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Planes Tips (39)

Brussels Airport Departure Hall

Since March 2016 the airport departure hall doesn't look like this anymore, but still Brussels Airport in Zaventem is one of the busiest airport and is the most important and largest airport in Belgium. Most flights depart and arrived here either short or long haul

There is only two terminal A and B as a result there are huge of gates, you need a reasonable walk if you depart here. You can walk through a roller conveyors

Terminal (B) is mostly use for long haul flights, while terminal (A) is for short distance flights.

The gate 61 upto 72 at terminal (A) has a dual function, this gates are used for non-Schengen flights to Africa and the USA

Terminal (A) is equipped with scanners for your boarding pass and this will therefore be easy.

Destinations outside Europe terminal (B) have to go through the passport control, unfortunately no automatic scanner for biometric passports

When you enter to departure hall, first thing you see is the huge screen for all destination and check-in counters.

Check your flight number of destination and you will see which counters you must be, counters are by numbered

After checked in, you get your boarding pass and it also state which terminal you must be. There are only (A and B) terminal, so follow the sign

Terminal (B) after passing through boarding pass, passport control, you'll come directly to a duty free shops. After duty free shops, you can directly go to security control.

Once you get through there, you're on your way to departure gates. Brussels airport is very nice plenty of shops, bars and restaurants inside

Walking to the gates at terminal (A) will approximately 5-10 min depend which gate you have. Is a long hall way with gates upto 72

shavy's Profile Photo
Sep 04, 2016

From Charleroi airport by train/bus combination

At Charleroi airport there are two ticket dispensers where you can buy a single or a return ticket (return on the same day) valid for "any Belgian destination".This ticket covers a journey in a TEC bus (from the airport to Charleroi-Sud station) and a train journey (from Charleroi-Sud to any station in Belgium).
You can reach Brussels South Charleroi Airport easily from any station in Belgium.Ask for the "code 814 - O/W fare or code 815 return fare" at your local train station.
Bus A goes from the airport to Charleroi train station (€ 5, about 20 minutes):

lotharscheer's Profile Photo
Jul 11, 2016

Cheaper shuttle from/to the Charleroi AIrport

Going to or from Brussels to the Charleroi Airport is super easy... you take the shuttle you're subconsciently forced to take. Everyone and everything point you to the official Brussel city shuttle. When landing for the first time, and going out of the airport you can see only that... the big blue buses. It will cost you 17 euros, one way, if you did not book on internet ( 14 on the website).

Dam it ! almost more expansive than your ryanair flight.

So, the less easy but cheapest way : the Euro coach shuttle. (

- 10 euros one way ( bought straightly from the driver)
- 16 euros both ways if booked on the website ( 48H in advance)

But now the euro shuttle service is about to close because not enough customers... even if it's cheaper. I don't understand you people really.

So i think it's a matter of communication and that we are forced into the official shuttle.

My tip : although they're saying on the website they will stop the shuttle from 1sr january 2016, i took one two days ago, and the drive told me nothing was definite.

So arriving at the airport, you can check it out ( you go left when you're out following the "charleroi trainstation shuttle/bus" sign, and when you reach the autobuses parking look for a white bus tagged "euro coach shuttle, ryanair". You can buy your ticket from the driver.

When in Brussels-midi ( south station), when you find the Brussel city shuttle... just walk 1 minute further on the same avenue, it should be here.

I'm so dissapointed if they stop it cause i'm going often in Belgium and i don't want to loose money over superexpansive transportation monopole.

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Jan 11, 2016

Charleroi Airport.

A shuttle bus runs on a regular schedule between Gare du Midi/ South Station and the airport. Cost oneway is 13 Euro.
Website From the airport there are buses to different places in Belgium, not only to Brussels.

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Jun 23, 2015
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Arriving Brussels At BRU

Normally I arrive Brussels by train but on this occassion I was coming in from Berlin and being pushed for time flew into Brussels International with EasyJet from Berlin's Schoenfeld (a lovely airport BTW).

Before I go any further you should note that Brussels International (BRU) is a different airport from Brussels Charleroi (CRL).

My first impression of BRU was that it was huge - after the simplicity of departing Schoenfeld the walk from the EasyJet gate seemed to go on forever - not that it was unpleasant, there were plenty of moving walkways and bars and shops etc had I been inclined to allow myself such digresions, just long.

Eventually I escaped, had a quick cigarette, and found the train station to get into the city - this was much better. The train station is located in the underground level, is well-signposted and trains run into the city roughly every 15 minutes during the day with a journey time of between 11 mins (Gare du Nord) and 20 mins (into Midi) - it also stops at Central. As I wanted a "Jump carnet" for the Metro and trams I bought my ticket from the manned ticket office (the single fare into the city was 5.30 euros at the time of writing (Jan 2012)) and the journey was totally effortless - in fact it took me longer to escape the airport than the train took to get to Gare du Nord.

Not an airport I'd add to my favourites list but it certainly is easy to get to and from and if you want to check the connection times on the Belgian Railways website (other contact) use "Bruxelles Nat Aeroport" as your start/finish station.

johngayton's Profile Photo
Jan 25, 2015

Brussels airlines

With flights to about 49 European destinations as well as to 21 African destinations, the airline offers an excellent network to travel to, from and via Brussels. There are daily flights from Malaga to increase the frequency during summer time.

