Sofia Tourist Traps

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  • Tourist Traps
    by coreykorhan
  • The front of the exchange office
    The front of the exchange office
    by lambik90
  • An exchange office to AVOID by all means
    An exchange office to AVOID by all means
    by lambik90

Most Viewed Tourist Traps in Sofia

  • 1. taxi service

    I have travelled with OK Taxi last month and have paid 3 times of that I should have paid! The rates have been displayed on the front window but at the destination the driver said they are only valid...

  • 2. Tourist map of the city

    It is very hard to find a tourist map of Sofia. It is also hard to get information on tours etc. The tourist information office (which actually is hard to find)...

  • 3. Money Changers

    Don't trust the exchange rates published largely on the board with some of the money changers. When you get inside there is a smaller table for the exchange...

  • 4. Sofia Exchange! Scam for 10-15% of your money!

    Beware of the exchange offices on Vitosha Street. They are marked clearly with big red signs "CHANGE" and show a correct exchange rate. However, as you walk in,...

  • 5. Changing Money

    Don't exchange any money in the airport! When I was there in April, 2008 the airport gave me 1.65 on the Euro. The same day, in the bank, I got 1.95 on the...

  • 6. Avoid this currency exchange office

    Located close to Sheraton, Happy Bar and grill (corner Stamboliski bld and Vitosha) ..At the front they show official exchange rates. But once you hand over...

  • 7. Hotel prices

    If you book via internet be sure to check at least 3-4 different web sites and and least 4-5 hotels.Sometimes - especially on web sites targeting foraigners...

  • 8. Public transport

    The Trams are nice, and very cheap. The taxies are cheap too, and is a good option if you don?t know the tram or the bus you have to catch. Sometimes, taxi...

  • 9. Driving and parking

    As in each big city (although Sofia is not that big) the traffic in Sofia is very very bad... And I am not talking only about traffic jams, which are normal in...

  • 10. The Icon Shop in the Crypt

    In order to go into the Icon Museum in the St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral Crypt one should pass trough the Icon Shop.This place, in my opinion, is a typical...

  • 11. At the airport

    Having looked at other people's tips about Sofia a couple of warnings seemed to be common - don't change money at the airport and be careful about the taxis. A...

  • 12. An easy way to Solve most problems !

    24 April 04 I think a lot of rubbish has been said about Romanians / Bulgarians and people from the Czech Republic in here because ive been to all three...

  • 13. Bacillus Bulgaricus

    Good food, good wine (and not only), laid back life - after less than a week of that my friend couldn't take any more... Fasting - for months, no music, no...

  • 14. Taxi drivers

    Most of the taxi drivers will charge you a lot of money when they see you are a foreigner.Still I would reccomend you to use cabs then other transportation like...

  • 15. The usual rip-offs are...

    The usual rip-offs are everywhere for the unwary. But in particular, be wary of being befriended by seemingly good-natured fellows at bars who want to drink...

  • 16. This Ivan Vazov National...

    This Ivan Vazov National Theater in the city park is a model of Baroque architecture. Along the facade of this majestic building six columns with beautiful...

  • 17. The Tsar Osvoboditel monument...

    The Tsar Osvoboditel monument by the renowned Italian Sculpture Arnoldo Zocci, is one of the most beautiful in Sofia. Situated on the square in front of the...

  • 18. No interesting museums except...

    No interesting museums except the National galleryAlways ask for the price before doing ANYTHING because it can be too late after you get off the taxi for...


    Here specially in Sophia watch out for the little rats trying to get in your pocket, and do not try to buy any kind of electronics or mobile phones of the...

  • 20. Sofia Kremikovtci Monastery - magic and beauty

    Near Bulgarian capital Sofia is placed vilage Kremikovtci - in the bottom of Stara Plania ( The Bolkan mountin).

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