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  • Old Town, Lier
    Old Town, Lier
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  • Canal Scene, Lier
    Canal Scene, Lier
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  • Gevangenenpoort, Lier
    Gevangenenpoort, Lier
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Lier Things to Do

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  • Vleeshuis

    The former house of the butcher's guild is one of the oldest buildings in the city (1418). It also served as a cloth trading hall and later as a prison. Right now, it is used for exhibitions and other cultural events. The vleeshuis was altered and rebuilt several times, the neogothic gable was only added in 1920.

  • Town Hall (Stadhuis)

    The Stadhuis was built as a town hall and cloth trading hall in 1367, but was soon considered to be too small for both purposes combined. Upon the construction of Butcher's Guild House (Vleeshuis), the cloth trading was moved there and the stadhuis became town hall only. In 1742, the town hall was completely rebuilt in Rococo style, only the belfry...

  • St. Gummarus Church

    St. Gummarus Church is a typical example of the transition of late medieval Gothic to early Renaissance in Brabant. Building started in 1378 and officially finished in 1540. However, expansions and alterations took place well until the 18th century. This made some of the newer parts Rococo, including the spire which is called “peperbus” (peppermill...

  • Gevangenenpoort (Prisoners' Gate)

    The Gevangenenpoort (Prisoners' Gate) is the only preserved from the inner city defense wall. Sometimes it is known as Eeckelpoort or Eikelpoort) It was erected in 1378 and used as a prison up until 1930. The formerly Gothic gatehouse was rebuilt in 1728, giving it today's Classicistic appearance. Today it is used as a restaurant with three...

  • Zimmertoren

    The Zimmertoren ("Zimmer Tower") is a former medieval defense tower which was transformed into a clocktower in the 20th century. It was once called Cornelistoren (Corlenius Tower) and its origins remain unclear - most probably it was built in the 15th or 14th century. The tower changed hands a couple of times, but became so deteriorated that it was...


    Louis Zimmer was born in Lier in on September the 8th. 1888, he was a watch maker, but he was also a man very interested in Astronomy, he invented the astronomical clock. The tower in memory of his work is really interesting, if you watch every day, at noon, a hatch in the side-façade opens, and you can see local and other personalities dating back...


Lier Hotels

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  • Hof van Aragon

    Aragonstraat 6, Lier, 2500, Belgium

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Florent

    It's located in the city center and it's brand new :) The hotel is runned by the same people as the...

  • B&B Soetemin

    Schollebeekstraat 4, Lier, 2500, Belgium

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

Lier Restaurants

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  • Absinth - Top quality lounge bar

    I just loooove this place! This is Lier's first lounge bar and it even better than most of the lounge bars in big cities like Antwerp of Brussels.Expect a menu with fingerfood, cocktails and top-class delicaties.Closed on monday and tuesday. I always take the veal as a starter and the Black tiger scampi with cocomilk and Baileys as a main dish.......

  • Baja Sardinia

    Baja Sardinia is one of those Italian pizzeria/restaurants that are all over Belgium (and Europe, I guess). Their pasta's are OK and the pizza's looked good too. However, when we first came here, maybe 10 years ago, we had a much better impression of this restaurant. The menu had some very special Sardinian dishes, now everything on the menu is as...

  • A so typical real Belgian restaurant

    The food was very good and not expensive. The surroundings were pleasant and there were lots of people using the place, a good sign! It would have to be Stoofvlees and chips as that is real Belgian food. For me it is good because I have had it all my life and it is like home cooking! (only nowadays I am not so inclined to eating meat much)


Lier Nightlife

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  • Lier's Irish Pub

    The local Irish pub. Beer selection is typical for a mainland European pub: Guinness, Kilkenny and Strongbow Cider. However, as we a re in Belgium, the local beers a typical European pub adds include trappists. Snacks are available in form of sandwiches and crisps (and for some reason: Asian instant noodles).Special events are common, football on...

  • Absinth - Top quality lounge bar!

    I just loooove this place! This is Lier's first lounge bar and it even better than most of the lounge bars in big cities like Antwerp of Brussels.Expect a menu with fingerfood, cocktails and top-class delicaties.Closed on monday and tuesday. Nothing is forbidden, it's just that most of the people you see, dress themselves classy or funky.

  • Jazzkroegentocht - Pub crawl

    Every year on the 10th of november, the entire city of Lier rocks!We organize a pub crawl with live music : count on 15 bands playing the best they've got.Two weeks before the programme is anounced : I'll let you know later.


Lier Transportation

  • By BUS

    Lier can be reached by bus too. From Antwerp it will take a journey of about 1.5 hours with a change of buses in between. It will be a real exploration of the local neighbourhoods and expect some detour, because this area needs a lot of road maintenance.

  • By TRAIN

    Lier has its own train station. From here is just a good half hour train ride to Antwerp Central.The main station is located just outside the old city center at the NW side.It's about 300m eters to walk to the heart of the old town from here.

  • trains

    Take the train to Lier and enjoy some belgium beers, you can drink and go back by train.........There are also special tickets from belgian rail, they include a rental bike for a day. It is a great area to cycle, there are 4 cycle routes from the Lier station.


Lier Shopping

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    Because I am a grandmother I know about these things :-)The range of fantastic good quality and wooden toys is something not to miss and I have always found something nice to bring back to my grandchildren that made them very happy. A fun shop to walk around in.

