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Antwerp Things to Do

  • Cathedral of Our Lady

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Considered the largest Gothic Cathedral in the lowlands, as it has been rebuilt over the 100's of years there are elements of renaissance, rococco and baroque in the architecture, as well as incredible carvings, as well as paintings by Rubens and many other world class artists. From the 9th to 12th century it was the site of a small chapel....

  • Zoo

    4 out of 5 stars

    I know we visited the zoo in Antwerp. It was near the railway station which had some bomb damage. The zoo is one of the oldest in the world, established on 21 July 1843. After the war (and after our visit)the zoo was turned into a model zoo. It even has a reef section now. My father took a lot of time trying to get the male peacock to show his...

  • Het Steen - National Maritime Museum

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Het Steen, literally "The Stone", is often referred to as The Castle but was originally one of the old city's fortified gates, dating from around the 12th century. The building attached to the gateway was used as a prison from 1300, or so, until about 1827. Under Charles V (circa 1520) it was rebuilt as a fortress with its commanding field of...


Antwerp Hotels

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Antwerp Restaurants

  • Elfde Gebod - Eleventh Commandment

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Restaurant Het Elfde Gebod is a local restaurant near the market square. Even if you are not hungry, go inside to admire the holy decorations and have a drink in this popular place. Business hours: Daily from Noon.

  • General tips, no specific location

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Antwerp cuisine understandably focuses on fish, and although the classic Belgian waterzooi -- a rich stew of fish (or chicken), vegetables, herbs, egg yolks, cream, and butter -- can easily be found, fish in even the finest restaurants is generally presented with few frills, often poached or steamed, and reasonably priced. From the chilled whelks...

  • Amadeus - spare ribs a volonte

    4 out of 5 stars

    Amadeus is a great restaurant with its top speciality: unlimited spare ribs. The outside may be less attracting, the inside of the restaurant offers 100% good food and quick service. Long tables are waiting for your party. The ribs are a fest to eat. Served on a wooden rectangular plate with a jacked potatoe and some vegetables. The waiter will...


Antwerp Nightlife

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  • Night clubs

    Café d’Anvers is één van de oudste authentieke houseclubs van Europa. Ze opende haar deuren in 1989 en staat vandaag de dag nog steeds aan de top van de scene met de beste en bekendste dj’s en producers ter wereld wekelijks achter de draaitafels. De locatie is een 16de eeuwse kerk in het midden van het Schipperskwartier in Antwerpen. Café d’Anvers...

  • Old, brown, or historical pubs and...

    Quinten Matsijs is the oldest bar at Antwerp. The history of the bar dates back to 1565. It's a coming and going of many tourist here, so have a "Bolleke" or any other drink and explore some more bars. As you are.

  • pub crawls and VT meetings

    I'm not a big fan of Irish pubs outside of Ireland but for a nightcap on the way back to our respective hotels Kelly's did the job. It was a fairly quiet Sunday evening, the staff were friendly (hence the pic) and they do serve Leffe - in BIG glasses ;-) Kelly's would also come in useful if you want to catch the main sporting events and according...


Antwerp Transportation

  • Bus, tram, metro

    My weekend in Antwerp with the VT group meant that there would be a fair bit of walking around the city centre but not much in the way of having to use public transport apart from the connection between where I was staying near Central Station and the city centre. This is such a popular connection that the trams have now been put underground....

  • Bicycle

    BEWARE! Although a day pass is very cheap there is a €150 block on your credit card for 30 DAYS! I made the mistake of buying 4 day passes on my card as my fellow travellers did not have a credit card and resulted in having a €600 block on my account! This left me with almost no money for the rest of my travels- I contacted velo-antwerpen in the...

  • Touristic tours

    From the City Hall square you can take the horse drawn carriage. Tickets can be bought at the local tourist office at the market. The tour season runs from April through October. There a tour departing every hour, the first one departing at 11AM. A ticket costs Euro 7 for a 40 minutes ride.


