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Private Tour: Brussels City Sightseeing Tour
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Vincent Tips (7)

Restaurant Vincent: Oops....they missed the boat...

Things did not start well. The restaurant had been recommended to me while in Brussels and also there were recommendations on Chowhound. I arrived shortly after 9 PM without reservations. Even though there were empty tables out front, and no one waiting, I almost had to beg for a table. Not good! I opted for a three course meal, starting with tomato soup, followed by a marinated herring salad, with a goulash style shredded beef, carbonade. After a wait, and then an impatient waiter, my soup arrived. It was the worst tomato soup I had ever if they pureed a tomato and then heated it up. Then the filet of herring...but the vegetables looked (and tasted) like they were from a can....The carbonade was flavorful and a generous helping, but I was so discouraged by the 1st two courses, it took all I could do to enjoy it. I was felt I was being rushed off even though it was only 10:30 PM

Favorite Dish They need to stop living off of a bygone reputation....

Roadquill's Profile Photo
Aug 05, 2013

Restaurant Vincent: Give this one a miss

The restaurant is fairly close to Grand Place. When we arrived the restaurant was fairly quiet; it soon filled up including one noisy table for 12 tourists.
The menu is long on items and short on quality. I ordered lamb Carree, which turned out to be 2 small lamb chops and some suspect vegetables.
Everything was OTT expensive. The bill for 2 courses including a bottle of mediocre wine was £80 ($160)

Favorite Dish None

Apr 14, 2008

Vincent: Mussels & French Fries

Don't remember much about the service but enjoyed the food so much went back a second time on the same trip.

Favorite Dish I loved their Moules a l'escargot. The combination of oils and garlic made for a very flavorable dish. You may also want to save room for dessert they have a very nice selection.

Jul 26, 2006

Vincent: A Huge Disappointment

I should've known better -- considering the proximity to Hell's Kitchen (see Warnings & Dangers tip), but the place was selected & recommended by a colleague for a company event. Still can't figure out why!?

First the re-seated us because we were 3 people short (and the place wasn't full, anyway), then they argued with us about the order & told us to select only 2-3 things because otherwise it will take an hour. I couldn't believe that they couldn't support 8 different orders.

The food was certainly nothing to write home about (we didn't try the mussels, it was May), and the veggie salad was just ridiculously predictable & boring for the 11 euro price-tag.

Favorite Dish none, but I would consider a "waiter in own sauce"

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Aug 03, 2005
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This is one my favorite restaurant and I'll try to come here at least once everytime I am in Brussels.
The steaks are exquisite and fish-dishes very tasty….
You just can't miss to eat once here!!
From the outside it looks like a butcher store with the meet hanging in the window and when you enter the restaurant you pass through the kitchen!!
I have brought here so many friends and groups that the staff is starting to know me very!

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Mar 09, 2005

Restaurant Vincent: Fish, Mussels & Seafood

After a hard week's work, the team celebrated with a meal in this restaurant.... I was struck by the tiling and the large globe lights... it certainly wasn't the cosiest restaurant, looking rather like a public convenience, but the food was wonderful.

The strange thing was that you had to enter the restaurant through the kitchens....

Favorite Dish I just love the mussels... these were aux escargots which meant that there were no snails in them, but they were cooked in garlic butter just like snails... they added a touch of finely shredded cheese on the top which just finished the dish off nicely.

The chef's special was Steak au Poivre which was a very tender piece of beef with a stunning pepper sauce. The African Professor from Dar es Salaam was so impressed with this sauce I had to give him the recipe, then he wanted another for a pasta sauce.... I had visions of him taking over his wife's kitchen upon his return so show off his new skills...

The whole cost of the meal, including two rather stunning wines was 250 Euros or therabouts for 6 people..... it's definitely the drinks that bump up the prices in the restaurants.....

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Oct 18, 2004

I ate at two restaurants, ...

I ate at two restaurants, Restaurant Vincent and Restaurant Giuseppe, neither of which I would classify as 'favorites,' because the waiters are haughty, but the food is good and you can't beat the atmosphere.
Both serve meals outside and that is the best way to eat while in Europe. The meal at Vincent's was pricey, and Giuseppe's was BEF 1010 (about US $24) for two people and a nice meal.

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Aug 24, 2002

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