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Private Tour: Battle of Waterloo from Brussels
"Your private tour starts with pickup from your Brussels hotel by luxury private minivan. After a 40-minute drive south arrive in the city of Waterloo. It was here where in the year 1815 one of the most significant battles in European history took place — the Battle of Waterloo.Listen as your guide explains the history of the battle during which the French army fell to the Duke of Wellington’s British and Prussian forces leaving 12000 dead and 35
From EUR92.00
Brussels Half-Day City Tour
"Your tour begins with a short walk to discover the heart of medieval Brussels in the famous Grand Place with its world-famous Market Square. Here you will hear about the history of the remarkable City Hall and quaint Guild Houses.Next you will tour the city by luxury coach to see the beautiful St. Michael's Cathedral the Congress Column the Heyseldistrict with the world-famous Atomium the Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Tower. Passing the Royal Residence
From EUR30.00
Brussels Rail Day Trip from London
"Take the inclusive sightseeing tour and enjoy the medieval architecture that makes Brussels such a visited European city. Don't miss the Grand Place the city's central hub lined with guild houses and flowers adorning the ground like a carpet. You will also see the Atomium and maybe have lunch at one of the gourmand restaurants.Travel through the European Union district featuring Parliament bu the popular bronze statue of a young boy peeing into a fountain.You have the option to hop-on and off as many times as you like at any of the 13 strategically placed stops for your own sightseeing. With bus departures every 30 minutes and the ent this is the perfect way to orientate yourself with Belgium's capital.""""At just under two and half hours why not take the opportunity whilst in London to take a day trip by Eurostar over to the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Brussels! A Hop on Hop off card is included
From GBP174.00

Museums Tips (13)


Favorite thing The Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts in Brussels is one of the best paint museums in Europe.

One has to distinguish museums showing paintings of various periods or schools and museums devoted to a specific period or specific schools of art.

In the first category of "general" museums my preferences go to:

Rank 1:
The National Gallery, London.
Le Louvre, Paris.
Gemäldegalerie, Berlin.

Rank 2:
Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts, Brussels.
Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid.

In the second category of "specific" museums my preference goes to:

Rank 1:
Musée d'Orsay, Paris. (modern art)
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. (Dutch school)
Gemäldegalerie des Kunsthistorischen Museums, Vienna. (ancient paintings)

Rank 2:
Prado Museum, Madrid. (mainly Spanish schools)
Uffizi Galleria, Florence (Italian schools)
Alte Pinakothek, Munich (ancient paintings)

Of course there are more good museums to see in Europe but to see my favoured ones you will need already 11 days, travelling not included.
(Note: The Hermitage, St-Petersburg, might be in the above list but I haven't been there).

Fondest memory Bruxelles of the time of Jacques Brel: "quand Bruxelles brusselait" (that is 50 years ago).

breughel's Profile Photo
Aug 02, 2011

Royal Fine Arts Museum

Favorite thing The "Musee Royaux des Beaux Arts de Belgique"

The museum comprises the Museum of Ancient Art & Modern Art.

The collection of Flemish paintings includes all the major artists like Robert Campin, Dirk Bouts, Hans Memling. But the most famous artists are Peter Breughel, Paul Rubens and Anthony Van Dyck !

The address:

3, rue de la Rýgence

Open from 10.00 to 17.00, but closed on Mondays.

May 01, 2004

Fernand Khnopff

Favorite thing 'Fernand Khnopff' 1858-1921 grew up in Brugge.
After his sister was born in 1864 the family
moved to Brussels.
Soon he went to art school together with
'James Ensor'.

Khnopff work is spread all over the world and
is seen as Belgium most representative
artist for symbolism.

In 2004 the museum for fine arts in brussels
brought together 250 works in a nice exhibition.
Paintings , sculptures , drawings, pictures...

The nice thing about Belgian museums they
also often redecorate the museum for
temporary exhibits.
A matching wall paper here , there some
summary painted wall decorations.
Very nice. Also nice were the works from
Gustav Klimt , Ensor , Macintosch... to
give an idea of the art during that period.

I think he has only a few really really nice
paintings , still a very nice memory.

Have a look here.
There might just be a nice exposition when
you are visiting.

Another thing I want to tell you is the typical
Belgian thing. There were also pictures on
exposure of the artists house.
Knocked down...gone. Something that
happens way to often in Belgium.

