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Chocolate Stores Tips (48)

Chocolate Stores: You don't have to look far

I can't recommend any one chocolate shop in particular in Brugge, I stopped at several and each one of them was good. What I found in other cities though is that the ones that the guidebooks recommended tended to be the higher priced shops and although I was willing to pay for good chocolates, I found that my personal taste tended towards the mid range shops as they didn't try to get too fancy with the ingredients or mix flavors that my taste buds disagreed should be mixed.

So pop into several, try a few pieces and when you find one you like, buy some to take home with you! And if you're thinking you want a few pieces for after dinner, buy them before 5 pm, unlike Brussels almost all of the chocolate shops close around 5pm or 6pm, I assume partly because Brugge is a big day trip destination and partly because that's just when stores close.

In August 2013, I did find a store that I really liked that was reasonably priced La Belgique Gourmande which has two locations in Brugge, both near the Markt Square, Breidelstraat, 14 and Steenstraat, 12.

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Mar 23, 2015

Chocolate Stores: Famous for chocolate

Belgian chocolate is made exclusively with cocoa butter and is famous for its pralines.
There are probably too many chocolate shops for the size of the town and many had offers on purchases - especially those away from the centre.
However in each and every shop the displays are wonderful - our visit was just before Easter and some of the Easter displays were quite breath taking.
So but any chocolate away from the centre for good prices but beware - like many traders here the shop people will 'forget' the special offers or overcharge. Such a pity something as innocent as chocolate can be spoilt by the greed of the shop keepers.
For genuine prices use the large chains on Steenstraat - Leonidas, Neuhaus , Galler and Godiva.

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Mar 23, 2013

Chocolatier Dumon: Chocolatier Dumon - YUMMY

Gorgeous chocolates in this pretty old building off the market square, with a lovely selection and the perfect place to get a gift

What to buy Chocolate!!!! Pralines, chocolate shapes, bars, chocolate pieces......nice wrapping

catherineneill's Profile Photo
Sep 30, 2012

chocoholic: Delicious Chocolate.....

When in the sixteenth century the Spanish introduced cocoa in Bruges, they didn´t know that it would begin a love affair between the city and the chocolate that endures today. With more than fifty master chocolatiers, Bruges is a chocolate lab. The presence of so much creativity boosts unusual quality to levels and serves as a laboratory for chocolate. Here you can taste both traditional craftsmanship and innovative chocolate creations. We stopped in chocoholic to buy some chocolates in our visit to Brugge, a good election.

Cuando en el siglo XVI los españoles introdujeron en Brujas el cacao no sabían que comenzaría una historia de amor entre la ciudad y el chocolate que perdura a día de hoy. Gracias a sus más de cincuenta maestros chocolateros, Brujas es un laboratorio de chocolate. La presencia de tanta creatividad impulsa la calidad hasta niveles insólitos y sirve como un verdadero laboratorio para el chocolate. Aquí se puede degustar tanto el chocolate tradicional artesanal como innovadoras creaciones. Compramos unos chocolates en chocolohic y fue una buena eleccion.

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Sep 24, 2012
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Chocolate Stores: Chocolate

If you come to Brugge you should visit a chocolate shop! There are so many to choose from - you were familiar with at home. The window display is the first thing that will you to the shop - real fruits wrapped in cream and chocolate.

What to buy Belgian Chocolates of course and Eggs or Bunnies made from real Belgium Chocolate
I bought some cherry liqueur with real cherries.

What to pay For about 8 chocolates around 5 USD.

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Mar 01, 2012

Chocolate Stores: OH LA LA CHOCOLATE

There are many entering their experience regarding their experience about the best choclate experience.

I have to add that Neuhas is number one, however, when the choclate is 100% made in belgium and is infact belgium chocolate there are several and therefore i do not disagree with the other comments as far as which is better than the other. but many forget that if we are consuming a REAL AND AN AUTHENTIC BELGIUM CHOCOLATE eaten at the precise room temperature we do not need to eat as many pieces as lets say a lesser quality ingredient chocolate. to savour a real belgium chocolate it is eated by taking a bite and tasting the chocolate because it is highly rich and contains ingredients that cannot be duplicated when this same chocolate is made in the united states and canada with the united states and canadian ingredients, sorry tha this is so long to read, :)

i had lmy own shop and i imported the belgium chocolate directly to me where the shelf the shelf ife was shortened compaed to so many chocolates that are sitting in deparment stores for weeks and weeks, and that must be considered when purchasing a chocolate.

there is an average of two pieces per person that i recommended becasue the chocolate is so rich. a box of pot of gold can be eaten over a period of two days from what i have head but remember the wax that is in the lower grade chocolate and a real chocolate connoisseur will now the difference,

thanks for listening and have a great day,
huggz 2 U.

