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Private Tour: Innsbruck and Swarovski Crystal Worlds from Salzburg
"You’ll be picked up from your Salzburg hotel in the morning. Settle into your private minivan or Mercedes E-Class and relax on the scenic 2-hour drive southwest through the Bavarian Alps and the Inn Valley to the Austrian state of Tyrol whose capital Innsbruck awaits you.""""This private tour from Salzburg takes you on a scenic journey through the Bavarian Alps and Inn Valley to the Austrian state of Tryol. In the capital city of Innsbruck set against the stunning Nordkette mountains
From EUR103.00
4-hours Innsbruck City Walking Tour with Private Guide including Swarovski Crystal World
"Create your own itinerary based on your person interests and preferences and visit places that only locals know about in the center of Innsbruck. We will organize your tour the transport and the logistics in advance so that you can make the most of your time.Meet your tour guide at your pre-arranged time and place probably your hotel. Together with the tour guide you will start your walking tour in the very center of Innsbruck where you will take a photo-stop at the “Golden roof” building – the emblem of the old town which was Completed in 1500 the roof was decorated with 2738 fire-gilded copper tiles. Close by you will find the biggest and first Swarovski crystal shop because the Swarovski family originates from Innsbruck. You will have time to look around and get a tour about the history of this famous company. Continuing we’ll have a coffee break at the legendary Sacher coffee house
From CHF196.00
Cable Car Round-Trip from Innsbruck to Hungerburg
"Once you meet at a designated meeting point in Innsbruck you can get ready for this round-trip to Innsbruck's Nordkette which is a part of Austria's largest natural park. Once you get to the 300-meter high mountain station of the cable car Hungerburg (designed by the renowned Zaha Hadid) you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. After reaching the Hungerburg station a short walk across Hermann Buhl Square named after the world-famous Austrian mountaineer you will be led to the cable car station. Europe’s highest-lying Zoo (750 m) is located on the foot of the Nordkette right above the capital city of Tyrol with an unique view over the surrounding mountains."
From EUR9.00

Driving Tips (12)

Brenner-strasse / Brennero

The Brenner-pass is one of the most frequented roads and highways in Europe, as it is the easiest and quickest road across the Alps in that area.
Be prepared for a lot of trafic, especially plenty of trucks, except at the weekends, when only a few trucks with special permission are allowed to go.
For the Brenner you have to pay a seperate fee, that is not at all connected to the ordinary vignette, that you need for highways in Austria anyway.
The fee for Brenner (A13 / E45) is 8 Euros per car up to 3,5 tons.

globetrott's Profile Photo
May 21, 2005

Motorhomes >3,5 tons need a GO-box

This is an important message for all owners of vehicles & motorhomes with more than 3,5 tons :
The Autobahn-Vignette is NOT enough for you, you need the same kind of GO-Box, as the large trucks and buses need them !!
The system is simple, BUT also quite expensive : You buy a box, put it inside the car and at several places you will be registered automatically and will have to pay a fixed amount per each Km you drive on the Autobahn / highway.
See more details on my link below !!
You may find machines like the one on my picture at many borders of Austria.

globetrott's Profile Photo
May 21, 2005

always the car

We spent our vacation in Bavaria, so we took the car to go to Innsbruck. It was a great trip through the Alps to Innsbruck, especially when we drove down to the Inn valley. Wow! ... There is a big parking (Altstadtgarage) just near the bridge by the Ottoburg and the Goldenes Dachl.

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Jan 02, 2004


Drive (it's not absolutely necessary to drive a Bentley, but we just saw this car, waiting for a just married couple) to Innsbruck, park your car and take "the sightseer" or any public transport network to discover all the beautiful sights of Innsbruck.

rebibi's Profile Photo
Aug 30, 2003
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Hotels Near Innsbruck

Wilhelm-Greilstrasse 11, Innsbruck, Tirol, 6020, Austria
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Sudtiroler Platz 2, Innsbruck, Tirol, A-6020, Austria
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Gilmstrasse 5, Innsbruck, Tirol, 6020, Austria
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Dorfstrasse 35, St. Anton am Arlberg, 6580, Austria
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Kaiserjaegerstrasse 2, Innsbruck, Tirol, 6020, Austria
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Universitatsstrasse 5-7, Innsbruck, Tirol, A-6020, Austria
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When you go by car to Austria you need to buy a "ticket" for using austrian streets. Coming from Germany you can get it at every gasoline station on german side....I think it will be the same everywhere. This ticket is called "Vignette". You can get it for a whole year, for two months or only for 10 days.

