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Private Tour: Battle of Waterloo from Brussels
"Your private tour starts with pickup from your Brussels hotel by luxury private minivan. After a 40-minute drive south arrive in the city of Waterloo. It was here where in the year 1815 one of the most significant battles in European history took place — the Battle of Waterloo.Listen as your guide explains the history of the battle during which the French army fell to the Duke of Wellington’s British and Prussian forces leaving 12000 dead and 35
From EUR92.00
Brussels Half-Day City Tour
"Your tour begins with a short walk to discover the heart of medieval Brussels in the famous Grand Place with its world-famous Market Square. Here you will hear about the history of the remarkable City Hall and quaint Guild Houses.Next you will tour the city by luxury coach to see the beautiful St. Michael's Cathedral the Congress Column the Heyseldistrict with the world-famous Atomium the Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Tower. Passing the Royal Residence
From EUR30.00
Private Tour: Brussels Sightseeing Tour
"Depart your Brussels hotel by private air-conditioned vehicle for your 3-hour tour. If there’s anything you want to see more of let your guide know: your tour is private so the itinerary can be tailored to your interests.Stop at the Grand Place Brussels' magnificent medieval main square. Stroll by the baroque and Gothic buildings as you hear about their history and walk to the Statue of the Peeing Boy (Manneken Pis) to learn why this quirky monument of a urinating boy was placed here in the mid-1600s.Drive to the Laeken district home to the main residence of Belgium’s royal family. Pass St Michael’s Cathedral
From EUR52.00

Other Pubs & Bars Tips (99)

Le Soleil: Melissa's Favourite

I love Le Soleil... Located in an old men and children' clothes store, with its wooden old-fashion décor (wood tables, wood chair, wood pannels), Le Soleil is really quiet in the morning and early afternoon. It’s a good place to drink coffee and read your newspaper. In the late afternoon, it gets busy and if the weather is good, the terrace (probably one of the best in Brussels if youy exclude the Grand'Place) will fill up and FAST. Lively place to have a beer or a genievre (the “other alcohol” of Belgium).
If you need a bite to eat (tartines, soup, spaghetti), its available as well.

Dress Code None

melissa_bel's Profile Photo
Mar 13, 2005

Le Corbeau: Dancing on tables?

Be really careful because you might miss it but Le Corbeau is a neat little place. When I went back to Brussels, I had some trouble finding it again ;o). There, you can have “chevalier” style beer (beer served in an hourglass-shaped glass) which makes drinking fun. There is a whole technique here if you want to avoid spilling your beer (and your dignity).

Live bands are dropping by from time-to-time and I remember a late night there dancing on Abba’s Dancing Queen on the tables with some English girl. It was fun.

A sympathetic address which doesn't take itself seriously.

melissa_bel's Profile Photo
Feb 05, 2006

Kafka: To end the night...

It’s late, on my table, in this dark bar, several glasses of genievre are empty and I am having an existential conservation with one of my friend. Where else could I be than the Kafka? It’s a cliché scene in this bar that hosts the young Flemish intelligentsia. Drink of the house? Vodka and they have lots of it! It is quiet and look old and dusty but if you want to finish the night with genever and good conservation, this is the place.

Warning : I have heard rumors that the Kafka was going to be closed soon. To be verified.

melissa_bel's Profile Photo
Feb 05, 2006

Lop-Lop Cafe Expression is now "The Churchill": For the young tourist who feels a bit lost.

The Lop-Lop has evolved with the years. First thing you notice about it? The number of country flags . In the early nineties, it used to be my flatmates and I’s hang-out. The beer was cheap, the mood truly bohemian, you had musicians dropping by, playong on one of the two pianos if they felt like it… You could tell just by looking at the owner, a Brit with long beard and John Lennon glasses. It was cool and it was our headquarter. Then, it was decided to do a big clean-up and now, the Lop-Lop has become a hang-out for young English-speakers and is quite popular. For some reasons, the list of beers is quite big (and the bar even provides information on its menu about them) and reasonably priced. A good place for expats, young tourists and locals alike.

