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  • Beguinage Leuven
    Beguinage Leuven
    by FilipDemuinck
  • University Library - Leuven
    University Library - Leuven
    by FilipDemuinck
  • Saint Peter's Church - Leuven
    Saint Peter's Church - Leuven
    by FilipDemuinck

Most Viewed Things to Do in Leuven

  • 1. Leuven Leisure Office & Shop

    Are you looking for an exciting walking or cycling tour, a canoe tour on the river Dyle or a great teambuilding? Do look at Leuven Leisure. They are expert in custom-made activities. Don’t hesitate...

  • 2. Arenbergkasteel (Arenberg Castle)

    The lords of Heverlee built a first castle here in the 14th century. The van Croy family acquired the domain in 1446. From the beginning of the 16th century the...

  • 3. Groot Begijnhof

    This historic group of structures is a reminder of the glorious past but also used very much in the inglorious present by faculty and students lucky enough to...

  • 4. Ypres- Brugge- Brussels- Louvain

    The Louvain city hall... reportedly to be built as Louvain's answer to Brussels' Gothic city hall, that, in its turn, got into rivalry in elegance, with Brugg...

  • 5. Sint Pieterskerk

    St Peter is the patron saint of the city.In Louvain, you can't miss this church. It's on the main place, the Grote Markt place, neighbouring the city hall and...

  • 6. The entrance hall

    While visiting the city of Leuven, we had two guided tours: one of the City hall and a second, of the central University Library. They were interesting.. at...

  • 7. The Univercity

    The Univercity is of course the reason why many foreigners know Leuven. It is one of the oldest still existing catholic universities in the world, founded in...

  • 8. Groot Begijnhof, Great Beguinage

    Much can be found about the 'Groot Begijnhof' here on VT as well as the internet in general.I experienced a huge step back in time. The quiet cobbled streets,...

  • 9. Lunch concerts in the Pieterskerk

    All summer there are midday concerts from July 3 - August 26th at 12.15 hrs. The concert is about 45 minutes.It takes place in the choir of the Pieterskerk and...

  • 10. Sint Jan de Doperkerk (St. John Baptist Church)

    This church is situated within the Great Beguinage.We could not visit inside because it wasn't open. It will be something to look forward to during a next visit...

  • 11. Super Town Hall

    When I saw the Town Hall, I thought how wonderful, personally I love details and decorations. Here you will find an abundance of detail. During the 2nd half of...

  • 12. University Library

    The University library in Leuven is located in several buildings. This blog article however is focussing on the central library on Ladeuzeplein 21. It's a...

  • 13. The biggest Beguinage in Flanders

    This is the biggest beguinage "Begijnhof" of Flanders. It is a historical district where in the early 13th century single regilious women where living. The most...

  • 14. Saint Peter's Church

    Next to the incredibly beautiful town hall, you find the oldest parish church in Leuven. The parish was founded during the 10th century. The original church...

  • 15. Historic University Library

    Brecht/Museeuw brought me to this interesting site - the old library done out totally it seems in lovely wood panelling and carvings.The Nazis destroyed the...

  • 16. Botanical garden 3

    You'll find here a very nice collection of blooming plants in every season.********************************Chaque saison apporte sa collection de belles plantes...

  • 17. St. Michael's church

    At the right hand side of the town hall enter the Naamsestraat and turn left to the Muntstraat again.Via the Aldons’ Meiersstraat you arrive on the...

  • 18. Gate on Ramberg

    Leave the Father Damian church at your right side and go up the Ramberg. Did you notice the old red brick and blue stone porch ?Before the house with number 19,...

  • 19. Chinese astrological map

    Turn right and cross the street at number 63 where you follow, in front of you, the Ruteriuspad, which leads to the St. Donatiuspark. Admire the beautiful...

  • 20. Father Damien church

    Go on to the left, under the arcs, direction Redingenstraat. On the right pass the bridge and the Schapenstraat, turn left to the Father Damianplein...

  • 21. The béguinage park

    Cross the porch under the “Dijlemolens”. A hidden path leads you to the Dijlepark situated between the two branches of the Dijle river: quite an idyllic place...

  • 22. An old decorative waterpump

    Turn left direction the nice old water pump and turn left again. Via a small parking reach the Zwarte Zustersstraat. Cross the street to the...

  • 23. St. John Baptist church

    Go to the second part on the other side of the Dijle river by crossing the little bridge. This part, in the shape of a chessboard, surrounds the St....

  • 24. Nice strolling

    The Beguinage, built in the 13th century, is one of the most beautiful jewels of our inheritance. Unfortunately only one house remains of that era. The existing...

  • 25. Quiet day-to-day life

    From the parking, facing the Ringroad, turn left, before or after the "frituur"and follow the path to the "Grafitti tunnel". Follow this tunnel under the...

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