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Café Sacher Wien Tips (34)

Sacher Cafe: Almost have to.

In certain cities around the world, one must go to places that even though they are tourist traps you can not skip on going. Well in Vienna it's the Sacher Cafe at the Hotel Sacher to have their famous SacherTorte cake ....

After tasting it at the Demel which was disappointing we knew we had to try it here.

Instead of making the HUGE line in the cafe next to the store, we came to the cafe adjacent next to the entrance of the Sacher Hotel.

Even though there was a huge line also here no one wanted to sit outside which I found odd, the temps were decent. So I asked if we could sit outside and were seated immediately. We attended quickly.

We ordered one piece of the SacherTorte cake and 2 coffee and we paid 16 euro's and we were in and out within 30 min.

As for the cake it was a lot better than the Demel one, even though a bit on the dry side, the top part of chocolate was really delicious.

jlanza29's Profile Photo
May 02, 2016

Sacher Cafe: family UNfriendly, fastfood-like atmosphere

I'm never going to visit this place again and in fact strongly discourage anyone to spend money there, especially if you travel with small kids. While they do accept children and even have high chairs readily available, we had by far the worst experience in this place. First of all the waitress indicated us a small table, roughly in a middle of a room, despite she saw we were with the buggy (leaving it outside unattended was not an option for us), some bags and needed a high chair.
Obviously, that created some congestion before we sat down and anxiety of the other waiters and perhaps guest. We ordered Sacher Torte (which I personally find nothing special, being too dry, with the margarine-like taste of chocolate layer, definitely not worth almost 5EUR), the other original Sacher cake (third on a list, forgot the name, also not being anything to order again, white chocolate on its side again far away from what I call even acceptable) and espresso (that was really tasty, but not warm enough, just hope it was freshly brewed...). We were, however, not able to finish as one of the waiters asked us to *leave* because our child had been crying "for 30min" (not true - 5 min at most) and - according to him - the other guests were complaining. When I told him that we were also the guests there and a child (who is not even 2yo) sometimes just cries and that I wanted to talk to his manager the waiter answered he had been the highest manager there. That was obviously not true (and very rude) so finally after I insisted to see a senior staff member a lady who was apparently higher in a hierarchy came out and said 'sorry'. She had not much idea on what to do (well...offered me a free coffee - which I did not use) and it was me who had to tell her that she should instruct a waiter on how to behave professionally in such situation.
Apart from it - the place is very busy, you get your bill in a middle of your consumption, feel like "eat/drink, pay and GO".
Bottom line: poor experience, cakes not worth the fame (nor the price), good coffee, but all and all: never again.

Favorite Dish Espresso was good

Aug 14, 2013

Hotel Sacher: Sachertorte

For a very long time Hotel Sacher was well-known for the fact that NOBODY was allowed to enter their Hotel-Bar without a tie - and they kicked out celebrities as well as everybody else that way. NOWADAYS they have also a garden-restaurant right in front of their hotel, where they serve tourists as well and dont care much about their outfits !

Favorite Dish Sachertorte is certainly the most famous cake of Austria.
The original recepee came from Hotel Sacher and there you still can taste it or have it sent all over the world in their small souvenirshop in Kärntnerstrasse.
Sachertorte is a chocolate-sponge-cake with a soft chocolate glacing...

globetrott's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2012

Café Sacher: The world famous Sacher cake

For its fame the Café Sacher should thank the masterpiece of Franz Sacher however it belongs to the truth at the same time that the numberless imitation of the cake and the well-known Demel-Sacher debate contributed to this in a considerable measure.
Guest was many politicians starting from Kofi Annan through J. F. Kennedy to Elizabeth II., and the artists' list is also most distinguished: John Lennon, Herbert von Karajan, Leonard Bernstein, Sharon Stone.....

Favorite Dish I tried not only the cake of Sacher but Demel's as well. I liked the taste of both very much.
The only difference I have found is in the placing of the apricot jam: the jam of the "genuine" Sacher is between two layers of the sponge cake, while in Demel's "Ur-Sacher Cake" the jam is on top of the sponge cake under the chocolate covering.
You have to taste them, if you visit Wien.
Here the details for your test.

Café Sacher Vienna
Address: Philharmonikerstrasse 4, A-1010
Website: Sacher
General Area Or Directions: Behind the Opera-house

Address: Kohlmarkt 14, A-1010 Wien
Website: TheDemel
General Area Or Directions: Located at the downtown entrance of Hofburg

csordila's Profile Photo
Feb 25, 2012
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Sacher Eck: The home of Sacher Torte

Every time I visit Vienna, I try and visit Cafe Sacher - so in May 2011, I made two visits.

The first was on my own for lunch of wurst and Sacher torte.