WARNING : After years of services, the LopLop is not anymore. It's been refurbished and is now called "The Churchill", still catering to the young tourist or foreigner living in Brussels with TV screen and everything. A piece of my heart got broken.

melissa_bel's Profile Photo
May 28, 2008
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Java: A cool little bar in St-Gery

This little Flemish bar with its Gaudi-style bar is a gem. It’s stylish, colourfull but not pretentious. The cocktails are great and the teas are good too. Since it's so small, it's better to be be there in the afternoon, and avoid the crowd.

melissa_bel's Profile Photo
Jun 15, 2004

Flanagan's: ARCHIVE--- doesn't exist anymore - A "Killer" time

Allright… I am a little ashamed to admit that I go to Flanagan’s bar because the crowd is usually quite young.The Flanagan’s is better known for being a music venue but it is the only bar that has two lethal cocktail: the Barbecue and the aptly named Killer. I won’t say much about them, it’s a surprise but you have to be able to hold your alcohol… and not be driving, of course. The bar in itself is quite cozy because the Flannagan’s is located in an old 19th century house and the bar looks more like a couple of beautiful rooms in someone’s home.

melissa_bel's Profile Photo
Jun 09, 2004

Coucou Bar: 'Handsome' ladies

I don't know how many times I saw the show.
It must be over a hunderd times.
The first time a big picture of Tina Turner
catched my attention. Could I be more amazed
when that poster wasn't Tina but
'Alain Du Coucou bar'
She is a real star when she performs...
Tina Turner , Shirley Basey , Cher , Dana
International. These larger then live
characters easely come to life.

In the picture you can see 'Gil Do Brazil'
She is an excellent dancer. Her performances
are often quit original. She doesn't
always imitate...cabaret.
Another favorite is 'Victoria Holyn's'.
She on her own makes you forget
the moulin rouge. ;-)

Who are they...? They are often gay men ,
(a few 'sirenes' - men with real breast)
who love the spotlight , spend loads of time
searching for dresses , muisic , accesoires...

The Coucou is a little world.
The nice thing is , the show is for ' free ,
you just pay for the drinks.
Le Coucou is open during the week
, but not very attractive then.
It lives up in the weekend...
Friday at 2 - show.
Saturday , two shows - 1h30 and 3h30
for the real nightcrawlers.

The shows are always brought by
different artist. In general the quality is high
and the shows are descent...
But be warned , sometime it really s*cks ,
and 'Madame sans G?ne' is a real pest.

Dress Code
It is rather small here. The crowd ,
they all seem to know each other. Gay ,
lesbian , he , she , grandma , it doesn't
matter. Everybody is welcome. One table with
ladies in the back with very large hands ,
it's their day out.
So gents , if you feel like wearing a dress ,
that is ok too. Whatever.

belgianchocolate's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Café Métropole: Drink in elegance

I put the Café Métropole in "nightlife" but it's a cafe that is better suited in the daytime. The "casual" cafe of the famed Hôtel Métropole reflects the design of the hotel with the high-ceilings, marble and turn-of-century feel. It really feels luxurious and if you sit at the terrace, you can glance at the hotel patrons going in and out. My first cafe ever in Brussels... the first I encounter when I finally dared going out of my "Kot" (students' room) when I moved in Brussels so... this spot has a special place in my heart.

melissa_bel's Profile Photo
Jun 12, 2004

Top 5 Brussels Writers

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"More than a decade in Brussels"
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"Say Brussels?? K! let's go to find The Soul"
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"Gothic treasures , art nouveaux - a royal city!"
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Café Belga: Trendy hangout

Trendy bar located on the groundfloor of the boat-shaped building of the old National Institute for Radio Broadcasting. This 50's building was recently restored and became a cultural center (concert hall, audiovisual center, shows etc.). The café is also new but the very large bar is still from the 50's. I like the atmosphere, the background music is quite ecclectic (mostly trip hop and electronic) and it's always crowded by all kinds of people (artists, students, older people too).
You order drinks at the bar and the food (which is pretty good) from a counter at the kitchen entrance.

Bigjones's Profile Photo
Dec 12, 2003

Le Falstaff: Some drinks in Art Nouveau setting

Hmmm... Very dubitative towards this Brussels institute. I heard so much about it...

For sure, it is a place that is worth the trip for its interior (and exterior!) setting: Art nouveau pieces everywhere. The ceiling is really gorgeous, luscent with those iron- stained glasses. Really beautiful. The yellow-orange-ochre walls just give it a pinch of warmth. Nice contrasts with the dark woodlumbers.