Some tips'
It might get really crowded during the weekends...
Puchasing a ticket could take long!
If your staying outside Brussels check
for a combi ticket , train-museum-exhibition.
A lot cheaper and you avoid long lines.
Or order your ticket in advance.

belgianchocolate's Profile Photo
Aug 14, 2004

Memories of a museum...'tkongomuseum

Favorite thing Now the museums name is
Koninklijk museum voor midden-afrika,
Musée royal de L'Afrique centrale ,
Royal museum for central Africa'

As a kid I knew the museum as the
Kongomuseum. They got a very nice
website also in English.
It was always a big adventure when my
parents took me here. You have to know that
it is located in an amazing building.
One of those 'leopeld II' realisations. It was
build after the world fair in 1871 and has a little
bit versaille-recemblances.

I wasn't too interested in the african art from
the first exhibit rooms.
Also the largest collection in tropical
wood didn't do me a thing....
But they also got these large zoölogical
collection and 6 000 000 insects.
I was fascinated by the stuffed elephant , the
crocodiles , the giraffe...
These old dioramas with animals.
It all had that special atmosphere that did
something to me.

Actually the museum has become a museum
of a museum because since 1960 nothing
has changed.
By 2010 they want to make it a modern
museum again. I hope that the atmosphere
doesn't get lost.

Fondest memory When I took a friend there to show him
my childhood memories we saw this
glass goblet with quit a large insect in it...
It was as large as a fist. And the sign said
'tick'. Djeezes this was huge. We soon started
to imagen where this tick would end up.
And finally we imagined with this lady at the
veterinarian with a little white dog with this 'TICK'
We could'nt stop laughing and we almost got
trown out...

Royal Museum for Central Africa
Leuvensesteenweg 13
3080 Tervuren - Belgium

(take a tram at montgomery station till you reach
the terminus , the museum is 300 meters
away in a very nice green setting ,
a beautifull garden with statues...)

belgianchocolate's Profile Photo
Apr 14, 2004
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Brussels Card

Favorite thing If you are staying a few days in Brussels, it might be interesting to buy a 72 h Brussels Card.

With this Brussels card, you have free access to 25 museums, free rides on the Brussels public transport (STIB/MIVB), you get a free map of the city, and 25% discounts in tourist attractions, shops, bars and restaurants.

You can buy this Brussels Card Online : ( click on Visitors -> E-shop). You also can buy this card in the participating museums.

This card costs 29 euros.

You also receive The Brussels Card Guide
This guide explains everything on the participating museums and on the discounts included in the Brussels Card: (like where it is, how to get there and the opening hours)
This guide is in 4 languages: Dutch, German, French and English.

Fondest memory Visiting the museums

filipdebont's Profile Photo
May 07, 2006

Discover the Museum Quarter

Favorite thing If you are visiting Brussels on a Saturday or on a Sunday, it might be interesting to buy a Kunstberg Pass / Le Pas Mont des Arts.

It costs 11 euros (students : 5,5 euros, free access for children less then 13 Y.) - this pass is valid for one day.

where to buy : Bozarttickets - ravensteinstraat 18 (sat from 11h - 19h, sun from 10h - 18h), ticket counter of the Royal Museum for fine Arts, Music instruments museum, BELvue museum (sat and sun from 10h - 17h).

More info at

With this Kunstberg Pass, you have access to :

- (1) Royal Museum of fine Art (Koningsplein 3)
- (2) Palace of fine arts (ravensteinstraat 23)
- (3) Former Palace of Brussels (paleizenplein 7)
- (4) Music instruments museum (hofberg 2)
- (5) ING Culture centre (koningsplein 6)
- (6) BELvue museum (Paleizenplein 7)
- (7) Royal library of Belgium (kunstberg)

This pass is valid from February till August 2006 (only for one day)

Fondest memory the museums

filipdebont's Profile Photo
May 07, 2006


Favorite thing The explanation of the name of this Museum:

from the year 1238 a Franciscan Convent, which played an important role for quite some time in the social and religious life in Brussels, was found near the GROTE MARKT, the GRAND PLACE.

At the beginning of the 19th Century, a butter market occupied the site, which was subsequently replaced by the Stock Exchange at the end of the same Century!

Fondest memory It is a great place to visit! I can recommend it to you all!

