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Pickpockets Tips (43)

Beware of Them at Mannekin Pis Area

As the Mannekin Pis Area is rather a small intersection along Rue De Chenne, Stoofstraat and Rue De'l Effuve, the hordes of tourists congregate along the area and it tends to be packed in this small area that you would hardly notice if someone will reach for your wallet in your back pockets, so a better option would be placing your wallets and valuables in an inside pocket on your jacked that is hidden from view or leave your things at the hotel and just bring small amount of money so you could buy some souvenirs or eat along this area.

It is better to be safe than sorry!

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Sep 01, 2015

Gent. Don't give change to anyone!

So, a few days ago I was robbed in the street. I was headed to take the tram to pick up my boyfriend, when a guy stopped me and asked if I had 20€ change. I thought I could ask him to give me some coins in change also, since I didn't have coins for the tram. So, as I was taking the two 10€ notes from my pocket, the dude weirdly hands me a kind of wrapped bag that look like it had coins inside, but before handing it totally, he just pulled the 2 notes out of my hand and ran away with them!! I was shocked for a minute, and then I ran after him shouting in the middle of the street 'thieeeef, he robbed meeeee', but I had to stop when he crossed a street full of cars and I was attempting to my own safety.
Then I stopped an old lady who has seen it all, and she said this guy also asked her for change some time ago, but she didn't have and kept walking.

The guy was tall, dark haired and skin, he could have been turkish and about 40 years old.
it happened in Kolveniersgang street, 10 min from the city center.

I've traveled to a thousand places in Europe and outside it, and I've never had a situation like this. I also didn't go to the police, cause I doubt they can really do anything, and in the end, it was only 20€...

May 18, 2015

Got Robbed

Oh beautiful city but very scary place . Today me and my friend went on a little trip to brussels. Our trip around the city had just started and we were passing by a residential street footpath when my DSLR got robbed by two young boys straight from my hand :'( (not very far from a police station). A kind young lady showed us the way to police station (thank you kind lady ).Went for police report but had to wait for the officer like 15 minutes and on top of that the officer didn't seem surprised or interested either to take the report .so we reported and got out of the police station only to notice that the way people looked at us was pretty freaky and straight ( like they were watching us very carefully).
Never visiting brussels again despite the history and beauty it holds .Please be very careful with every steps you take , you never know who's watching you and following you.

BECAUSE, i am still in shock .

Aug 21, 2014


The bobos (bourgeois bohemians) just love talking up Ixelles with its 'petites restaurations' and its 'maisons de maitre'. I think it's completely seedy and rundown, with an excessive rate of criminality. I went to a bookshop on Chemin d'Ixelles with my 2-year old daughter. She didn't want to ride back home, so I was forced to leave the bike locked up to a lampost. Came back early enxt morning.. it was gone. I spoke to the people of the house in front of which I had left it...they showed me how all the old brass door knockers and postboxes had been removed by thieves in the street. Urban jungle! Avoid.

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May 16, 2014
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Brussels, pickpockets

I had my wallet stolen from inside my bag (which was zipped) in a Pain Quotidien Cafe in the area of Merode in Brussels.
I was sitting at the communal table at lunchtime, which is a large table in the middle of the room, surrounded by other smaller tables. I was there for about 8 minutes with my kids. The place was very busy, we hadn't much time and we couldn't get served, so we left to try our luck elsewhere.
In those 8 minutes two women sitting behind me unzipped my bag and took my wallet. The bag was under my jacket, and I did feel the jacket move and though it was slipping off the chair - presumably that's when it happened.
There was very little cash in the wallet, but lots of plastic, which they did try to use (unsuccessfully). I've never been robbed before and have travelled a lot.

Have since heard of others who've been robbed in the same cafe - it seems to be being targeted. The management were wholly disinterested. I think they ought to have a warning sign, It all looks so safe and nice - but clearly isn't. Beware!

Nov 19, 2013

Brussels - North Station Train

My family and I were coming by train from Germany, on November 1st (2013), we were very exciting about it getting to Belgium, it's was a city that we always wanted to visit. Our journey stopped at North Station (friday night) - There was any secure at all there.

When we go out of the station, we were waiting for the taxis, and as soon that we looked back one of our bag was stolen by some pickpocket.

We lost our professional camera with 2 other lens on it, the worst was not to lose the material. Those objects are expensive but with efforts and working we can buy again, the huge lost was our whore trip photos. That we are never going to see again, it was like we have never did this travel. And one thing is for sure - I don't want to come back to Brussels soon.

