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  • Things to Do
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Zeebrugge Things to Do

  • Rederskaai and the Marina

    If you're a boaty sort of person then you can take a wander along the "Rederskaai" (Shipowners Quay) where the marina has a year-round assortment of smaller craft berthed. This side of the harbour is where the luxury apartments are, most of which are only occupied seasonally, and on the ground floor you'll find a couple of shops and restaurants,...

  • Watching The Big Ships Come And Go

    Obviously the working docks are a restricted area and are mostly fenced-in but there a couple of viewpoints where you can sit and watch the boats doing their stuff. The main picture is just up from the Zeebrugge Kerk Kusttram stop and the elevated platform makes for an ideal spot.

  • Zeebrugge "Seafront" Exhibition Site

    Although I didn't find the seafront last visit I did find the "Seafront" which is an exhibition site nowhere near the seafront. Instead it is located within the docks, on the wharf where the marina is.The exhibition comprises a fisheries museum, with some local history thrown in, a decommissioned Russian "Foxtrot" submarine and the West Hinder...

  • Visit the Russian submarine Foxtrot

    Seafront is best known for his real Russian submarine, the Foxtrot. This 100 meter long steel colossus shows how the 75 crew lived and worked in a very cramped situation. The submarine is in almost original condition and shows a picture of the life and work aboard. The submarine is divided into four compartments, and you can experience the tension...

  • Harbour tour

    The tour departs from the old fishing port with passenger. If you want to experience and get to know about the port of Zeebrugge. A boat trip in the harbor of Zeebrugge gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich seaport complex. For a memorable tour and discover a world port format. In a pleasant and relaxing way to know the port of...

  • Take a nice walk at the seawall

    A nice walk at the seawall is perfect if you don't like to do some activity in the the area. Summer can get very busy, I don't like to visit here. My preference is to come and walked after the summer months. Zeebrugge is very small but they have a nice seawall which is easy to access for everyone young and old even for disabled people.This is the...

  • A monument of Saint George's Day

    At the foot of the breakwater you'll find this monument from the 1st World War. The St. George's Day Memorial, a large memorial on a plinth as it were perceived as triptych made ​​of concrete which several memorials have been confirmed unveiled on April 24,1984The monuments exist here already for a long time, but for the coastal...

  • Beautifully restored building

    This a former Palace hotel, later called Residence Palace. Imposing, iconic building located at the corner of Seawall at the harbor. The five-storey high building is primarily built in brick with a simili stone plaster. The architectural style reflects the time for luxury hotels generally accepted style of eclecticism.Typically the wide, elaborated...

  • Seafront Zeebrugge, maritime theme park

    The buildings of the former Fish Market were transformed into a huge maritime theme park. Here you can discover the many facets of the sea. You'll find a wealth of information about the origins of the North Sea, the evolution of the Zeebrugge port fishingIs something you do not want to miss in Zeebrugge. A fascinating theme park for young and old...

  • Stroll at the rederskaai (shipowners...

    The marina, located along the Rederskaai (Shipowners quay). Where all the yacht docked and also the coastal apartments are located. Many of this apartments are temporarily inhabited of people from other region or a second home for the richerDuring winter they let for rent and in summer holiday they came to stay for a while just to be close to the...

  • St. Donatian church

    The church came in November 2003 in the image, when illegal people in Belgium trying to make this church as a shelter. But the priest and the bishop of Bruges refused, and the illegals were arrestedThe church has rectangular blue stone memorial at small stage. High Ascendant center section with two rectangular side panels. By the middle part a...

  • Fishermen cross

    The cross is a tribute memory of the more than 150 crashed fishermen of the East Coast. An initial cross was solemnly consecrated during sea ​​ordination in 1936The Germans demolished during the second world war because they thought it was a dangerous point of reference. An identical cross already in August 1946 was...

  • Relax at the Beach

    Even is a port but they have a beach. It would not be nicest beach to spend for a whole day. But if you are looking a place for sun bathing or to relax at least there is a place to do that. An endless stretch of beach with a dike on a human scale is right next to the train station. It is officially the largest beach of the Belgian coast and the...

