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Sofia Retro Bike Tour
"The tour starts at the beginning of the main pedestrian street Vitosha in front of the entrance of the subway station NDK. You will bike towards it and stop in front of the Largo complex. Built in 1950's the three building of the government are typical with their new-classical architecture or Stalinist style. Bike b the complex is representative for the period of late 80's (happy socialism). Then you will go to one of the living quarters which was initially built during the 50's but it was still growing in the 70's and 80's. 15 minutes away from it is our next stop - the monument of the Soviet army. It is the biggest monument in the country of that time and it is still standing right in paintings and news-roll movies making the so called socialist realism in art. The last stop of the tour is the National museum of Military History. There you can see some of the out-of-date arms made during the Cold war in the USSR and Bulgaria. In the p"""The city is the capital of Bulgaria since 1879. Until 1944 the Bulgarian state was developing rapidly and Sofia was smoothly changed from a muddy-street small town into a modern capital city. But in the end of the world war II the Soviet army occupied th
From EUR35.00
Afternoon Delights in Sofia Tour
"The local guide will show you the beautiful buildings of the National Theater King’s palace Presidency and will lead us to the Art Club which is a favorite place for the locals. Here we will stop for a snack and try the world famous Shopska salad prepared with fresh cucumbers tomatoes
From EUR41.00
Pokémon GO Private Tour of Sofia
"In this walking tour you will pass the main tourist sights in the Bulgarian capital. What's more interesting our expert Pokemon guide will show you all the Pokemon Shops and Gyms as well as the places with the highest concentration of interesting game play. These are the highlights of the tour: St. George Rotunda the Administration of the President National Archeological Museum 16th century Banya Bashi Mosque St. Nedelya – old metropolitan church National Theater
From EUR96.00

Most Viewed Tourist Traps in Sofia

Tourist Traps

taxi service

I have travelled with OK Taxi last month and have paid 3 times of that I should have paid! The rates have been displayed on the front window but at the destination the driver said they are only valid...
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Tourist map of the city

It is very hard to find a tourist map of Sofia. It is also hard to get information on tours etc. The tourist information office (which actually is hard to find) can give general information on what is...
stevemt's Profile Photo
Oct 16, 2010

Money Changers

Don't trust the exchange rates published largely on the board with some of the money changers. When you get inside there is a smaller table for the exchange rate that they actually use and you are a...
Ramonq's Profile Photo
Jun 14, 2010

Sofia Exchange! Scam for 10-15% of your money!

Beware of the exchange offices on Vitosha Street. They are marked clearly with big red signs "CHANGE" and show a correct exchange rate. However, as you walk in, the rate changes and as you pass the...
mingul's Profile Photo
Jul 14, 2009

Changing Money

Don't exchange any money in the airport! When I was there in April, 2008 the airport gave me 1.65 on the Euro. The same day, in the bank, I got 1.95 on the Euro!Thanks to Linse,...
unaS's Profile Photo
Apr 28, 2008

Avoid this currency exchange office

Located close to Sheraton, Happy Bar and grill (corner Stamboliski bld and Vitosha) ..At the front they show official exchange rates. But once you hand over your bills you notice that the difference...
lambik90's Profile Photo
Jul 02, 2006
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Hotel prices

If you book via internet be sure to check at least 3-4 different web sites and and least 4-5 hotels.Sometimes - especially on web sites targeting foraigners hotels ask too much ... so, double check...
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May 21, 2006

Public transport

The Trams are nice, and very cheap. The taxies are cheap too, and is a good option if you don?t know the tram or the bus you have to catch. Sometimes, taxi drivers do not speak english, and you can...
zizu's Profile Photo
Dec 01, 2005

Driving and parking

As in each big city (although Sofia is not that big) the traffic in Sofia is very very bad... And I am not talking only about traffic jams, which are normal in the peak hours. When driving in Sofia...
Izvor's Profile Photo
Dec 10, 2004

The Icon Shop in the Crypt

In order to go into the Icon Museum in the St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral Crypt one should pass trough the Icon Shop.This place, in my opinion, is a typical tourist trap. The icons sold there cost an...
hekate's Profile Photo
Aug 27, 2004

At the airport

Having looked at other people's tips about Sofia a couple of warnings seemed to be common - don't change money at the airport and be careful about the taxis. A lot of the bureau de change do offer...
SimonT's Profile Photo
Jul 27, 2004

An easy way to Solve most problems !

24 April 04 I think a lot of rubbish has been said about Romanians / Bulgarians and people from the Czech Republic in here because ive been to all three countries and had NO trouble from Pickpockets /...
bristolman54UK's Profile Photo
Apr 25, 2004

Bacillus Bulgaricus

Good food, good wine (and not only), laid back life - after less than a week of that my friend couldn't take any more... Fasting - for months, no music, no dancing, work-work-work 48 hours a day No...
asvetlana's Profile Photo
Nov 08, 2003

Taxi drivers

Most of the taxi drivers will charge you a lot of money when they see you are a foreigner.Still I would reccomend you to use cabs then other transportation like busses or tramways. I would advise you...
gebezis's Profile Photo
Aug 21, 2003

Top Hotels in Sofia

1 Boulevard Bulgaria, PO Box 325, Sofia, 1421, Bulgaria
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1 Gurko Street, Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria
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4 Narodno Sabranie Square, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
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14 Todor Aleksandov Boulevard, Sofia, 1303, Bulgaria
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5 Sveta Nedelya Square, Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria
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Solunska Street 30, Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria
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Top Things to Do in Sofia

Things to Do

Aleksander Nevski Cathedral

Well worth a visit to this especially when celebrated liturgy. We were there the day of the Holy Spirit and the experience was unique. From a hundred tourists who come and go watching with...
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Things to Do

Public Bath

Sofia area was famous for its mineral springs so it’s no surprise they had public baths since 16th century. Sofia public Mineral Baths (Sofiyska gradska mineralna banya ) was built in 1908 on the...
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Things to Do


It is the main shopping street and one of the most expensive shopping areas in Sofia, starting from the National Palace of Culture and extends to St. Nedelya Suare. An area just for pedestrians,...
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Things to Do

Banya Bashi Mosque

I believe that this remnant of the Ottoman rule of Bulgaria is the only functioning mosque in Sofia. It dates from the 15th Century and did seem to attract many worshippers. I was planning to visit,...
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Things to Do

NDK - National Palace of Culture

I cant remember why we decided from the city center down to NDK, the truth is that it was very cold that morning, there was still snow on the pavements but it was nice to see the city in action,...
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Things to Do

National Theater

This is my favourite building here in Sofia. Architecture is very nice and can catch a play/musical if you have an inkling to experience Bulgarian theatre. The area immediately surrounding has several...
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"Sofia Guide - One of the Oldest Cities in Europe"
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"My home town"
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"First Steps to Explaning Bulgarian Spirit"
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"Sofia - Capital at the foot of Mount Vitosha"
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