The city is beautiful, but unfortunately the history above is the picture that we are going to remember and tell all of your friends.

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Nov 07, 2013


As a usually very untrusting, vigilant and wary person, i was extremely shocked to find that whilst sat in the corner of a pub in the reletively nice area of flagey my bag was stolen.
The lesson is that you can never be too careful - theives will come inside a pub/restaurant and take things from your table and casually walk back out again. - the chances are you will never see it again.

Aug 20, 2013

Pickpockets on the Train

Me and my boyfriend recently went to Belgium for a research trip as he is an architecture student and we were targeted by thieves on a train from Gent to Leuven which passed through Brussels.

The thieves got on at Brussels and by the time we were at Brussels North (a few minutes later) they have swiped our things without us even realizing and put them in a big bag.

We had a handbag and a laptop bag under the seats and a camera bag on the shelf above us. Our belongings were inches away from us but they still managed to take the stuff without us realizing.

The trains that run through Belgium are double decker trains are really nicely designed in terms of aesthetics and comfort, but from a security point of view they are awful. As the train is on two levels it is possible to see the belongings people may have underneath their seats on the second level, so as soon as a thief gets on the train they can identify the easily accessible goods. Furthermore there is no CCTV on the trains so there is nothing that can be done when things are stolen.

Do not let anything out of your sight on the train. They are very skillful so don't underestimate them.

Hopes this prevents anyone from making the same mistake! :)

Aug 07, 2013

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Pickpoketters In Brussels

Beware pickpocketers in front of Sheraton hotel! I was having a cigarette outside and my son was with me. A north African fella asked me a lighter. He asked where we were from. He started naming football teams from England. Suddenly they become 3 and one of them talking to my son and the other telling me how footballers tackle in England. He kind of put his foot between my legs and tried to tackle. The next thing I saw my wallet in his hands. I grabbed my wallet and walked away. I came to hotel and had a dinner. Later I found out that they did the same thing to 3 others and they were not lucky. One of the fella had his £4,500 stolen. The security guy said this is their technique. Be friendly, talk about football, tackles and walla! Your wallet is gone. Police were involved and I identified them on CCTV.

Mar 31, 2013

Pickpockets at Railway Stations

When I bought tickets at the window of the railway station, the lady behind warned me to watch out for the many young men standing around and she indicated there were many pickpockets in the station. A little later at night it is somewhat frightening especially if you dont know where you are going.
Use extra caution at Brussels railway stations and take good care of your goods and buy tickets only from the window and not from people trying to "help you"

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Jan 24, 2013

I don't want to sound racist but...

My wife and I just boarded the ICE train to Cologne at the Midi station, and while putting our bags onto the overhead rack, a well-dressed black guy with a sweater on his arm squeezed past by me along the aisle. Before that I noticed that he always walked back and forth on the car, pretending to be looking for his seat no. while holding up a piece of paper ("ticket"), then upon reaching the end of the car would look back and glance around, perhaps for potential targets.

So just as he passed me I sort of felt my wallet rubbed against my thigh. Alarm bells rang inside me so I immediately reached for my wallet and it was gone! I quickly tapped the black guy and asked if I could look under the sweater on his arm; I didn't wait for an answer and looked but my wallet was not there. He just made a side glance at me but kept mum and moved on; I then looked at the floor and my wallet was there! WHEW!!! My vacation almost got spoiled. But I was very sure that black guy made an attempt on me. He probably couldn't actually get hold of it while it was in my pocket so he apparently tried to push it out and when it dropped on the floor, he'd likely drop his sweater to cover it and pick it up.

It only goes to show that pickpockets are everywhere, hence one should be careful especially in public transports.

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Jan 02, 2013

Crime explodes in Brussels!

Crime explodes in Brussels! That is what we could read on 22/09/2012 with full details and stats in newspapers like La Dernière Heure ( or La Libre Belgique ( under the title :

"La criminalité explose à Bruxelles.
La Grand-Place, la rue Neuve, le Sablon ont connu en 2011 une augmentation de près de 17 % des infractions" (Grand Place, the Rue Neuve, the Sablon in 2011 showed an increase of nearly 17% of offenses).

Now these parts of central Brussels are those most visited by tourists. Pickpockets are very active at the Grand Place and surroundings.
So be careful.

A Gallup on the website of that newspaper shows that 86% of the population feels unsecure in Brussels.

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Oct 06, 2012

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