Le Falstaff is one of some typical Brussels pubs that have been there for decades and have kept original Art Nouveau setting.

As far as food is concerned, I can't say since I've never eaten there. It means to serve Belgian cuisine. But really, I can't say about things I've never experienced.

My experience there was some drinks (twice). The first time, I noticed some dust and sticky but dried liquid on the table. Seems like waiters haven't cleaned it from previous clients... The second time, it was more OK.

However, service was really "icy" as usual (I've been there twice). Waiters don't really listen to you and instead of bringing the second round, one even gave us the bill (!). LOL The waiter "in-chief" brought us the second round drinks, but then no smile at all... just the formal "S'il vous plaît!"... Anyway, I noticed all of that but I didn't mind since I was in good company. :))

Just spent hours having some great conversation. Chocolate was served perfectly hot, the surround- sound was nice: Sade songs among others. What else do you need? Plus, the bill was not as heavy as you can imagine from all the hype around it.

I would say, give it a try, at least for the setting.. typically Brussels Art nouveau. Have some drinks... Or, even better, experience the food and tell me about your experience. In fact, I would like to try their cuisine à la bière one day, typically Brussels' cuisine.

Dress Code No special requirement though clientèle is diverse but a bit posh... No rotten jeans neither dirty sneakers there. :))

Norali's Profile Photo
Feb 04, 2004

Le perroquet: Setting, ambience between Sablon and Marolles area

Art Nouveau again...

Setting is nice, service is OK, clean.

I am not fussy but have to say, we were served some mint tea without any plate where to lay our teaspoons... Just had to lay them on the packings of our speculoos (kind of local tea fingers). :)) Otherwise, it would have been on the table itself...

We were there on a saturday, waiters were students, that probably insured this laid back attitude compared to other stuffy looking Art nouveau institutes (Le Falstaff, for instance).

Well, I would recommend to go there for the drinks, the ambience (young clientele), probably some snack food (pittas, moussaka...), some pies and cakes.

Again, I was in great company... Again, they played Sade (a whole album, it seems... Well, the one I use to listen to before going to bed :). I just noticed that Sade just followed me those days, while having some good time in a pub... Sure, one needs some easy listening sometimes... And easy listening is not a pejorative term for me, either the summum of art :) just some cool music.

Dress Code No special requirements, young clientèle

Norali's Profile Photo
Feb 04, 2004

Other Pubs & Bars: Watch people in the cold...

when you are sheltered in the heat of Falstaff terrasse.

This is something you could do in winter. Sit on a terrasse and watch passers-by, ranging from hords of tourists to youngsters' clusters, businessmen wandering in city center... A bus station stands right in front of the terrasse. Perfect for people watching, isn't it?

You can have some warm drinks or some Belgian dishes... Yet, I think I prefer having lunch inside...

For what Falstaff is worth, check my previous tip.

Dress Code No special requirement.

Enlarge the pic to have a look onto the charming setting.

Norali's Profile Photo
Nov 19, 2003

Things to Do Near Brussels

Things to Do

Hallepoort - Porte de Hal

The last remaining of the cities medieval towers. This one built in 1381 served as a prison until 1847 when it was converted to the Royal Museum for art and history, today its a museum featuring the...
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Place de Jue de Balle

I go here whenever I am in the city, and ususally come back with at least one thing that I really don't want. It's a great place to be nosey and rummage around. Its open daily, although I've learnt...
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Things to Do

Musée Bruxellois de la Gueuze & Cantillon Brewery

This is much better than the beer museum at the grand place! This is actually a still functioning gueuze beer brewery, and the only place where 'real gueuze' is still being made. You get a tour...
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Things to Do

Palais de Justice Bruxelles

This huge building is set upon a hill overlooking the city and houses the Belgium supreme court. It was built by the architect Poelart in 1883 and is larger that St. Peters in Rome. Great city views...
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Eglise Notre-Dame de la Chapelle

The oldest church in Brussels, its construction began in 1210 and was completed by the end of the 13Th century. It reflects the transition between Romanesque and Gothic styles. A Baroque bell tower...
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La Fleur en Papier Doré / Het Goudblommeke in Papier

Not to miss is the historical pub La Fleur en Papier Doré/Het Goudblommeke van Papier at the Cellebroersstraat 55. It was once the artistic café and meeting place of Brussels’s surrealists. Magritte,...
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