What to buy NEUHAUS

What to pay $$$

Oct 05, 2011

Chocolate Stores: Dumon Chocolate - Nasty Salesperson

Don't go unless you don't mind a rude, impatient, cranky salesperson. I'd give her the benefit of the doubt and say maybe she was having an "off" day but the friend I was traveling with said that the salesperson at the location near the market square was also unkind. There are too many chocolate shop options to justify spending money in a shop that is this nasty!

May 17, 2011

Leonidas Belgian Pralines: Belgian Chocolates

There are a couple of Leonidas chocolate shops in Bruge. These are the king of belgian chocs as far as I'm concerned.

Made in Belgium since 1910, Leonidas famous Belgian chocolates reflect an unsurpassed tradition of quality and freshness.

Leonidas is a Belgian company bearing the Greek name of its original founder, Leonidas Kesdekidis, who arrived in Brussels as a member of the Greek delegation of the United States for the International Exposition and won the Bronze Medal.

In 1935, Leonidas' nephew, Basile Kesdekidis, followed in his uncle's footsteps, and became the head of the company and incorporated the logo showing the effigy of the Greek warrior Leonidas, King of Sparta.

You will find it very difficult to get hold of them in the UK (Harrods, mail order, and selected cities are about your only options). On mainland Europe you will find them in many cities. They have their own shops and you buy by the weight. They are reasonably priced compared to better known rivals, and in my view, are superior.

What to buy Their white chocolate praline with fresh cream top and whole hazelnut is my favourite (Manon Cafe), but all their chocs are large and delicious.

What to pay Depends on how many you want!
I would buy the biggest box you can afford, but bear in mind they are made with fresh cream and only have a shelf life of a month or so.

Apr 04, 2011
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"Brugge - The promise of things to come"
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"Bruges Beyond Kitsch"
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"Charming just Charming"
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Dumon: Chocolate

This tiny cute shop resembles a dollhouse. The chocolates are indiscribable.. Fantastic is as close as I can come. It is in a lower than street level shop so you can see it well perring down into the windows. The owner was gracious enough to open her doors afterhours to allow us to purchase a sweet.. What a treat!!

What to buy Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

What to pay Varies .. (check their website for current prices).

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Apr 04, 2011

Dumon: Chocolate to die for

Bruges is filled with chocolate shops, all of them excellent. Handmade Belgian chocolates.... could there be anything better? My partner wondered if they were all they were cracked up to be so we bought some. He realized that yes, they most definitely were all the praise and publicity! We checked out the wares in several shops during our walk through Bruges but ended up spending our money in Dumon which has been featured in several travel magazines and Sunday supplements and in Rick Steves' guidebooks as well. They will proudly tell you this, too! The little brick shop is on two levels with the showcase of all the really tempting chocolates on the entry level. I'd like a small assorted box, please. "Yesssss......" she answered, as if to say "and what else?" We were out of cash so had to buy 20 Euro worth to use the credit card as per their store policy. Not really a difficult decision! The chocolates were definitely worth the publicity! Nom!!!

What to buy We bought two different sizes of assorted chocolates and a box of "shells" which were a mix of milk and white chocolate filled with praline. All were mouth watering and decadent. The shop also sells other sweets as well.

What to pay Various prices. 20 euro minimum for credit card sales.

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May 24, 2009

Old Chocolate House, Chocolate Line, Dumon: Chocolate Shops Bruges - Pralines for Xmas

Now is the time to make those plans to get over to Bruges to buy all those wonderful and delicious Chocolates, Pralines and gifts for your friends and family for Christmas (you will have to go again for all the other celebrations in the year!!

Plan at least a full day there as you will want to visit the sights! The Churches, Belfry, Burgh, Market Square and so on.

Then head up to Simon Stevin plein where you will find The Chocolate Line with its' celebrated, and more costly, works of art and sometimes unusual flavours of chocolate. At the end of the square is a Dumon Chocolate shop and just down (10 metres) Mariastraat on the ledt side a great little shop called The Old Chocolate House.

These three shops offer the best in all that is Belgian Chocolate and also local artisnal gifts. You need look no further and you will find that you may save large amounts of money compared to other european prices for hand made delights!!

Enjoy your day, or days, out and you will have a great time. Go on a Wednesday or Saturday for the food markets and my favourite uniquely Brugge sights are the Belfry and its climb, Madonna with Child at the Church of our Lady and, finally, the Basilica of the Holy Blood ...... and the Beer ...... and the Food ...... and the Meijses


What to buy Sint Niklaas figures, Hand made belgian pralines, ginger bread, Marsipan, chocolate coated ginger

What to pay Prices vary, but you will find the best value at The Old Chocolate House and a unique gift at The Chocolate Line

Nov 11, 2008

Chocolate Stores: Chocolate

Througout Bruges you'll find some excellent chocolate shops. I honestly can't rember the name of the shop we eventually bough the chocolate from, but I do recall that the chocolate was so rich and creamy and oh so good.

What to buy I purchased a small box (about 12 pieces) of assorted chocolates.

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Mar 17, 2008

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Palace of the Liberty of Bruges

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Basilica of the Holy Blood

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