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Jun 10, 2003

Car driving in Innsbruck

Driving by car in Innsbruck is not a big problem. The local drivers are, like all Austrians, fairly civilized drivers :-) There are the typical "rush hours" but they never really get bad. You han hire a car at the airport of Innsbruck.

PARKING in Innsbruck: there are many park houses in Innsbruck, but they are quite expensive. In the city center and most of the city area there are short term parking areas, signed with a BLUE line on the street. At the side of the street you will find parking machines where you can buy the parking tickets which have to be placed in the front window. Not buying a ticket will cost you a 20 EUR fee. Note that the parking lots signaled with a WHITE line are for residents only, so do NOT park there, even if you pay a parkticket, you will be fined. In winter you have the problem that you do not see the street signs (because of the snow), so you better use a parking garage ;-)

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Jul 31, 2007


In this vicinity of Austria is the wonderful E60 autobahn, that means fast travel from Innsbruck to Brengenz on the border of Switzerland. This is great and we did use it sometimes. The problem of the Autobahn is taking photos, no where to stop, and fast traffic. You really don't want to miss this incredibly scenic drive that takes you through the stunning Walgau Valley. Quite ok if your travelling from A - B.

As we were tourists and I am photo mad, plus we wanted to see the countryside and be able to stop and enjoy the towns, mountains etc, we chose a different route, the old route which travels in the same direction. You will find it on your road map. Yes, it is slower, but hey, we are here to enjoy the beauty, not to be part of the rat race!

balhannah's Profile Photo
Jun 24, 2014

Drive a car around, above and...

Drive a car around, above and through.Park and walk the very heart of this wonderful, beautiful city.
Once you park your car, or get there by other means, start is so interesting and the feeling of 'old world' charm is everywhere.

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Aug 24, 2002

Top 5 Innsbruck Writers

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"Innsbruck is a lot more than just a golden roof"
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"The Beautiful town of Innsbruck"
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"Innsbruck - the capital city of Tirol"
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"Innsbruck +++ Lovely town and great skijumping :)"
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Rent a car if you can

There is a lot to see in and around Innsbruck so I recommend a car if it's in your budget. Cars can be expensive but if you reserve it ahead of time you'll often times get a better deal. If you're going to spend a few days in Innsbruck, try to get a car.

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Aug 24, 2002

Car Rental

Our friends booked a car rental ahead of time from Avis at the Airport. His rate was around $200/wk. He didnt get the sedan he originally booked, but the wagon worked out better for the snowboard equipment.

My boyfriend and I rented a car from an Avis downtown Innsbruck, and it was probably around $400/4 days....we did not book ahead, and they didn't have that many cars left.

Note: gas is a lot more expensive than US!!
If there is a lot of snow, be careful of where you park, cuz chances are, you'll get stuck or slide.
Also...windshield wiper fluid is a comes in these expensive small "cola-size" bottles, and when it snows, you use a lot of it.

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Jun 12, 2003

Local drivers??? Yes or no???

Bea and I were lucky to catch up with Lothar on our drive through Innsbruck....... He seemed to forgot us in the second, following car....

Thanks you girls for reminding him: "Hey Lothar what´s with Bea???
Lothar: "Beer, you can get beer everywhere!!!"

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Feb 06, 2003

Our microbus in Austria

We travelled around Germany and Austria with this microbus. Here you can see everybody in this great travel!

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Jul 27, 2003

Things to Do Near Innsbruck

Things to Do

Tiroler Landestheater

I've been wanting to come to this summer festival ever since Miah Persson sang Almirena here in Haendel's Rinaldo in 2002. (I missed her in Innsbruck, but saw her in the same production in Berlin a...
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Things to Do


At the very far south end of Maria-Theresienstraße is the Triumpforte (Triumphal Arch), another great photo opportunity for mixing gorgeous mountain scenery with architectural grandeur. Created in...
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Things to Do


Hofburg translates as “Imperial Palace”. It’s a a former Habsburg palace and is regarded as one of the three most significant cultural buildings in the country (along with the Hofburg Palace and...
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Things to Do


Starting from the top of the mountain Patscherkofel you can walk along a very nice hiking track called the "Zirbenweg". It has its name from the trees you find along the way - the Swiss stone pine....
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Things to Do

Goldenes Dachl

this contraption was made by Holy Roman Emperor Maxmillian I during his Marriage to the Daughter of the Duke of Milan Bianca Maria Sforza in 1500 AD mainly to answer the many rumors that the Holy...
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Things to Do

Stadtturm (City Tower)

This tower was built between 1442 and 1450. Once it was a prison. When you' re on the top of this tower you' ll enjoy a wonderful landscape over the city center. You' ll also see the houses on the...
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