentioned and once you figure out when you want to go, it's often cheaper just to buy your ticket on the day at the railway station. Trains are frequent. We saved $100's just buying tickets as we went and never had a problem in 7 weeks of train travel. Also gives schedule flexibility if you want to change your travel plan. Major city stations have multilingual, helpful info counters.

May 04, 2012

Train from Ljubljana to Salzburg

Slovene railways offer really good price for travelling from Ljubljana to Salzburg and back.
When you travel between the days including Sunday, the price for return ticket is only 47 Euro. I even pay nothing for my 11-year-old daughter.

If your travel doesn't include Sunday, the price is 82 Euro.

novsco61's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

The best trains!!

The trains in Austria (run by ÖBB) are the best trains I have been on in the world (well... from the ones I have been on in Australia, the UK, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France and the Czech Republic). They were extremely clean, there was heaps of leg room and room for your luggage. The isles were wide (so you didn’t have to worry about banging your luggage into someone sitting nearby). Plus while waiting at a station in Innsbruck (to change trains) I got a look at their 1st class section on another train - wow! On that one the windows extended up into the roof so you could get a full view of the scenery around, and the seats looked extremely comfortable and plush.

I think the best thing about train traveling in Austria was that the staff on ÖBB were very nice and helpful. I was going from Innsbruck to Salzburg and thought I had gotten on the right train. I hadn’t, the one I was on did go to Salzburg, but was going the long way and would take an extra 2 hours. I should have waited another 10 minutes and gotten onto the one that would have arrived at the next platform. Not to worry, I was instructed to get off at the next stop and cross over to another track and I would get to Salzburg all the sooner. Although it seems I was not the only one that made this mistake, as a couple of other backpackers got off and switched trains as well.

So just note whether your train is taking an extended route to the destination or not! :)

From Innsbruck to Salzburg it took about 2 hours and cost me about 32€ (2nd class).

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Apr 04, 2011

Train from Bavaria (e.g. Munich)

If taking a train coming from Bavaria (e.g. Munich) you should check for the "Bayern Ticket". It costs 21EUR, is valid for up to 5(!) travellers together for one day (9am - 3am next day) on the local trains in Bavaria. It is NOT valid in ICE-,EC- & IC-trains. On the trip Munich-Salzburg you just loose some minutes if you take e.g. an RE train. Furthermore it's valid also in tram/metro/S-bahn (MVV) of Munich (i.e. you can buy it already at the metro-station or also on the airport). Taking a single metro-ticket+one-way ticket from Munich->Salzburg is already more expensive. Ask local people there for further information or consult the train info.

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Apr 04, 2011

Top 5 Salzburg Writers

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Train from Munich to Salzburg

I was about to join a tour group from Munich to Salzburg, but somehow I figured I can do it on my own, besides the tour guide will just provide ample info and will let you loose also on your own when you get to Salzburg.

The train fare was only EUR22 return which I bought a day before. The train ride was less than 2 hours and direct with the usual germany scenic route. Comfortable class 2 seating.

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Jun 17, 2010


If you are travelling to Salzburg from other parts of Austria, then the train would be a convenient way of transport. The national rail company of Austria is the OBB (see website below) and they operate trains to various parts of Austria, including Salzburg of which the train station is located in the northern part of the city.

There are many trains from Vienna to Salzburg every day and travelling time is about 5-6 hours. More more information on the train schedules, you can visit the OBB website below.

If you are travelling frequently by rail, then it is cheaper and more worthwhile to get the Eurorail pass (

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Aug 09, 2009

Info about trains to Saltzburg

Hi, everyone. I found information about trains and ticket costs to Saltzburg from Munich. Look here:

I think that you will find answer on your questions quickly.

Mar 24, 2009

Train from Slovenia

The train station is about 20 minutes or so out of town from Bled . The bus will take you into the center. However, if you are heading to Salzburg , you can take a bus to the train station outside of Bled. The Train stops here on its way from Ljubljana to salzburg at 10:56. Cost 40E

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Sep 01, 2008

Things To Do Near Salzburg

Things to Do


this will be my things to do tips of the getriedegasse, I will have a separate shopping tip here. getriedegasse is the most famous street in Salzburg since along the street lies Mozart's Birthplace...
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there are actually many Roman Catholic Churches in the historic city center of Salzburg as the city was ruled by the Roman Catholic Archbishop Prince in the middle ages and one of the most visited as...
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Like what I've said, Who has never heard of the Iconic Wolgang Amadeus Mozart? who was the Most Known Composer of the Classical era. there are actually two Mozart Houses in Salzburg, the house where...
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Salzburger Landestheater

For half a century after its Broadway debut, the American musical “The Sound of Music” was unknown to most people in Salzburg and strongly disliked by those few who knew it. As I have already...
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Things to Do

St Peter's Church and Abbey

This impressive Baroque church was extensively re-modeled from 1760 to 1782, but they say the building itself dates from the year 1147. St. Peter’s Abbey is even older, as it has been in continuous...
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Museum der Moderne

This Museum of Modern Art is on a cliff overlooking Salzburg. If you don’t feel like walking up (which I didn’t because it was pouring rain the day I went up) there is an elevator inside the cliff...
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Getting to Salzburg


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