The second was with two Australian ladies, met through VT. (Christine and Di)

Favorite Dish Sacher Torte and Coffee

gordonilla's Profile Photo
Jun 12, 2011

Sacher Cafe: Rainy day cafe stop

A morning of visiting 2 wonderful museums in the area led to needing lunch, and a place to get out of the rain, so we headed to Cafe Sacher. They lead the wet folk coming in towards the cloak room politely, then seated at a frilly station all in pink. The service was professional to a Tee, and we enjoyed some potato/wild mushroom/bacon soup, some fresh sausages that looked like big hot dogs, and of course the Sacher torte and a slice of the house Spice Cake as well. The hot soup was perfect for this rainy day in Vienna, and sharing the desserts made the meal complete. They also have a special blend of Sacher Tea that we enjoyed--a mix of black, earl grey, darjeeling and other stuff---very pleasant.

Favorite Dish soup

dustmon's Profile Photo
Jun 24, 2010

Sacher Cafe and Restaurant: Only for the sweet tooth!

I have always wanted to try the famous Sacher torte (cake) in the well-known Sacher Hotel. Hence, one fine day. I went to the Sacher coffeehouse in the Sacher Hotel and ordered my coffee and a slice of Sacher torte. The indoor decors were rich and elegant. Waiters were polite but seemed aloof. The service in the Sacher coffeehouse was slow. Took some time to get my order. I find the Sacher Torte (cake) to be extremely sweet yet dry; coffee was strong and bitter, despite the vast amount of sugar and milk I poured in. When I got the bill, I was shocked at the high prices for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. I didn't get a good first-time experience with Sacher.


It's been many years since I've eaten at Sacher coffeehouse. I decided to give it another try since the restaurant/coffeeshop was renovated. The Sacher Torte is better this time, more moist/less dry - but still very sweet. The whipped cream on the side was rich but not sweet. The melange (coffee with milk) tasted good and the service has remarkably improved.

Now there is a Sacher Cafe at the Vienna International Airport - Terminal One Departure Hall. For those who didn't get the chance to try the sacher torte and coffee in Vienna city, go ahead and indulge your curiousity and sweet tooth before your flight. Just be prepared to pay a whopping price for it!

Favorite Dish Sacher Torte (sacher cake) and Melange (coffee with milk)

longsanborn's Profile Photo
Oct 14, 2008

cafò Sacher: home of the.... sacher torte

If you must have your piace of sacher torte in vienna, your best bet is to go where it was created... it's heavenly. But can you imagine that only a few hundred metres away it becomes unedible? This happens (often) in Vienna.

Favorite Dish One should come here for the "original" sacher torte, but the coffees are some of the bests, too. I'm addicted to Franziskaner, a coffee with enough milk to resemble the color of monks of the Franciscan order

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May 28, 2007
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"My birthplace & the place where I feel at home !"
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"Rainy day in Vienna 2006, sunny in 2013"
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Sacher: The original Sechertorte...

Probably, all visitors in Vienna know the history of Sachertorte. It has become a monument and it's also a place that almost all visitors go!
Sacher is a hotel and a cefe. It's behind the opera, next to Albertina and Hofburg Palace. It's very official and I suppose that during holidays anf high-tourist season it would be difficult to find a table!
Of course, I tried Sachertorte, however there are a lot of other desserts, coffees, light food etc. As we were big company we tried sachertorte, appfelstrudel, sachercoffee (which is served with a small glass of liquer cafe), apple juice and soda with framboise syrup in it! Everything was delicious, soooo sweet!!!!! Only the ost nagging of the company took only a capuccino, but I suggest you DON'T make this mistake!

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May 03, 2007

Sacher: Um....the most famous chocolate in the world

Very nice cafe. Elegent and comtemporary settings. Service was pleasant. The head waiter was a bit too flirty though. About the Sacher chocolate cake.....well, it's okay but not that great. I won't mind having it again though.

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Jul 15, 2006

Sacher Hotel: A must do in Vienna

This cafe is located in the Sacher Hotel which was founded in 1876. It is a beautiful place to dine to begin with, without even mentioning the food. It is beautifully and elegantly decorated, and instantly enables you to understand why this hotel is popular amongst royalty, celebrities and those high in government.

I found the service to be faultless, and the atmosphere to be very inviting, a perfect place to have lunch or dinner with friends and to indulge!

Favorite Dish The Sacher Torte is a must have when in Vienna, which is what I had here. It is something you really have to try. I can't say it is the most amazing desert I have ever had, but it is an experience, and it is something very special to Austria, and it is quite nice!

Feb 21, 2006

Sacher: Another Viennese symbol

The Hotel Sacher is the perfect place to taste the “Original Sachertorte”,a divine cake “invented “in 1832 and the subject of a lawsuit between two pattisseurs. Why is so tasteful? A perfect mixture of finest natural ingredients, perfectly harmonized served correctly with fresh beaten, lightly sweetened cream ( Schlagobers) as a smooth and elegant touch.

Favorite Dish Of course!... Sachertorte.

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Jun 18, 2005

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