For information and guided tours tel.: +32 (0)2 279 43 50

Fax: +32 (0)2 279 43 62

eden_teuling's Profile Photo
Mar 26, 2004


Favorite thing This H?TEL DE VILLE IS a MASTERPIECE of Gothic civil architecture from the 15th Century.

The BRUSSELS TOWN HALL is also famous for the richness of its INTERIOR.

Paintings, sculptures and tapestries evoke locan and national HISTORY in one of the most sumptuous environments in the country (BELGIUM)


tel. +32 2 279 43 50

Fondest memory It is situated at de GROTE MARKT in the very city centre.

Visiting this wonderful page will brighten your is an emersion in times-long-gone and after that feast you leave the building to step into the sunshine and nowadays BRUSSEL......

eden_teuling's Profile Photo
Mar 26, 2004

Top 5 Brussels Writers

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"Say Brussels?? K! let's go to find The Soul"
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"Gothic treasures , art nouveaux - a royal city!"
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Favorite thing This Museum which is housed behind former fa?ades dating back to the 17th Century, renews the presentations of its collections EVERY YEAR!

Costumes, lacework, embroidery, accessories and original documents from the 18th to the 20th Century are displayed alternately, focusing on original topics.

In pride of place is BRUSSELS LACE, famous the world over since the 18th Century..



+32 2 513 02 65

See some more photos in my TRAVELOGUES which, no doubt, will make you visit this wonderful museum.....

Going there just to get an impression of how one dressed (up) long, long before us......
before jeans and sweaters, trainers and boots!

eden_teuling's Profile Photo
Mar 26, 2004


Favorite thing READ TIP ABOVE THIS ONE....

ALSO IN THIS MUSEUM is this impressive tomb with the corpses / skeletons of unknown people, monks perhaps!

Address: Rue la Bourse

tel. for info and reservations: +32 (0)2 279 43 50

Fondest memory I love everything and coming so often in Brussels I wouldn't be able to make a choice of what exactly is my fondest memory.........I wouldn't dare favour one above the others....

eden_teuling's Profile Photo
Mar 26, 2004


A famous Belgian art form in a beautiful Art Nouveau Setting. Discover the history of Belgium's comic strip heroes (Tintin) and visit the beautiful shop with its many books and comic strip gadgets.
Open from 10am till 6 pm, Zandstraat / Rue des Sables 20 1000 Brussel
Admission: 4.50 euro. Open from 10am till 6 pm, Zandstraat / Rue des Sables 20 1000 Brussel
Admission: 180 Bfr.

Fondest memory TINTIN,
Probably the most famous cartoon character in the frensh-speaking world.
Created by George Remi (herge),tintin has helped generations of children to read and dream about adventures in other countries.

funkymama's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

I almost forgot to mention the...

Favorite thing I almost forgot to mention the Brewery Museum and the Chocolate Museum which are located at the south corner of the square. The former provides visitors an opportunity to sample different types of Belgian beer and the latter, chocolates of cuz.

Aug 25, 2002

Things to Do Near Brussels

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Hallepoort - Porte de Hal

The last remaining of the cities medieval towers. This one built in 1381 served as a prison until 1847 when it was converted to the Royal Museum for art and history, today its a museum featuring the...
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Place de Jue de Balle

I go here whenever I am in the city, and ususally come back with at least one thing that I really don't want. It's a great place to be nosey and rummage around. Its open daily, although I've learnt...
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Musée Bruxellois de la Gueuze & Cantillon Brewery

This is much better than the beer museum at the grand place! This is actually a still functioning gueuze beer brewery, and the only place where 'real gueuze' is still being made. You get a tour...
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Palais de Justice Bruxelles

This huge building is set upon a hill overlooking the city and houses the Belgium supreme court. It was built by the architect Poelart in 1883 and is larger that St. Peters in Rome. Great city views...
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Eglise Notre-Dame de la Chapelle

The oldest church in Brussels, its construction began in 1210 and was completed by the end of the 13Th century. It reflects the transition between Romanesque and Gothic styles. A Baroque bell tower...
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La Fleur en Papier Doré / Het Goudblommeke in Papier

Not to miss is the historical pub La Fleur en Papier Doré/Het Goudblommeke van Papier at the Cellebroersstraat 55. It was once the artistic café and meeting place of Brussels’s surrealists. Magritte,...
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