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  • Alley of platan tree
    Alley of platan tree
    by Odiseya
  • Panorama of City from Banj brdo
    Panorama of City from Banj brdo
    by Odiseya
  • Banja Luka
    Banja Luka
    by Mina17

Most Viewed General in Banja Luka

  • 1. The Orthodox church

    When visiting town of Banja Luka, the orthodox church of Svete Trojice is a must see. It is situated in the middle of the town's park, just a foot from the bank of the river Vrbas. Architectualy, it...

  • 2. City of Sport

    The Olympic Arch (olimpijski slavoluk) is project and permanent exhibit in Borik Sports Hall aim to give tribute to all Olympic winners from Banja Luka. It placed above entrance to the floor adorned...

  • 3. City of Banja Luka

    It is not secrete that I love trains and always choose them if I had that option and I love to explore places on foot. Banja Luka is contrary of rest of country big enough that buses is inevitable in...

  • 4. Banja Luka experience

    Banja Luka had very good geographic location. Settled among gentle hills and in river valley you could expected warm and even hot summer days and if you stay away of concrete and not too hot. During...

  • 5. Panorama of Banja Luka

    My second favorite viewpoint over Banja Luka is from new government building complex and best of it is panorama restaurant "Integra". If you are planing to skip the hiking ride up to the Banj brdo you...

  • 6. City of Greenery

    During reconstruction of Kastel and area around fortress was finally arranged. Even open green space in front one of entrance to fortress is now more or less nice park opposite part of area was...

  • 7. City of Woman

    Female Chamber Choir "Banjalucanke" is very famous brand of Banja Luka known world wide. Here on World Ranking they are currently (2015) 19 on world. Its conductor is Mladen Matović. He is famous...

  • 8. City of Art

    Icarus is name of new mural, one of two murals that is create during Flaster Festival 05 in 2015. New artistic that come to Banja Luka was famous Polish duo Etam Cru, precisely two artist named...

  • 9. Architecture

    Even most places in country in center have own square no one place have so many squares like Banja Luka. Squares are places of meetings and sometimes only nice little places within downtown mostly....

  • 10. Kastel

    CASTELL NOSTRO Bagni LUCA is origin name of Kastel fortress. It is in heart of City and apparently it gives it name. Due to its role in the historical development of Banja Luka and the preservation...

  • 11. City on Vrbas River

    Vrbas river is symbol of Banja Luka and Banja Luka is biggest city on river Vrbas. Vrbas is beautiful, usually green, river that flow forcefully and fearlessly and yet so gentle and carefully flow...

  • 12. City of Alleys

    On new location of University of Banja Luka, poplar call "Campus", you can enjoy in long walking trough official monument of nature call "Alley of plane trees". Provides an avenue of plane trees from...

  • 13. City of Culture

    Banja Luka is a official capital of Republika Srpska and it has a extensively cultural offers and many cultural manifestations with long tradition. Museum of contemporary art of Republika Srpska was...

  • 14. City of Festivals

    Well, I finally wrote about my favorite of favorites about Banja Luka. Banja Luka is vibrant city whole year around. Banja Luka have extensively positive cultural offers for all generation and all...

  • 15. Banja Luka at night

    Banja Luka is well known in country for its nightlife. Even if you not nightlife person like me you could enjoy in strolling trough downtown or visit some of cafes or one of cultural events there...

  • 16. City of Adventures

    Banja Luka is often my destination for every possible reason probably. Well, almost all reasons I can remember. I never visiting Banja Luka for some kind of sports and recreational adventures though....

  • 17. City of Youth

    Banja Luka as second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as largest city and administrative centre and official capital of Republika Srpska entity, have a many potential in any kind of sense....

  • 18. Excursions

    Banja Luka is very interesting place for visit within country. I discover that surroundings of Banja Luka had its hiding gems. I find out that there is great potential for tourism (any kind of it)....

  • 19. City of Entertainment

    Banja Luka is city with rich and divers offer of entertainment for all generation especially for youth. No matter is it about sport, music, culture, art or any kind of festivals, cultural calendar is...

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