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Sofia Retro Bike Tour
"The tour starts at the beginning of the main pedestrian street Vitosha in front of the entrance of the subway station NDK. You will bike towards it and stop in front of the Largo complex. Built in 1950's the three building of the government are typical with their new-classical architecture or Stalinist style. Bike b the complex is representative for the period of late 80's (happy socialism). Then you will go to one of the living quarters which was initially built during the 50's but it was still growing in the 70's and 80's. 15 minutes away from it is our next stop - the monument of the Soviet army. It is the biggest monument in the country of that time and it is still standing right in paintings and news-roll movies making the so called socialist realism in art. The last stop of the tour is the National museum of Military History. There you can see some of the out-of-date arms made during the Cold war in the USSR and Bulgaria. In the p"""The city is the capital of Bulgaria since 1879. Until 1944 the Bulgarian state was developing rapidly and Sofia was smoothly changed from a muddy-street small town into a modern capital city. But in the end of the world war II the Soviet army occupied th
From EUR35.00
Sofia Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour
"Meet your expert guide and the rest of your small group in central Sofia and set off on your walking tour. Filled with elegant buildings and squares Sofia is a dream to explore. As you stroll discover the main landmarks hear insights about the city’s history and culinary heritage and enjoy three or four food stops to try delicious local specialities.Walk past the stately National Theater and admire the King’s Palace and the Presidency building. Then stop at a cozy cafe popular with the locals. Savor some shopska — a salad made from cucumber tomatoes
From EUR35.00
Afternoon Delights in Sofia Tour
"The local guide will show you the beautiful buildings of the National Theater King’s palace Presidency and will lead us to the Art Club which is a favorite place for the locals. Here we will stop for a snack and try the world famous Shopska salad prepared with fresh cucumbers tomatoes
From EUR41.00

Murphy's Tips (3)

Murphy's Irish Pub: craving for a Guinness while in Sofia?

A typical Irish pub - with TV screen, standard stools, seats and tables arranged as in many Irish pubs - well it's Murphy's Irish Pub and it's one of Cliff Claven's tips.

If you're a pub-goer, you'll like it very much here :D

Dress Code Warm enough to drink a beer or a whiskey, thin enough to get warm afterwards. I am talking about clothes of course. Seriously, you know what you need to wear to enjoy your drink, doncha.

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Jun 11, 2011

Pints of Guinness and cheeky barmaids

You can't visit any major city in eastern Europe these days without finding an Irish pub. In Sofia the haven for the thirsty traveller is Murphy's, just off the city's main shopping street, Vitosha Boulevard. Great Guinness, cheeky Bulgarian barmaids and facilities so clean that people travel from all over the city just to use them. Oh, and the Guinness is half the price it is in London.

Update - July 2004:
When you walk into a pub at half past eight on a Saturday evening and there are only five customers, you begin to wonder. The toilets are as good as they always were - but where are the crowds, the atmosphere, the fun....???

Update - August 2005:
Another Saturday night and the place was heaving. Okay, there were a couple of World Cup games on: the locals moaning as their team went down to Sweden, and the expats marvelling as the Scots held Italy to a draw. And there were two Irish diplomats, testing the Guinness in the corner.

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Feb 10, 2006

There are two good Irish Pubs...

There are two good Irish Pubs where English-speaking expats congegrate. The most popular is Murphy's, but Flannagan's is almost as good, and less crowded to boot.

I'm not a clubber, but Biblioteka is the one I hear about the most.
Good food in a safe and unchallenging atmosphere for expats. The staffs speak English well. Prices are high by local standards but cheap for westerners. A meal is four to five dollars, a Guinness is two, and a Bushmill's is three.

Dress Code casual

Aug 26, 2002
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Things to Do Near Sofia

Things to Do

Ministry of Agriculture

The 3rd big establishment on Kossuth Square, behind the Parliament is the eclectic building of the Ministry of Agriculture. The designer, Gyula Bukovics won the 3rd place in the competition for the...
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Things to Do

Central Sofia Market Hall

The Central Sofia Market Hall is truly work of art. It is designed by Naum Torbov and combines a neo-Renaissance style with neo-Baroque and a touch of neo-Byzantine features. The building has a...
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Things to Do

Banya Bashi Mosque

I believe that this remnant of the Ottoman rule of Bulgaria is the only functioning mosque in Sofia. It dates from the 15th Century and did seem to attract many worshippers. I was planning to visit,...
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Things to Do

Tsentrali Hali Market

Tsentrali Hali - we really liked this indoor market hall. It had some useful shops for snacks, alcohol, souvenirs. There was a pleasant bar downstairs and upstairs there was a very cheap food court...
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Things to Do

Rila Monastery

The Rila Monastery - we booked a car with driver to take us to Rila Monastery. We booked in the Eurolines office in the basement of Sofia Central Train Station. It cost 70 Euros. The car turned out...
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Things to Do

Vitosha Mountain

The city of Sofia lies at the foot of Vitosha Nature Park, the most frequented mountain in Bulgaria which has been turned into a site of education in responsible attitude towards nature due to its...
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