Antwerp Shopping

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  • Cloths, shoes, fashion

    Loria is a nice shop with vintage clothing, shoes and bags. Again this id one of the new businesses at the Nationalestraat. It will not be on your list at a first Antwerp visit, but when you revisit the town, explore this part of town.

  • Jewelry

    Before going to Antwerp I did my homework and researched on the Internet about the best shops. Hearts and arrows consistently appeared in many online forums, as a place with a personal touch, and which gave its customers a wonderful, memorable experience. We also went to Geretti's (#1 on Tripadvisor, and they were good and friendly too, nothing bad...

  • Chocolates

    I suppose only in Belgium can you find a sex shop combined with a chocolatiere! The shop's speciality is edible erotic accessories which come (sorry) in male and female varieties. There's also edible clothing and all sorts of interesting things - makes for a unique window-shopping experience ;-) Website has mail order option! Edible pussies...


Antwerp Local Customs

  • Legends and urban stories

    This Art Deco building, owned by the KBC bank, is reckoned to be Europe's oldest skyscraper and was conceived after a visit by the then Mayor to New York. It was modelled on the Empire State Building but because of local restrictions, that no building could overshadow the Cathedral, was built considerably shorter. It's known as the "Farmers Tower"...

  • Festivals and events

    Each year in December you can go ice skating for free in Antwerp at "de grote markt" round the statue of Brabo with a magnificent view on the city hall and the cathedral.Especially in the evening when it is allready dark it is wonderfull.Bring your ice skates or you can rent them at a very cheap price.If you bring your own it is free.It takes place...

  • Famous people

    In Rubens' day, being fat meant that you were rich, and being pale meant that you didn't have to work out in the sun. Rubens was a rich man - he had a house and a studio in town and a couple of big country places. He would do the sketches of the paintings and then the apprentices would fill in the blanks. If you wanted him to paint it himself, you...


Antwerp Warnings and Dangers

  • places better to avoid at night

    As with most cities in Europe the area around the central station is best avoided after dark. Especially beware for the streets around the infamous Conincksplein, as they tend to attract the more sketchy figures of our otherwise wonderful and vibrant city... Especially a lot of junks scavenge this area as they all tend to live around the day clinic...

  • traffic related warnings

    If you come by car to Antwerp be aware you will hit a road construction zone somewhere. More info: Present road construction at Antwerp Construction at the Antwerp highway exits and more

  • meetings & parties

    Trappist Beers: While such beers are considered individualistic rather than similar, in response to the marketing of a “Trappist style” beer by an American brewer, five Belgian Monasteries and one Dutch formed the International Trappist Association to protect their products from becoming a commercial style. Their label “Authentic Trappist...


Antwerp Tourist Traps

  • Disapointing, not worth seeing

    Many people (esp. Dutch people...) go to Antwerp to visit the "Vogelenmarkt" ('bird market'). Don't be fooled: it is a (flea) market as any other and the time when all sorts of birds were on sale is long gone. At present, only a small part of the market is dedicated to pet animals following protests of the animal rights organizations a couple of...

  • Don't pay too much

    Not all that sparkles is diamond! If you want to buy diamonds, ask for a decent certificate: HRD, GIA or IGI. Dont accept in-house certificates... There are certain reputed diamond jewelry boutiques where you know you will only find real diamonds.

  • Not all that glitters is gold, don't pay...

    Beware of the jewellery stores situated under Central Station along the Pelikaanstraat. Not all shops are kosher. Prices may look interesting but if you are not an expert you might pay what you think a reasonable price for 18kt gold and go home with less. Take someone with you who knows something about diamonds and gold or make sure you don't pay...


Antwerp What to Pack

  • Travel light!

    * Map and guidebook;* Crackers;* 2 Liter of water;* Fruit / power bars. * Hiking boots;* 1 extra t-shirt;* Shorts with many pockets;* Sunglasses;* Fleece type jacket;* Hat / cap;* Raincoat. * Lip balm;* (Neck) sunblock;* Band-aids. * Camera and lots of films!* Filter;* Extra batteries;* Lens 210 mm. * Binocular;* Compass.