  • This is what you seen around the port

    If you keep on walking around the port, you'll be likely see of the accumulation of containers while looked at it from the distance is like blocks. The port of Zeebrugge is fast growing container port, the expansion is mainly due to the commissioning of new infrastructure And as today is one of the busiest and biggest port in West Flanders. The...

  • A walk to the port

    A walk around the port is a higly thing to do too, where you can see all the fishing boats, yacht and many more that docked in the water. Zeebrugge, which is connected by Boudewijn Canal with the historic city of Bruges, is a future oriented port and seaside resort. Furthermore, also a port, a family resort and the capital of the fish that's an...

  • Sail Brugge 2002

    For the fourth time, Zeebrugge received tall sailing ships that still ply the oceans. It was a great opportunity to visit these ships. More pics are available in my travelogue.

  • The construction of a new...

    The construction of a new container terminal (FCT) in the new western outer port has been of great importance for the future expansion of the port. Zeebrugge is after all one of the few ports in Western Europe that can receive the biggest container vessels (the + 4000 TEU) generation

  • Sand Sculpture Festival ZEEBRUGGE

    ZEEBRUGGE is well known for its SAND SCULPTURE FESTIVAL .Every YEAR there is a great Festival with a lot of international ARTISTS .On the webside you see all INFORMATION you need .

  • Sand Sculptures

    If you will be in Belgium before 7 September 2003 don't miss this years festival otherwise you have to wait one year for the next one :-) The only reason I went to Zeebrugge was this festival. After I saw sand sculputres in Berlin I'm fascinated by them! Thanks to all the VT members (Luchonda) who already have tips about Zeebrugge and the festival...

  • Zeebrugge - edition 2003

    Bruges - Zeebruges ! Maybe a tip and Hotel advise for the next VT-meeting -)Visiting the Sandsculptures is a must - if you are visiting Belgium in July/AugustBTW there is a big competion going on between Zeebrugge and Blankenberge in festivals of sandsculpturing ! Themes are of course different - so this makes it enjoyable for the daytrippers...

  • Sand Sculptures - 2

    As I understand the ice sculpture had their premiere this year. But what I understand from the Flamish newpaper artical hanging on the tent somebodies had intentionally destroyed the maschine or something else which was responsible for the right temperature in the tent ...On the photo you see the only rest of the ice sculptures. What a pitty!!!


Zeebrugge Hotels

  • Hotel Atlas

    Brusselaatraat 13-15, Zeebrugge, 8380, Belgium

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Monaco

    Baron De Maerelaan 26, Zeebrugge, 8380, Belgium

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • Formule 1 Brugge

    Transportzone, Koggestraat 7, Zeebrugge, 8380, Belgium

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Business

Zeebrugge Restaurants

  • Indulge yourself with treats

    The tea room is on the seawall, the exterior attracts me which has a nice entrance. There was not much open, the season is done and most hospitality industry is really quiet now and some of them were closed for the season and open again when the school holidayThis tea room only serve coffee, tea, ice cream or any other kind of dessert. I found this...

  • Martin's

    On a day in the middle of the week in the off-season when every restaurant seems to be closed we were lucky to find Martin's fish restaurant open.Very friendly staff.Good food. Husband:eel in cream saucesword fish on leeksMe:shrimp croquettesDover sole

  • Brasserie Nelson

    Don't Miss The Fresh Seafood! That's very to the subject at the Nelson 'cause they're specialized in fresh fish and seafood! Well, that's quite obvious when you're located next to the fish mine. We came here by accident. Wanted to eat at Slabbinck but Wednesday is unfortunately their closing day. We both had the Northsea Fish Soup with toast and...


Zeebrugge Nightlife

  • johngayton's Profile Photo

    Kaai 49: The Snootiest Bar In Belgium!

    by johngayton Updated Jan 7, 2016

    Having eaten and drank all over Belgium, from back-street bars to some quite posh restaurants, I've always been impressed by how egalitarian everywhere has been, everywhere apart from Kaai 49 that is.