Con vuelos a unos 49 destinos europeos además de a 21 destinos africanos, la aerolínea ofrece una red excelente para viajar hacia, desde y vía Bruselas. Desde Málaga hay vuelos diarios aumentando la frecuencia durante el verano.

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Jul 25, 2012

Leave plenty of time to LEAVE the Country!

I arrived 2 hours and 45 minutes before my flight back to NYC. The two enormous lines that converged on the 2 Border officials took over 45 minutes to process. I arrived with barely 35 minutes before boarding began. Once processed, Security was very swift. However, if I had gone shopping in the general Airport area I might have missed my flight! As an aside: the shops after Security are AWEFUL. Arrive VERY early and shop!

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Nov 14, 2011

Flying in via Amesterdam

We flew to Brussels from Aberdeen with KLM via Amsterdam. Schipol airport is one of the largest airports in Europe totally crowded with passengers. Trying to check in involves long queues and needs adequate time to change flights. We had three hours from landing in Amsterdam and needed every second. The good news for us anyway is Aberdeen now has direct daily flights to Brussels - so more Europe for me in the future

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Apr 04, 2011

Top 5 Brussels Writers

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"More than a decade in Brussels"
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"Say Brussels?? K! let's go to find The Soul"
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"Gothic treasures , art nouveaux - a royal city!"
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Getting to Brussels Zaventem from London Heathrow

SN Brussels Airlines & British Airways code-shared this sector, operated by British Airways. The journey takes about 45 minutes. The moment you reach cruise altitude, it's time to descend.

Trawl the SN Brussels Airlines website - you can grab an early bird ticket of only 18GBP 1 way. That's a steal! (see website link below)

I believed the budget airlines all land at Brussels-Charleroi, an airport about 55km from Brussels itself.

There are no direct flights. You may choose to transit via Paris, London Heathrow or Amsterdam.

Apr 04, 2011

Come fly with me

We flew with Ryanair from Dublin to Charleroi. It cost us 65 yoyos each, one way. You can get a much cheaper flight but it depends on the day and if they're having a deal or not. But on the hole - like Preparation H - Ryanair are not bad.

Brussels is well served by two airports but choose carefully as one is miles away. May as well be in Sydney!!! However I've never used the other one so I've no idea about it.

Aer Lingus fly into Brussels main airport and their prices are not bad at all.

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Apr 04, 2011

Zaventem is low-cost too

You don't need to go down to Charleroi (Ryanair) to get a resonable fare. Although I do use Charleroi from time to time, I still prefer using real airports to avoid landing in mere airfields in the middle of nowhere. Besides, if you are late, a taxi to Ryanair's airports will cost you 3 or 4 times more than a taxi to the main airport ... Virgin Express connects Brussels Zaventem with most of Europe at excellent prices and the service is fine, no meals or newspapers but at least you get numbered seats and avoid stampedes to get the best seats.

Apr 04, 2011

A Brussels Airport Supermarket

In a world where airports are full of ripoffs (see phone warning tip for Brussels) or at least very high prices, I was surprised to see that there was what was called a "Supermarket" on the arrival level of the Brussels airport with reasonable prices. It is on level and down a corridor about 50 yards from the main area. This may explain why the small typical airport convenience store on the same level had prices that would be considered reasonable compared to those found in other airports. Still, the prices were better at the "supermarket".

The "Supermarket" is not large, but it seems to have a selection of just about everything you would expect to find. It opens at 7 AM with fresh bread available.

melosh's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2009

Things To Do Near Brussels

Things to Do

Hallepoort - Porte de Hal

The last remaining of the cities medieval towers. This one built in 1381 served as a prison until 1847 when it was converted to the Royal Museum for art and history, today its a museum featuring the...
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Things to Do

Place de Jue de Balle

I go here whenever I am in the city, and ususally come back with at least one thing that I really don't want. It's a great place to be nosey and rummage around. Its open daily, although I've learnt...
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Things to Do

Musée Bruxellois de la Gueuze & Cantillon Brewery

This is much better than the beer museum at the grand place! This is actually a still functioning gueuze beer brewery, and the only place where 'real gueuze' is still being made. You get a tour...
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Things to Do

Palais de Justice Bruxelles

This huge building is set upon a hill overlooking the city and houses the Belgium supreme court. It was built by the architect Poelart in 1883 and is larger that St. Peters in Rome. Great city views...
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Things to Do

Eglise Notre-Dame de la Chapelle

The oldest church in Brussels, its construction began in 1210 and was completed by the end of the 13Th century. It reflects the transition between Romanesque and Gothic styles. A Baroque bell tower...
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Things to Do

La Fleur en Papier Doré / Het Goudblommeke in Papier

Not to miss is the historical pub La Fleur en Papier Doré/Het Goudblommeke van Papier at the Cellebroersstraat 55. It was once the artistic café and meeting place of Brussels’s surrealists. Magritte,...
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