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Private Half-Day History Walking Tour in Vienna: The City of Many Pasts
"Vienna is not just a city of one past but a city of many pasts. Delve into Vienna's past and present on an insightful 3-hour walking tour of its colorful history and architecture. Your tour begins at Michaelerplatz where the Hofburg the Habsburg’s imperial palace and seat of power since the thirteenth century dominates the square. Clockwise from the palace is the green and gray Loos House designed by Austrian architect Adolf Loos (1870 1933).From there the tour continues down Kohlmarkt and the Graben
From $390.00
3-hour Small Group Vienna Wine Walk
"Vienna is buzzing with wine bars and vinotheks which offer fantastic arrays of Austrian wine (including home-grown Viennese wine). This tour will introduce you to both the wines of Austria and to some of our favorite neighborhood drinking holes. You’ll meet your guide (a certified sommelier and passionate enthusiast of Austrian wine) at a central location but the wine bars visited will be in residential neighborhood: places where locals meet after work to catch up with friends. You’ll also visit one bar at the buzzing Naschmarkt where people-watching is as much a part of the scene as the wine. You will taste a different Austrian wine at each location (as well as a selection of local cheese and charcuterie at one place) while you discuss the regions grape varieties styles
From $90.00
Small-Group History Walking Tour in Vienna: The City of Many Pasts
"Vienna is not just a city of one past but a city of many pasts. Delve into Vienna's past and present on an insightful 3-hour walking tour of its colorful history and architecture. Your tour begins at Michaelerplatz where the Hofburg the Habsburg’s imperial palace and seat of power since the thirteenth century dominates the square. Clockwise from the palace is the green and gray Loos House designed by Austrian architect Adolf Loos (1870 1933).From there the tour continues down Kohlmarkt and the Graben
From $90.00

X-mas / Weihnachten Tips (28)

Christkindlmarkt / the X-mas-markets

Christkindlmarkt is the austrian name for "Christmas-market" and the most beautiful in many ways is for me the one in Schoenbrunn castle.
There is a big number of shops lined up in a big cercle in the court in front of the castle.
You may easily go around for shopping as there are no small paths with other customers pushing you around.
There is a lot of space to walk or take a rest at one of the 4 food-stands in the centre of the market with a lot of tables and space around them.
In Vienna you will find more than 10 big Christkindl-markets
read more about them in my "shopping-tips"!

globetrott's Profile Photo
Aug 27, 2012

Christmas Markets All Over the City

I've been in a fair few European capitals in December but I think it's highly unlikely that anyone does Christmas better than the Viennese. The place seems somehow made for Christmas and you will have absolutely no problem finding a Christmas Market to shop or browse in. The biggest and probably the most commercial is at the Rathaus and then various other smaller ones are dotted around at regular intervals. On Freyung, the Square we stayed on, there was a great market, small enough to get around easily and with quite a lot of crafts and home-made foods. A little way up the street was Am-Hof, specialising in antiques and bric-a-brac and outside the Kunsthistoriche Museum was the best craft market I came across. I bought wax stars here and some ceramic jewelry . I also bought cute little wooden toys for the 'kinder' in my life and a black ornamental cat for myself. Sometimes the crowds are so thick that it can be difficult to see the stalls, so if you're an early bird then your chances of some relaxed shopping are greatly enhanced. Most of the markets stay open until around 9 in the evening and it's really nice to stop and have a hot punch on your way back home.

Ekaterinburg's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Christmas Markets Are Social Occasions

In Vienna (like many other places in Europe), there is a tradition of Christmas markets in the holiday season. These markets are not just for shopping -- but are social events. People enjoy good conversation along with traditional Christmas snacks (such as Heisse Maroni) and drinks (such as Punsch).

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Dec 02, 2010

Good Luck Pigs

Austrians believe that pigs bring good luck. The pig has long been a significant animal, especially at the end of the year, as a symbol of abundance, because all parts of the pig can be eaten.