  • Any season is Belgian season so....

    in summer: pack as well summer clothes as winter clothes, because you never know whether it is going to be 30° or 12°!!!!in winter: winter clothes will be sufficient, but no ski pack necessary :-)

  • Space...

    IF your are the type of person that likes to shop....just one tip for you. Leave enough space in your luggage. Antwerp is 'the' shopping city of Belgium.'If you come by airplane maybe it is useful tocheck how much luggage is allowed.


Antwerp Off The Beaten Path

  • Pedestrian tunnel

    To get the best views of Antwerp's skyline you'll need to cross the river. I suppose you could always swim but the easy way to do it is to use the Sint Anna Pedestrian Tunnel, with its wooden escalators and 572 metre tile-walled foot/cycle path - Once on the left bank you get great views over the...

  • Along the river, right and left bank

    Many radio fans come to Antwerp to visit the former Radio Veronica ship, that transmitted on MW from the free Nothsea in the 60's and 70's. Location: Kempische Dok; kaai 35 - 2030 Antwerpen. 2008 Update: In the summer the ship has been prepared to be moved. Both main masts have been removed; new masts lie horizontally on deck. There is a plan to...

  • Graffitti walls and wall paintings

    Every city has graffiti, but not every city has graffiti that is both more artistic and concentrated in easy to view galleries. One particular park, with picnic tables, benches and green grass is near the intersection of Muntstraat and Oever. This is just one example, but I came across many others. Get your walking shoes and go explore for more.


Antwerp Sports & Outdoors

  • Cycling

    Antwerp is more and more improved to accommodate cyclists.More bicycle rental spots are being opened and more special bicycle paths are being constructed.Some parts of the old city center are transformed into pedestrian areas with some bicycle access allowed. Bicycle

  • Stadpark

    I included Stadpark as a sports activity as there is are trails many locals use for running around and through the park. There are several lakes, and hills that create a nice place where I could do my morning work out routine. Also there were severaly conveniently located bicycle stands where I could drop off or pick up a city bike. In the morning...

  • High Times In Antwerp

    For people who want to include in their stay an exciting sports activity, several indoor climbing walls in the greater Antwerp area are available, such as Wallstreet, Klim Indoor, Klimzaal Blok (bouldering). Further from the city (approx. 20 minutes by car) one of Belgium's largest indoor climbing halls, Klimax, awaits the adventurous traveller, in...


Antwerp General

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  • Grote Markt / Big Market square

    Unfortunately, the GUILD HOUSES are not all original. In 1576 a large part of the Grote Markt burned down. Hans Vredeman, the town architect was instrumental in rebuilding these magnificent houses, in Flemish Renaissance style.

  • Meir area

    The David Teniers statue stands just off the Frankrijklei in between the Keyserlei and the Meir. Daid was a famous painter (1610-1690) and he made several hundreds of paintains. Farmer landscapes are amongst the best-known by his hand.

  • Along the river Schelde, right and left...

    The river Schelde ... it was the first thing I saw in the mornings and the last thing I saw before I went to bed because I was so lucky to live right at the river Schelde with a terrific view over the river. Waking up in the morning and hearing a boat or a big ship passing by are some of my best memories. I was living right under the roof in the...


Top 10 Former Olympic Cities: Antwerp

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Though Antwerp was awarded the 1920 Olympics under melancholy circumstances, the resulting city and its reputation as a culture capital illustrates how much things can change in fifty years. Originally, the 1916 Olympic Games were scheduled in Berlin, but were later cancelled due to World War I. After the war ended, the 1920 Olympic Games were awarded to Antwerp to honor the suffering they endured during the first World War. Though the former Olympisch Stadion is not a particular landmark for visitors today, this former Olympic city provides ample motivation for travelers. The city has become a major design and fashion hub, so travelers with interests in those fields should make sure to visit the Fashion Museum (momu) and the MAS (museum aan de stroom). Another noteworthy museum is the Museum Plantin-Moretus/Prints Room, which houses an overview of printing and is the only museum worldwide to be named an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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