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Private Tour: Battle of Waterloo from Brussels
"Your private tour starts with pickup from your Brussels hotel by luxury private minivan. After a 40-minute drive south arrive in the city of Waterloo. It was here where in the year 1815 one of the most significant battles in European history took place — the Battle of Waterloo.Listen as your guide explains the history of the battle during which the French army fell to the Duke of Wellington’s British and Prussian forces leaving 12000 dead and 35
From EUR92.00
Brussels Half-Day City Tour
"Your tour begins with a short walk to discover the heart of medieval Brussels in the famous Grand Place with its world-famous Market Square. Here you will hear about the history of the remarkable City Hall and quaint Guild Houses.Next you will tour the city by luxury coach to see the beautiful St. Michael's Cathedral the Congress Column the Heyseldistrict with the world-famous Atomium the Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Tower. Passing the Royal Residence
From EUR30.00
Private Tour: Brussels Sightseeing Tour
"Depart your Brussels hotel by private air-conditioned vehicle for your 3-hour tour. If there’s anything you want to see more of let your guide know: your tour is private so the itinerary can be tailored to your interests.Stop at the Grand Place Brussels' magnificent medieval main square. Stroll by the baroque and Gothic buildings as you hear about their history and walk to the Statue of the Peeing Boy (Manneken Pis) to learn why this quirky monument of a urinating boy was placed here in the mid-1600s.Drive to the Laeken district home to the main residence of Belgium’s royal family. Pass St Michael’s Cathedral
From EUR52.00

Place du Petit Sablon Tips (35)

Le Petit Sablon

Opposite the Our lady of Sablon Church there is a small park. It is Le Petit Sablon (de kleine Zavel).

At first this park was a square. This park is surrounded by a fence which is decorated with 48 beautiful small statues; these statues represent the different Brussels trades.

filipdebont's Profile Photo
Mar 03, 2004

Historical spot for the Belgians and Dutch

The little "Zavel"place across the street from the Little Zavel-church is a spot where many Lowlanders get some chills. It was here that in the medieval years the battle for independance of The Lowlands, struck a very sensitive snare by the execution of two prominent nobels: the dukes Egmond and Van Horne. Few weeks before they had a twist with William of Orange, whether to go against the will of Philip I, king of Spain, or stay at his side. The conflict in the Lowlands however was already escalating and Philip I didn;t show any compasion with the religious splitting of the Catholic church. Egmond and Van horne choose to stick with the king and William's famous answer to there remark "well, goodbye, prince without a country" ... his reply: "farewell, dukes without heads."
The Little Zavel-place is also a very green and idyllic place surrounded by a high fence decorated on each pole with a statue representing all known guilds in that time.

Pavlik_NL's Profile Photo
Aug 13, 2003

The place du Grand Sablon

Behind the church, the place du Grand Sablon is one of Brussels' most charming squares, a sloping wedge of cobblestones flanked by tall and slender town houses plus the occasional Art Nouveau facade. The square serves as the centre of one of the city's wealthiest districts, and is busiest at weekends, when an antiques market clusters below the church. Many of the shops on Sablon and the surrounding streets are devoted to antiques and art, and you could easily spend an hour or so window-browsing from one to another – or you can soak up the atmosphere eating or drinking in one of Sablon's cafés. The Musée Postal et Musée des Télécommunications (Tues–Sat 10am–4.30pm; free), at no. 40, holds a complete collection of Belgian stamps and oodles of old telecommunications equipment, though it is currently being revamped.

Aug 12, 2003

The Little Sablon Square (Petit Sablon)

This park is called 'De Kleine Zavel'/Le petit Sablon. It is surrounded by 48 little statues representing the medieval guilds of Brussels. In the center is the statue of the counts of Egmont and Hoorne who were executed at the Market Place by order of Philip II of Spain in 1568.

Nowadays, the Sablon is visited by lovers of antiques and art because in this area you can find hundreds of antiques shops and art galleries. Especially popular is the weekly antique market which is held on Saturdays from 9 a.m till 6 p.m. and on Sundays from 9 a.m. till 1 p.m.

The Sablon is one of the most attractive areas of Brussels.

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Jul 08, 2003
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Charming little park in a less than charming city

Walking along Rue de la Regence towards the Palace of Justice there is a charming little park opposite the equally charming Church of Notre-Dame du Sablon.
There are more than 40 bronze statues on top of the stone piers, which support the iron railings. Each figure represents a guild or trade and is suitably dressed and carrying tools, ladders etc.
The park is well kept and pleasantly laid out.
Trying to load a pic ! I've down loaded it !

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Jan 15, 2003

Le Petit Sablon

This small but beautiful park is name Kleine Zavel or Petit Sablon. It was opened in 1890. There are 48 gothic pillars around the park having a statue of Brussel's artisans. Each statue wears the typical clothes of their artisan. In the middle of the park is a statue of the Earls Egmont and Hoorn. There were beheaded by guillotine on the Grand Market place. The base is decorated with the coat of arms of the two Earls.

Nicole whose VT name is Nicoleken helped me with the information. I had taken the picture of this beautiful park because I liked it so much. Then as I was building my Brussels page I realized I had misplaced the notes I had taken about this location. Thanks so much Nicole.

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Jan 10, 2003

Kleine Zavel (in french Petit Sablon)

The small park Kleine Zavel (Petit Sablon) is very recend and opened in 1890. The 48 gotic pillars are carrying each a statue of Brussels’ artisans. Each statue wears his typical clothes of their artisan. In the middle of the “Petit Sablon” is the statue of the earls Egmont and Hoorn who were beheaded (guillotine) on the Grand Market place of Brussels.
The base is decorated with the coat of arms of the 2 earls.
Around Egmont en Hoorn are 10 statues of wellknown persons from the XVIe century.
The Park is ful of symbols :
the nine buxus bushes on the grass represent the (early) 9 provinces of Belgium. But especially the stautes embellish the park and make it fascinating.

nicoleken's Profile Photo
Jan 08, 2003

Kleine Zavelplein

The gardens on this square were created in 1890. In the back of the gardens a fountain is built to remember the graves of Egmont and Horne who were the leaders of the Dutch people who bravely fought the Spanish in the time of Filips II. They were beheaded on the Grote Markt in 1568.

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Dec 05, 2002

Top 5 Brussels Writers

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Place du Petit Sablon and...

Place du Petit Sablon and Grand Sablon
2 beautiful squares. Petit Sablon (on the pic) has a garden set up by Duke Sablon, which is like a small oasis in the mid of a busy city. Next to the garden there is Notre Dame du Sablon, unfortunately half of it was covered with scaffolding, but what remained revealed, showed to us how beautiful it is.

The street leading from Petit Sablon to Grand Sablon is full of antique shops but very expencive judging by the windows.

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Aug 25, 2002

Petit Sablon park

the Petit Sablon is a tranquil garden commemorating the 16th-century guilds and the martyred Egmont and Hoorne, two Flemish counts executed by the Spanish in 1569.

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Sep 08, 2003

Be sure to see Petit Sablon...

Be sure to see Petit Sablon (Kleine Zavel), a square surrounded by statues representing the old guilds. It's fun to guess which guild is represented by which statue.

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Aug 24, 2002

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