At New Year’s pigs of all sorts — stuffed, ceramic, glass, etc. — are exchanged as a good luck symbol.

In some restaurants on New Year’s Eve a pig is let loose within the establishment; guests try to touch the animal for good luck as it runs around.

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Jan 30, 2009
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Handicraft for children

I think children pretty enjoy this activities in Rathaus. The hall is separeted in many rooms and in every of them is different type of handicraft as cooking cookies, painting pictures, sewing and so on. They are very cute. People can buy their products.
Our favorite was a cute girl making some cookies.

Dec 17, 2008

Other Christmas Traditions.

Vienna doesn't just stop at Christmas markets. There are wonderful decorations on streets, public buildings and shops all over the city. I have never before seen so many perfectly dressed Christmas trees and it made me cringe to think of some of the scraggy, almost bare offerings which grace some of our towns and open spaces. Even some of the trams are decorated at Christmas and watching one go by festooned with great golden bows is a sight for sore eyes. I understand the Christmas trams can be hired for private parties which must explain how jolly all the passengers look. As well as at market stands, people drinking gluehwein can be found in courtyards everywhere. So many buildings in Vienna are actually former palaces that an amazingly high number of them have large cobbled courtyards hidden away inside. Passing by in the evening you are alerted to these courtyards by the smell of hot mulled wine and the buzz of conversation. A most civilised local custom, I think.

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Jan 02, 2007

Wiener Eistraum

The Wiener Eistraum is an annual ice skating venue spread over much of the Rathauspark. This area contains two large oval skating rinks, two small children's rinks, plus a long ice trail that weaves through the park. Tickets can be purchased for a full day of skating, or just a partial day and the prices range from 1.5 Euro to 3.5 Euro per person depending on age. After skating, or while resting, the central area has numerous local food and drink booths with plenty of beer, gluhwein, and regular wine.

Throughout the Eistraum festival, there are special events such as charity hockey games, a jazz brunch, an Irish band, and Romeo and Juliet on Ice.

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Nov 16, 2006

The children bake and do handicrafts to Christmas

The inner hall of the Viennese town hall is a real workshop into the Christmas time.
The children bake cookies and then, they sell to the many visitors.
The aggregate sale is donated for the arms, orphan, or suffers children.
It is a joy and an amusement to admire, the small, hard-working hand, that work.
The children bake cookies, paint small pictures or picture frames, and make colourful candles or Christian tree jewellery.

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Dec 01, 2005
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"My birthplace & the place where I feel at home !"
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"Rainy day in Vienna 2006, sunny in 2013"
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Wiener Christkindlmarkt

In the Weeks before Christmas you will find numerous markets across Vienna's squares and pedestrian zed zones.
The most famous festivity is the Viennese Christmas Market, on the town hall place.
The stalls sell mainly small gifts and Christmas decorations, as well as punch and hot spiced wine to warm you on cold winter evenings.
This party lasts from end November until at the 24th December, on the Christmas Eve.

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Nov 30, 2005


In the six weeks leading up to Christmas, Vienna and many other towns and cities have a Christkindlmarkt - an Advent Market. They sell a lot of traditional products - such as wooden toys, christmas decorations, sweets and cakes, as well as hand-crafted ornaments and nick-nacks. There are always stands to get food and drink - usually you pay a cover charge for a mug when you buy Punsch or mulled wine and can then walk around the Christmas market with your warm (potent alcoholic) drink in your hand, and enjoy the atmosphere. For younger visitors there are often fairground style-carousels, and there are various such markets all around the city. In city, the main ones are usually at: The Rathaus (the biggest one), the Altes AKH complex, The Freyung, Karlsplatz / Resselpark, Schönbrunn and in the Spittelberg area.

