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Naschmarkt Tips (22)

Visit a flea market - Naschmarkt

There are a number of markets where you can buy fresh vegetable, food, desserts, arts and crafts, etc., but the Naschmarkt is a Viennese institution which dates back to the 16th century (On Saturdays, Vienna's major flea market sells anything from junk to antiques to early birds). Located on the Wienfluss (Vienna's second river), the Naschmarkt is a unique mixture of Austrian traditions and oriental influences...kind of like Viennese attitude meets bazzar mentality. it's a great place to shop for goodies and to have lunch at one of the many stalls, coffee shops and restaurants.

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Sep 20, 2005


This historical market (I think it was first established in the 1930s) is pretty large and long. Great funHere you'll find cafe's and shops selling all sorts of food items from cheeses to olives to sweets to fresh seafood. There are also several eating places where you can get food for cheap. We had one of the best doner kebabs ever here.

As we were there in January, the market didn't open till as late as was advertised in a tourist brochure we had. It was dead quiet by 8.00 pm. Probably much better to visit in the summer time of course.

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Sep 14, 2005

Visit the NaschMarkt

During the week this market sells fruit and veg but on Saturdays it's fleamarket day and there are all the usual stalls selling secondhand bits and bobs - old clothes, and toys and bric-a-brac etc etc etc!

Open Mon - Fri 6am-6.30

Saturdays 6am-7pm

Aug 21, 2005

Naschmarkt - everything fresh and Yummy!

There is quite a number of markets where you can buy fresh vegetable and asorted tidbits. But Naschmarkt is arguably more than that: it is a Viennese institution dating back to the 16th century.

The location itself is spectucular: Wienfluss, Vienna's second river, was roofed over during the 19th century. Some dealers put up their stalls on top of this roof and that was that.

Today, Naschmarkt is a unique mixture of Austrian traditions and oriental influences. Viennese shrewdness meets bazar mentality. It is a great place to shop for goodies and to have lunch at one of the many stalls, coffee shops and restaurants.

Saturdays, Vienna's major fleemarket sells anything from junk to antiques to early birds.

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Jun 15, 2004
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The Naschmarkt

The Naschmarkt is a tradition going back to the 16th century. It is a very large outdoor market area where one can purchase fresh baked goods, top quality fish, meats, vegetables, spices, along with antiques, furniture, clothing, etc...

It's open every day during the week and resembles a large flea market yet with better organization. One can literally spend a few hours here, wandering from one booth to another. There are *excellent* food stands and restaurants here as well, which cater to vegetarians, meat eaters, sushi lovers, beer drinkers, coffee lovers, etc...

This is definitely the spot to go for Christmas presents, to find unique treats for friends or dinner parties, and interesting trinkets or gifts to take home. This is also the spot for those on a budget, or those with a lot of money to burn (it all depends on what you want to do!). I spent quite a bit of time here meeting up with friends for a cheap but tasty lunch. There are some delicious salad spots here, with sit down tables both indoors and outdoors, and also food stands that are for takeaway.

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Nov 07, 2003

Naschmarkt market (bazaar?)

This is must see in Vienna! Naschmarkt market is located close to Karlsplatz near Linke Wienzeile. It is narrow and long market that looks very oriental. You can just walk through watching all possible kinds of fruit and vegetables being amazed by scents.

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Oct 24, 2003

Visit the Nachtmarkt

Visit the Nachtmarkt in Vienna. There's a metro stop for the place, and it's a very lively outdoor market. Tons of food, live fish swimming around, butchers, cheese, food stalls, souveniers, and much more. Enough to keep your eyes awake at least. This isn't just some new development that showed up two weeks ago, they say this place has been around for ages, the old immigrants used to come here to earn their wages, selling their fruits and veggies to get by. It was really fun and a great place to stop by to get supplies for a meal in a park or something.

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Mar 14, 2003

Market Place

In the heart of the city, there is about a mile long area of different markets. Being from the USA, I had not seen a market of that calibur. Stop in and sample sourcraut and different cheeses, pickup some fresh fish for dinner, buy a pair of cheap sunglasses, or get some fresh fruit.

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Aug 26, 2002
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Visit the Naschmarkt and pick...

Visit the Naschmarkt and pick up some food for a picnic.
This market sells everything from fresh farm produce to smoked eel to sturm (new wine) to stuff you would find at your average flea market here in the U.S.
We had such fun picking up items for our picnic, everyone had a story about the food they were selling. We got some fantastic olives, some great tyrolean smelly cheese, great bread, and some sturm to wash it all down. The market is most active on Saturday morning.

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Aug 24, 2002


Mostly a food market but also a flea market. Try the local delicatessen and beer. You could easily spend a saturday morning here.

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Aug 08, 2003

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Getting to Naschmarkt


Naschmarkt,1060 Vienna


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