Brugge Warnings and Dangers

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  • getting over the shock!
    getting over the shock!
    by ranger49
  • ... go up into the Belfry
    ... go up into the Belfry
    by csordila
  • Summer brings out the mosquitoes
    Summer brings out the mosquitoes
    by csordila

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Brugge

  • 1. Eating too many Chocolates and Frites etc.

    A very few Chocolate shops in Brugge DO NOT allow you to ' look around ' and will chuck you out into the street if you do go in without knowing what you want! Check the door signs before you look. The...

  • 2. A safe City you could fall in love with

    About the only danger for a female will be gazing at all the gorgeous men and tripping on the cobblestone streets (no joke - I couldn't believe how hot the guys are in Belgium overall). Also a severe...

  • 3. Beware of Canals & Cobblestones

    Don't get me wrong. Brugge is lovely, but there are a few things that are a bit messed up. The sightseeing tours on a boat is one. I didn't think all of the boats look very safe. They are way too...

  • 4. It gets crowded too many people

    Bruges is among the safest cities in Belgium, but in crowded places you have to beware of pickpockets. Car-jacking incidents involving expensive cars are not unheard of. If you do not like crowds,...

  • 5. Not very happy with Hotel accomedation.

    Brugge is a small place and a very popular destination, so limited accommodation is available. We went over a UK bank holiday weekend and queued for two hours at tourist info to find a place. They...

  • 6. Bad street lighting ,dark at night

    Be careful if you go to the movies in Brugge... I made a mistake and watched the Rack-the-Ripper-movie "From Hell". Scary, but great movie. On the way home my friends and I were really panicing -...

  • 7. Is everything closed on Monday?

    2016 update: Since my original visit, written up below, it seems that a lot more places are open on Mondays than there were whenever I wrote that. The Belfort...

  • 8. It's really tiring

    It's really tiring to walk around all day and taking in the beauty and bustle of Bruges.So, if you do happen to find a bench, don't nod off or someone will find...

  • 9. Beware of over pricing

    You would think that for a town that makes it money from tourists the towns traders would treat its visitors with more respect than it does. Some shop keepers...

  • 10. Warning for the guys

    Gentlemen, This is a warning in case your girlfriend or wife discovers the Bruges Diamond House.Once she finds out about this place you could find yourself...

  • 11. For Information- Eating out.

    This is primarily a danger to your budget - it could also appear under local customs!I referred in my restaurant tips to the cost of eating out in Brugge. For...

  • 12. strong beers

    Belgian is noted for its beer and particularly for strong beers. For the novice this can be dangerous, for the connoisseur perhaps more so. You see, we do like...

  • 13. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you expect to see modern buildings or skyscrapers you definitely shouldn’t go to Brugge. The city keeps its medieval look and this is what makes Brugge so...

  • 14. Me and my temporary trophee

    When I visited the brewery Halve Maan for the 2nd time, I did encounter a big problem.I was there with a big company of people, When we ordered our drinks I...

  • 15. Watch out in the haunted...

    Watch out in the haunted house, you will be haunted! LOLNo really, watch out when going out. The public can act somewhat agressive. Especially if you are from...

  • 16. ***expect to PAY when you...

    ***expect to PAY when you need to use the restroom... if you can find one, you need to have some change in Belgian Francs ready to pay. There will usually be an...

  • 17. Mosquito Problems

    Take along some mosquito repellent and a plug in repellent for your room. With all the fresh water that surrounds Brugge there are lots of mosquitos....

  • 18. Moulles and Bier

    There will be so many gorgeous little places like this that you just won't be able to decide where you want to eat your moulles and drink your Belgian beer!

  • 19. Lace stores.

    In Brugge there are many lace stores. Real lace is handmade, but most of the lace, you find in the stores is made by machines. Handmade lace is very expansif.

  • 20. Well here in Belgium we have a...

    Well here in Belgium we have a lot of rain,if you visit Bruges in the winter,well you are being warned.

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