The link is for the Rathausplatz Christkindlmarkt

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Nov 08, 2005


Yes, I know some of you will be terribly disappointed to read that this is bit of genuine cultural info rather than an advert for fetish shops but it really is rather interesting! For if you travel to Vienna during the Advent season you will see amazed to see shop windows full of Father Christmas's and, 'er, devils! Fear not though, for these are simply chocolate/sugar/china/glass representations of the same chap - Krampus, devilish associate of St Nicholas and the berator of bad boys and girls.

On St Nikolaus Day (Dec 6th), Nicholas (or dad dressed up) visits Viennese households to find out what the children have been up to over the past year. Good chaps and chapesses are duly rewarded with fruit, nuts and other small treats whilst the others get a jolly good talking to! Well actually, Krampus is almost always depicted carrying a rather hefty broom which I doubt he's going to use for sweeping up. So be warned you blighters! Oh, and if you come to Vienna after the 6th December, all signs of him will have deftly disappeared from view. So pop over around the last week of November and you'll see him and the major Christmas markets.

However, be warned that if you see figures dressed as Krampus wandering the streets of the city bearing birches, you might want to stroll swiftly in the other direction lest you end up sampling a whack or two. Of course, some might find that an added attraction...'er, but let's not dwell on it!

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Jul 10, 2005


Pronounced "Glue wine", or something close to that, this drink was my favorite beverage of Europe. Its basically hot, spiced wine, with a little brandy thrown in to boot. Served from big wooden barrels or large metal vats, around town during the cold weather, it defined my time in Vienna, along with the Christmas Market. It is extremely tasty, and warms you up quickly.

Here is a recipe I found from the net:


4 qts. dry red wine (such as zinfandel, pinot, burgundy, etc.)
1 qt. dry white wine
1 pt. Marc (or heavy brandy)
1 c. white sugar (more to taste)
6 sticks cinnamon
12 whole cloves
1/8 tsp. allspice
1/8 tsp. mace
2 oranges
1 lemon


Pour 6 ounces red wine from the first bottle into an appropriate glass for later quality control checks. This may need to be repeated from another bottle, at the cook's discretion. Pour the remaining wine from the first bottle into a 3 gallon pot (or larger) and begin gentle heating. As it begins to warm, add sugar and spices. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Add Marc (or brandy) and all remaining wine. (Note: if there are too many quality control checks, it is frequently necessary to purchase more wine.) Heat thoroughly but do not allow to boil! Add thinly sliced lemon and 1 orange and allow mix to steep for about 1 hour over low heat. Add more sugar during this time if desired, but do it slowly and ensure it dissolves. Frequent samples are usually required during this time, again for the sake of quality control. Serve hot and garnish with orange slices. A stick cinnamon could also be used. Serve about 12-15 folks, or two quality control inspectors.

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Mar 19, 2004

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After passing the Vienna Secession Building we were planning on heading towards the Vienna Ring Road when we saw a rather interesting looking market area, so we went to have a look. It turned out to...
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like what I've Said, the City of Vienna has many known and hidden squares and there are even walking tours of the hidden squares of Vienna in some tour companies. One of the Largest Squares is the...
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Theater an der Wien

Go and see the Theater an der Wien. This is the theatre were Beethoven's opera 'Fidelio' went in premiere in 1805. There is a plaque on the wall to honour it. I love the opera although it is not often...
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Karlskirche - St Charles Church

Karlskirche or Charles’ Church is situated at the Karlsplatz and dedicated to Saint Charles or Cardinal Carlo Borromeo. Construction of this church started in 1716 and was accomplished by 1737. Church...
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Wien Museum Karlsplatz - Historical Museum of the City of Vienna

First of all, this museum implemented and conducts visitor friendly policy of non-barriers. It will tell you the story of Vienna from the times of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius to the Times of...
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Wiener Staatsoper - State Opera House

One of the two most famous Opera houses in the World (La Scala in Milan, Italy) being the other one. The Opera House in Vienna is one of the many symbols in this beautiful city. We weren't able to...
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