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Rila Monastery and Wine Tasting Tour
"Medi Valley Winery and Rila Monastery OverviewMedi Valley Winery is a classic winery complex located at the crossroad of a multi-directional touristic compass. It is is a wonderful start or a reason to visit these sites. The winery will be an unf traditions beautiful nature and many more.The Rila Monastery tour includes wine tasting of five different local wines produced in the vicinity of Rila Monastery. The guides will make your day unforgettable and will impress you with their knowledge energy and interesting history facts about Bulgaria.Rila monastery is the holiest place for the Bulgarian orthodoxy. The beauty of this place hardly can be described with words. Your first touch with it will leave you breathless. Here past present and future are interlaced in one whispering to you the intriguing history of the Bulgarian country. To make your day tour to this magnificent monastery unforgettable
From EUR59.00
Trekking Day Trip to Rila Mountains and Mt Mousala from Sofia
"Your morning starts early with a transfer to Borovets ski resort (it takes about 1 hour 15 min) where you will take the cabin lift to Yastrebets hut (2370 m). This is the starting point of your 3-hour trek to the peak (+600 m). You will be led by well trodden paths but a rocky ground. The view from the top is really splendid so you can spend a short time admiring the views before taking the lift back.""""Mousala is the highest peak (at 2925 m) not only in Rila Mountains but on the whole Balkan Peninsula. Join this trekking experience and lose yourself in breathtaking views."title=Highlights&1=Enjoy+a+day+away+from+the+hustle+and+bustle+of+the+city&2=Excellent+value+for+money&3=Informative%2C+friendly+and+professional+guide
From EUR68.00
Horse Riding Tour in Rhodope Mountains from Plovdiv
"Route: Galabovo (Plovdiv region) – Kuklen Monastery - GalabovoAfter your arrival to Galabovo you will walk for about 10 minutes from the village to the starting point of your horse riding tour. Meet the horses and receive some brief instructions.The beginning of the route is via meadows and oak trees. On your way you will stop by a small cha Assenovgrad and Kuklen in front. Then you will have the opportunity to trot and gallop. Thus you will reach Kuklen Monastery which you will explore before heading back to Galabovo following another route.""""Steal a day of your busy schedule and use it just for yourself without any remorse. Mount the horse and ride along the meadows and the deciduous forests in the lower parts of the Rodopi Mountains. Relax your senses recharge your body with the energy of these mighty mountains and enjoy one of the most ancient human pleasures
From EUR72.00

More Warnings and Dangers in Kazanluk


Look out for dogs!!

There seem to be plenty of stray dogs in more or less every Bularian town or village. Look out for them since many of them are mentally disturbed due to inbreeding! I have seen them attacking cars in...
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The language

A lot of people here don't speak English. I recommend you to visit the Info point , located on the "Iskra" street. To do this, you have to walk the distance from the Railstation: go straightforward to...
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