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Down on the Beach Tips (13)

Down on the Beach

Beaches aren't really my thing normally. I'm not the sort who wants to sit in the sun just to soak up rays for a day. But even I was quite taken by Oostende's Beach and seafront, which surprised me as I hadn't expected to be particularly impressed with what I knew to be a fairly modern seafront.

It's true that there are a lot of tall blocks of apartments etc along the seafront rather than quaint little old cottages but somehow with the views stretching away into the distance along the Belgian coast it It's probably helped by the fact that the place is pretty spotlessly clean and well maintained. There are a good number of cafés along the promenade and a few down on the beach itself.

For those that DO like traditional beach activities the beach is a wide stretch of clean soft golden enjoy.

zadunajska8's Profile Photo
Jun 14, 2012

Windy beachfront

While the beaches here are popular, particularly with Germans and Belgians, it always seemed there is a wind. They sell (and we bought) wind screens for some protection. I'd not buy another one but expect there to be wind!

gkitzmil's Profile Photo
Feb 21, 2004

The Belgian coast

The Belgian coast is 67km long, so even if it's very crowded, you allways find some place to get sunburnt ;-)
The cities of Oostende and Blankenberge (where this picture was taken) are the most crowded cities and every coastal town has its own atmosphere.
Peak season is during July/August when you can find lots of families enjoying a bit of sun.

Mahieu's Profile Photo
Oct 16, 2003


You can choose from the Oosterstrand (eastern beach), the Klein strand (small beach), the Mariakerke beach, Raversijde beach or Groot-of-Westerstrand (western beach). East to west the beaches are traffic-free tiled promenades.

patrikske's Profile Photo
Jun 18, 2003
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Mercatorlaan 21, Ostende, B-8400, Belgium
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Wellingtonstraat 1, Ostende, West Flanders, 8400, Belgium
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Leon Spillaertstraat 1, Ostend, 8400, Belgium
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Brusselstraat 15, Ostende, West Flanders, 8400, Belgium
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Leopold II-laan, Ostende, West Flanders, 8400, Belgium
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Sint Petrus En Paulusplein 20, Ostende, 8400, Belgium
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The Oostende beach

Look how quiet it was, and the weather was warm. Unfortunately, the water is cold. There is a port not too far, that has some impact on the water quality.
Classification: Boating/Water Skiing , Sailing , Photography , Site Seeing

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Oct 20, 2002


have a nice walk along the beach, walk the boulevards, sit down to enjoy a beer or a colourful, tasteful icecream surrounded with fresh Belgian strawberries and topped with a cloud of sweet whipped cream, in a wide glass bowl on a high stem.......

mouthwatering qualities.......

eden_teuling's Profile Photo
Mar 25, 2004

The Pier

The Pier - (oosterstaketsel)
Not to miss, a walk along the Pier of Ostend, where you can take, as it were, a walk above the sea. After a refreshing walk, there is the possibility to enjoy a drink on the terrace at the end of the p

jexelot's Profile Photo
Oct 30, 2003

The Beach

Unless you're taking the ferry to England, you've only got one reason to visit Oostende: the beach in all its glory.

Don't be dissuaded if the sky is dark and cloudy -- here on the fringes of the North Sea, the weather is ever-changing. For me, the weather went from cloudy to sunny to cloudy to sunny again in the space of a few short hours.

And be sure to perch your camera on a wall to take a brilliant self-portrait.

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Jul 24, 2003

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The Beach - Enjoy a Sunny day (if applicable)

Sometimes we have a great summer end July and the month August, but the Belgian weather is really unpredictable, every year it's different, so checkout the weatherforecast.

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Jul 19, 2008

Beach and Pier

There's a lovely sandy beach, very popular when we visited when the sun was out. Pier crowded with fishermen, interesting to watch several catches.

bonio's Profile Photo
Sep 30, 2008

Golden Sand

The beaches are fine clean sand, that Brighton would wish for. Most of the Belguim coast has good beaches. Just right on a warm sunny day.

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Sep 12, 2015

Swimming down steps?

THe signs are dotted all along the foreshore - perhaps a warning that swimming down steps is hazardous for your health :-)

Jun 28, 2004

Things To Do in Oostende

Things to do

The Wellington Renbaan.

Wellington racecourse Named after the Duke of Wellington. Trotting races and gallop races take place daily during the Summer. Many gamblers spend a good deal of money at the races. Each year we...
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Burg Square

The buildings in Burg Sq. represent a variety of architectural styles from the Gothic to Renaissance to the Neo-Classicist which includes what is perhaps the most beautiful building in Bruges,...
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Belfry Tower - Belfort

When we were making our way toward Markt Square, we approached the Belfry Tower and Halls from its rear entrance where we walked through the arched vestibule with its vaulted, ribbed ceiling and then...
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Friet Museum

A different kind of museum is this museum all about fries & potatoes! It was pretty big with tons of info. At the end of your visit you can stop at the fryshop in the basement to buy some really tasty...
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The Markt

"Markt Square" or the "Grand Place” is undoubtedly the heart of Brugge. Since medieval times the Markt has been the center of activity, and historically where people conducted government business,...
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Minnewater - Lake of Love

This is less of a thing to do than to see if your putters take you ‘round to Ten Wijingaarde: Brugge’s famous beguinage. Minnewater is a man-made pool which connected to a channel for Medieval-era...
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