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Brussels Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
"Enjoy a hop-on hop-off tour in the heart of Europe and marvel at the best of Brussels from an open-top double-decker bus complete with informative commentary. Hop on and off the bus at any stop as many times as you like to see the sights that interest you on the blue and red route. With buses departing every 30 minutes and tickets valid for 24 hours or 48 hours after first use this is the perfect way to explore Belgium's capital.See the Itinerary section below for a list of all stops.""""See the best of Brussels on an easy and convenient hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour! The perfect do-it-yourself sightseeing tour in Brussels
From EUR25.00
Private Tour: Brussels Sightseeing Tour
"Depart your Brussels hotel by private air-conditioned vehicle for your 3-hour tour. If there’s anything you want to see more of let your guide know: your tour is private so the itinerary can be tailored to your interests.Stop at the Grand Place Brussels' magnificent medieval main square. Stroll by the baroque and Gothic buildings as you hear about their history and walk to the Statue of the Peeing Boy (Manneken Pis) to learn why this quirky monument of a urinating boy was placed here in the mid-1600s.Drive to the Laeken district home to the main residence of Belgium’s royal family. Pass St Michael’s Cathedral
From EUR52.00
Brussels Super Saver: Private Brussels Sightseeing Tour plus Antwerp Day Trip from Brussels
"Depart your Brussels hotel by private air-conditioned vehicle for your 9-hour tour. If there’s anything you want to see more of let your guide know: your tour is private so the itinerary can be tailored to your interests.The morning is spent in Brussels with your first stop being at the Grand Place Brussels' magnificent medieval main square. Stroll by the baroque and Gothic buildings as you hear about their history and walk to the Statue of the Peeing Boy (Manneken Pis) to learn why this quirky monument of a urinating boy was placed here in the mid-1600s.Drive to the Laeken district
From EUR142.00

La Kasbah Tips (10)

La Kasbah: Like in 1001 nights ...

This Moroccan restaurant looks already good from the street where you can see orange stalls on the window and also part of the decoration. But once you go inside, you enter in a different world. With the hundreds of multicoloured lanterns hanging from the ceiling, the nice decoration, the typical Moroccan music, the waiters talking in arabic, you feel like you are in Morocco for real. And wait until you taste the food ! They serve all kinds of typical Mococcan meals like couscous, tajines and mezze. I had a fantastic couscous merguez. My plate was so huge I couldn't finish but if ever you're still hungry after that, you can ask for more anytime. Very friendly service as well. Excellent price/quality rate (couscous : 13,50 euros).

Bigjones's Profile Photo
Apr 28, 2004

La Kasbah: Great Moroccan!

I'm not an expert on Moroccan food, but I think this restaurant is extremely good and probably everyone would like it here. Starting with the atmosphere already: hundreds of beautiful lamps are hanging from the ceiling and together with the colours, the music and the food of course, it's really like you're not in Brussels anymore.

The food is really really good. My wife had a lamb tajine, which she was really excited about. I think Moroccan food suits Asian people very well. I had a mixed grill. My meat tasted fabulous and it was very tender. We took some baklava for dessert, and I was dissapointed when they were finished.

We asked the waiter, who was really friendly, which Moroccan red wine was good. He recommended us a bottle, and it was not bad, but next time we won't take that one anymore.

I think it's best to make reservations here. We went on a Wednesday evening, and they could just squeeze us in at a table in the middle. Next time I would like to have a nicer table at the side.

Museeuw's Profile Photo
May 20, 2007

La Kasbah: Delicious Maugrebian food

This restaurant was a great experience. The food is absolutely delicious, the service very friendly and the setting is just wonderful. A bit of Morocco in the middle of Brussels.

Favorite Dish Tajine with prunes and grilled almonds!

Mahieu's Profile Photo
Oct 13, 2008

La Kasbah: Casablanca Waaay North

Mmmmmm, I just can't sing the praises of this one often enough! From the nanosecond you step inside, you just know you're not merely in Brussels anymore. You have crossed the straits of Gibraltar and have entered another world. It's dark and aromatic with the warm shades and spices and meats and incenses of an intimate dinner in a tent in a North African desert. The romance of 1,001 Moroccan Nights, without leaving the European continent.