  • Lier - Open-air city mall

    Lier is great city for shopping. What makes it so special is the (almost) absence of those mega-shops you find in every city on the western hemisphere. Lier is packed with little, original shops. So, explore and spend in 5 km connected shoppingstreets.Every now and then, all the shops are opened on sunday afternoon. When?* 17 october 2004* 12...

  • pigeons

    Every sunday there is a large pigeon market at the central marketsquare in Lier.People from all over the world come here to buy pigeons from belgian pigeon breeders.The pigeon on sale are juvenile with papers of how great flyers there parents are, or older ones that have their own medals.If you are looking for soup-pigeons you are on the wrong...


Lier Local Customs

  • Beer of course: the CAVES

    Beer of course: the CAVESThis very natural beer without additives, or conservative dyes resembles in many aspects has the Gueuze (more famous beer)This is a beer of high fermentation posting 5.8 ° of alcohol, of amber color, enough acid will astonish more of an amateur. She does not consume herself (to my knowledge) anywhere else that in the region...

  • Lierse vlaaikes

    If you are visiting Lier, then try out one of their local specialities: Lierse vlaaikes.It is a small cake made with bread and sugar and cinnamon and different kind of spices.Now it might look small and some people look disappointed, expecting it to be a big cake, but don’t get fooled! This little piece of cake is really filling.What can I say...

  • Markets

    The old tradition to buy on the market instead of a shop, lives on in Lier :* weekly marketevery saturday morning you'll find dozens of market stalls on the Grote Markt, Eikelstraat and Zimmerplein. No need to go to a shop, everything you'll need, you'll find here.* fish marketevery thursday morning on the Vismarkt (on the Grote Markt walk toward...


Lier Warnings and Dangers

  • Lier Sign

    Come to Lier in a "Ceremoniewagen". If not you are not allowed to enter.Well, he only other ways are by bicycle or just walking.But I like the idea of a ceremonial means of transportation, whatever the Belgians make of it.

  • Zapped!!

    This is some dangerous house call!!I have no idea why somebody uses not insulated wires to hook up the door bell, but this is extremely dangerous.On the other hand;,it's Belgium. I haven't seen it all yet.

  • "Souvenirs" from the Wars

    Lier:"Souvenirs" from the Wars Even if this is not as current as in of other places in Belgium (West-Flanders) it happen that shells date back to the surface at the time of works of garbage collections, or of works of the fields. At the time of this discovery kind, the shells are deposited in road edge, while waiting for to be collected by the...


Lier Tourist Traps

  • The merge of the rivers

    The tourist office placed a sign to indicate the merge of the rivers 'Kleine Nete' and 'Grote Nete' to the river 'Nete'.Unfortunaly, they placed it wrong... some 100 meter in fact! How to go to the merge :leave the beguinage on the Vestenturn left till the little bridgethat point is the real mergethe 'Kleine Nete' comes floats under the bridge,...

  • WW I - black pages of Lier's history

    In WW I, Lier was so heavily damaged that there were only two buildings that survived... our beloved St-Gummaruskerk and the city hall.Even the St-Pieterskapel, still called the oldest building of Lier, is rebuild. Maybe the biggest mistake they made, is the Vleeshuis on the Grote Markt. Originally it was a normal house, after the war they gave it...

  • Lier Hotels

    5 Hotels in Lier

Lier Off The Beaten Path

  • The public toilet

    Well, we all have to go. In this case is at a little side street called Brouwerijstraat, where you find all comfort.

  • birth house of Louis Zimmer

    In this house Louis Zimmer , the famous clockmaker, was born. It is a simple house as he was born from poor parents.He was a selfmade man in clockmaking and astronomy.

  • memorial chapel

    This little chapel is placed next to the memorial plaque which commemorate the political victims of the war.It is located near the veste just off the Mechelse straat.


Lier Sports & Outdoors

  • Sightjogging

    Sightjogging is for everyone who loves running. While running a guide shows you the landmarks in Lier and tells you historical facts. More info to find about this at the tourist office. Sporting clothes, Running shoes.

  • Bicycle tour

    You can get various brochures at the touristic info in Lier. (side entrence of city hall)Cycle on the 'vesten' (green border of the city) or the dykes of the rivers 'Kleine Nete', 'Grote Nete' and 'Nete'.Just beautiful.If you're cycling the dykes, you can also visit the town Nijlen. Bring your bike with you or rent one at the trainstation.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Lier General

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  • Town Map + USEFUL LINKS

    OK, here's the the town map of Lier. Not shown is the fortress at the Fortweg at the South-East side of town.Lier mapCity Counsil pageLier Tourism websiteLier Start PageLier wiki Info

  • Cadetje - Soldier Statue

    Take a walk around the outer city wall ring on the "Timmermanspad".There are several statues along the route.One of the statues is called "Cadetje" located at the Davidsvest opposite the Dungelhoeff barracks, the former Army School of Cadets.The statue was made by officer Officier Micheline van Sevenant, guided by sculptor Roland Rens.

  • Saint Gumarus church

    This is a picture of the Saint Gumarus church in Lier.It is a very nice and historical church you can visit (if you pay admission).It has the most beautiful and biggest organs in Belgium and I once had the honour to be up there to hear and see the young organist playing. But that was not what I was intending to explain here.I wanted to tell you...


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