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Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station and Death City Pripyat Tour from kiev
"Route within the zone provides visiting Chernobyl seeing of Chernobyl power station and construction known as ""Cower"" (""Sarcophagus"") dead town of Pripyat and other cities connected with removing consequences of the explosion. Pass the checkpoint “Dytyatky” and enter the “exclusion zone”. Visit to the site of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant – an enterprise once employed more than 8000 st deserted buildings apartments schools hotels
From $85.00
Chernobyl Tour from Kiev
"ITINERARY FOR ONE-DAY TOURStaff will meet you at the departure point check passports dress code etc.Drive to Chernobyl with passing Dytyatky checkpoint (on the border of the 30-km Exclusion Zone). We show you an informative and stunning documentary you'll like during a 2-hour ride. Entry to the 30km Exclusion Zone. Meeting your RAW disposal etc. Sightseeing Chernobyl town. Entry to the 10 km Zone by passing Leliv checkpoint. On the way to the Power Plant we stop at almost fully buried Kopachi village and check it's kindergarten which we can enter. Sightse the main square
From $126.00
Full Day Private Tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat Town from Kyiv
"One-day trip route: 1) There can be some changes due to weather conditions and upon request of the group.- the field camp of the 25th brigade of the radiation-chemical and bacteriological protection; - the Zone checkpoint ""Dytyatki""; - the abandoned village of Zalissja; - the eliminated village of Kopachi; which was essential for erection of the Sarcophagus; - the decontaminated Red Forest located on the trace of the worst – first – release of the radiation directly after the explosion; - the abandoned city of Pripyat which once had 50-thousand population; - the Chernobyl NPP and the Sarcophagus; feeding catfish in the cooling pond; - the secret soviet object Chernobyl-2 (radar ""DUGA-1""); - the town of Chornobyl with the world’s best monument to the heroes of Chernobyl and an open-air exhibition of vehicles which participated in mitigation of the accident - fire station of Chernobyl-town: its crews arrived the third to extinguish fire at the NPP after the explosion - monument to Chernobyl heroes: a floral tribu
From $88.00

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