Favorite Dish Lamb brochettes and lamb tajine and couscous. A sample platter of a half-dozen or so flavorful Moroccan appetizers. Moroccan red wine. Excellent company. This is the life. Seriously.

morgane1692's Profile Photo
Apr 06, 2004
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La Kasbah: Just perfect..

This restaurant in the very fashion Dansaert area is by far the best moroccan place in Brussels. The food is fantastic, the decor, music and atmosphere are fabulous (add a real kasbah and you find yourself in Marrakesh..) and the staff is very funny .
Book in advance

Aug 17, 2004

La Kasbah: Enter Morrocco

Thanks to Austen73's innitiative for organizing a VT-Meeting, I discovered the much talked about La Kasbah. I must say, the place looked really beautiful with dozens of colourful Morroccan lamps hanging from the cealing, candlelight, nice sofas and old pictures of Maghreb and the Middle-East as a finishing touch. The lower floor is also a must see and there is also the possibility to smoke the nargileh. Cherry on top : the restroom has to be seen! A real 1001 Nights Palace!

Now, everything on the menu looks delicious and although I am a BIG fan of couscous, I went ahead and chose the Chicken Tajine with Candied Lemon and I didn't regret it! The mix of spices and lemon really blended well with the chicken and I must say that for me, the best part was the lemon that was bathing in the delicious juice.

Most of my dinner mates went for the couscous Kasbah Royal (couscous with a mix of different meat) and it suffice to say that there was not much talk while eating so, I take it as a sign it was really tasty.

The desserts (which I didn't order) looked really appetizing but I can't comment on how they tasted like (no complains from my friends though).

We ended our meal with a traditionnal mint tea served with orange blossom water, of course!

Total : 26 Euros p/person which is really not bad at all! What more can we ask?

melissa_bel's Profile Photo
Feb 05, 2006

La Kasbah: Kasbah Moroccan Restaurant, Brussels

An excellent Moroccan restaurant, with friendly staff, a great atmosphere, and very good food. The food tastes great, is filling and reasonably priced. Photo is courtesy of

The wine list is surprisingly good, despite an over-reliance on North African wines. I had the Pinot Gris.

Well worth a visit.

Favorite Dish Vegetable Couscous is my favourite dish, although the Mezze is good too. The vegetable Tagine was slightly disappointing.

One of my colleagues had a chicken dish, which he enjoyed, but which was pretty basic.

Gyppo's Profile Photo
Mar 24, 2005

Kasbah, my favorite Moroccan...

Kasbah, my favorite Moroccan restaurant.
The food is more than okay ! It is excellent, and also the service is really good. The atmosphere is like a real Arabic fairytale, with a beautiful interior of the restaurant. Very romantic...

Favorite Dish Everything ! There is no special item I would recommend, but you have to try the lambmeat, the tajine-dishes, kebab and their Moroccan wines.

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Aug 25, 2002

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Our all time favourite in...

Our all time favourite in Brussels is: 'Kasbah', a Morroccan restaurant. I recently went back to this restaurant for the 3rd time and again the service, the food and the atmosphere were perfect!
The atmosphere, the great service, the fine food...

Favorite Dish Everything! I absolutely love the grilled specials such as the Couscous Royal (BEF 650). You'll get the best grilled lamb meat, chicken, merguez sausages + a piece of tender lamb. Simply divine...

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Aug 25, 2002

La Kasbah: the best Maghreb restaurant !!!

This is a fairy tail restaurant, 1001 nights !! When i go out to eat i want to relax and this is one of those perfect places.

Favorite Dish tajine, couscous,....

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Sep 19, 2006

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Getting to La Kasbah


20, rue Antoine Dansaert - 1000 Ville de Bruxelles


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    18:30 to 23:00
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