    This looked an ideal spot, on the quayside at the marina, for an early-ish evening beer before getting the Kusttram back to Blankenberge. OK this is obviously an upscale eatery, as reflected in the menu prices, and I'd just dropped by to enjoy the fading sunlight with a beer, but the guy serving would have put any Parisian waiter to shame (which is a bit of poetic licence on my part since I've found the service in Paris much improved in recent years).

    I ordered my beer, "Leffe Blonde s'il vous plait." for which I got a reply in Flemish which I don't understand at all.

    Switching to English he elucidated, "Just a beer?" as he looked down his nose at me - glancing around as if the two other tables, who were both eating, constituted a packed restaurant and my solitary beer meant I'd be taking up a valuable terrace table.

    "Yes, just a beer thank-you."

    Fortunately I was in no hurry since it took two cigarettes before my beer arrived. I'm sure he went "Pfff!" as he replaced my used ashtray, complete with its hand-rolled butts, and then two minutes later he was back with the, unasked-for, bill.

    I can't remember exactly how much it was - I think it was over 4 euros. I gave him 10 and when the change arrived, after another two cigarettes and noting it was all in coins, I made a point of pocketing every cent.

    Nice place, good location, and an interesting, if expensive, menu but not recommended as a nightlife drinking haunt.

    Dress Code: Smart casual seemed the order of the day, and maybe a yachting cap would be an advantage.

    Packed Terrace - NOT!
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Zeebrugge Transportation

  • The Belgian Rail Pass

    Note - Since VT have decided to promote our "Country" pages as a sort of city and town gazetteer then there's no point is writing this tip as part of a Belgium page. Therefore it'll appear in exactly the same form on all my Belgian locations which have a train station.The best way to travel around Belgium, in my opinion anyway, is by train. The...

  • De Kusttram

    Being on the coast Zeebrugge is on the famous Kusttram route, the longest single tramline in the world, at 68 kilometres, which runs the full length of the Belgian coast between Adinkerke and Knokke.The tram runs inland as it passes Zeebrugge in order to avoid the extensive docks but the route immediately to the south (towards Blankenberge) and to...

  • Coastal Tram

    If you are a cruise passengers, the port authority offer you a free shuttle to take you out from the port terminal. There are certain places where they drop you off in Zeebrugge. For P&O foot passengers: Note that coach transfers should be booked in advance, preferably when you make your ferry booking.The long Belgian coast can best be settled with...


Zeebrugge Warnings and Dangers

  • Luchonda's Profile Photo

    Latest News on 07/08/2003

    by Luchonda Updated Aug 7, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In fact it is not a warning tip on private visiting the sandsculpture festival in Zeebrugge.
    But this happened today :
    - Besides sandsculptures there was also a
    show of Ice -sculptures in separate iglos or cool cells..
    Some idiot(s) boycotted the central cooling installation with a fatal end - all sculptures vanished.
    Why - for gods sake why !!
    PS this picture was taken on august 06
    a last picture showing the demons who did it ???
    Or is it just a commercial stunt - many A/C installations failed during this warm/hot summer in Belgium !!


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Zeebrugge General

  • A Freudian Bridge?

    This was something that had caught my eye on a previous trip when passing though Zeebrugge on the Kusttram and so I just had to search it out this time round.I've no idea why I've got a fascination with these things but there's something about lifting bridges that always intrigues me - maybe it's a Freudian thing?As lifting bridges go this one,...

  • Walk along the Beach

    The beach in Zeebrugge, as well as the whole Belgium cost, is perfect for long walks.As you can see on the picture Zeebrugge is also one of the few cities at the Belgium coast which has not only the ugly buildings at the sea front! Well, there are some but not only. Insteat there is the huge and important harbour ... I spent an unforgattable day...

  • White sandy beach and lovely beach...

    If you visit Zeebrugge for the Sand Sculpture, you should also spend some time on the beach. It's one of the widest beaches at the Belgian Coast with lovely beach cabins. Here you will not find the mass tourism as you do find in the other coast towns, so it's nice and relaxing to spend some time here. There's an area for kids to play and a...


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