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Plovdiv and Wine Tasting Day Tour from Sofia
"Plovdiv overviewOnce the wealthiest and most important city of the Thrace Valley today Plovdiv still offers its visitors a lot of incredible places and memories. Standing proudly on the banks of Maritsa river the town will amaze everybody with its beauty. With every step you make Ancient Phillipopolis and Revival Plovdiv are revealing in front of you different pages from their wonderful history. The location of the city is also not accidental. Chosen by the founders of Plovdiv – the Thracians the region is proud with the fantastic wine produced here for centuries. For this reason V travel (Licensed Touroperator) offers you an exclusive tour you will not find in any other travel agency. Feel the spirit of Plovdiv and taste Thracia unique where even the North Korean leader Kim Sen Ir had been. Founded in 1891 the wine cellar today keeps the secrets of all the important communist leaders
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Plovdiv Bachkovo Monastery and Assens Fortress Day Trip from Sofia
"In Plovdiv’s Old Town you will find houses from the Revival period ancient churches and Roman ruins among which the most impressive is the amphitheater. The art galleries the small antique shops and cosy restaurants complement perfectly the artistic atmosphere of its cobblestone streets.Bachkovo Monastery is the second largest monastery in Bulgaria famous for its 17th c. wall paintings while the unique two-storey church in Assens Fortress was built in 13th c.""""Only one day will make it possible to visit three of the most important landmarks in Bulgaria – the Old Town of Plovdiv (1
From EUR68.00
Tour of Plovdiv with Traditional Lunch Day Trip from Sofia
"Plovdiv the second biggest city of Bulgaria is considered to be one of the oldest settlements of Europe with more than 7000 years of history. Plovdiv is situated on the crossroads between the West and the East amid the fertile plain of Thrace where history and modernity go hand in hand whereas since the ancient times until today culture and art thrive within a vivid medley of shapes
From EUR34.00

the rhodopes Tips (6)


The rocky plateau which rises 50 m up is an unusual and beautiful place,near the village of Sini Vruh 30 km in Plovdiv region. The plateau is strange and majestic because of its remarkable terraced niches, stony reservoirs, unusual system of canals, strange rocky rings, ancient staircase, mystic stony sphinx. Arriving at this place,you can see a human profile that is easily discerned from the south. According to one of the famous legends, this is the guard of the unique phenomenon-Belintash. The sacred rock is distinguished with marble palaces, temples and tombs.
The name "Belintash" could be translated either as "the Stone of Knowledge" or "the Rock of War". It is believed that Belintash is the Bulgarian Stonehenge. It is told that Belintash is a tribal sanctuary of the Thracian tribe Bessie or a place where the ancient library with wisdom of Ancient Thracians is hidden. People really believe that Belintash is the place of great treasures or a sample of an ancient unique observatory.

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Jun 12, 2008

Get out into the mountains!

If you're staying in Plovdiv for a bit longer don't miss to visit the Rhodopi mountains. There are some nice & easy hikes you can do from Bachkovo, just about 30km from the city.
Besides lovely pastures you can visit some caves & waterfalls.

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Sep 16, 2006

Small resorts in the Rhodopes

The Rhodope mountains are not famous only for the international skiing resort Pamporovo. There are also a lot of small resorts, or rather villages with some hotels. In the old days almost every factory, plant, organization, etc. had holiday centres in several locations for their employees. This way employees got cheap or even free vacations in the mountains, at the sea-side and at spa centres. Nowadays some big governmental companies still have such, and the rest have been sold. They aren't really hotels, some are quite basic, with many beds in a room and one bathroom per floor, and others have something like hotel rooms. I mostly stayed at such places when on school camps.
I visited this area many times as a child. The last time I was a student and I stayed at the Bulgarian Railways (BDZ) centre near Studenets, south of Plovdiv. I took a short holiday with a boyfriend in December 1997. There were some ski facilities there, but no ski rental so we spent most of the time hiking, snowball fights, and building snowmen. In the evenings we drank and played cards with the few other people staying there. There was no transport all the way to the hotel so we had to walk for a few kilometres from the bus stop. So if you like a gate away from the tourist crowds in the big resorts, these small centes in the Rhodopes are perfect.

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May 02, 2006

The opening of monument in Shiroka Luka vilage.

The opening of monument in Shiroka Luka vilage. noon new infos well that was during a trip to Pamporovo resort and on the way back we decided to take an other road to Plovdiv and by chance happened to be there couse the road was stoped of this event .. you may see there a bulgarian national dres/ the singer-lady/ and that musican / the pipe/ there was the mayor of the vilage also and alot of militarys they opened the monument....

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Oct 16, 2002
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Hotels Near Plovdiv

G. Benkovski 23, Plovdiv, Plovdiv, 4000, Bulgaria
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51-A, Konstantin Stoilov Str, 4000
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24-26 PR Slaveykov, Plovdiv, 4000, Bulgaria
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11A Bulgaria Blvd, Plovdiv, 4003, Bulgaria
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Raiko Daskaloe 52, Plovdiv, 4000, Bulgaria
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2 Eliezer Kaleff Str, Plovdiv, 4000, Bulgaria
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Pamporovo is just an hour on...

Pamporovo is just an hour on the bus, it the second ski resort in Bulgaria, with nice slopes and big hotels. In the summer time it is very nice aswell with lot of hiking tracks and very clean air.
The only downside is that the prices go sky high because most skiers there are tourist.

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Aug 26, 2002

One miracleous place - 5

One of the wells of Belentash. Some people think that here there were the most important temples of the ancient traks

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Jul 18, 2004
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"My home city - European Cultural Capital for 2019"
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"City on the seven hills"
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"Bulgaria's Second City..."
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"Old Town"
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Things to Do Near Plovdiv

Things to Do

bachkovo monastery

This is not a real tip for Plovdiv since Bachkovo is some 30km south of town but still close enough to be an easy excursion for half a day. The monastery was founded in 1083. It had its heyday during...
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Things to Do

Roman Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv

Roman Ancient Amphitheatre (Antichen Teatar in Bulgarian) is probably one of the best preserved amphitheatres in the world. It is a major tourist attraction in the city pf Plovdiv which is the second...
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Things to Do

Roman Remains

Roman Remains - the most famous and best preserved Roman remains is the Roman theatre. Entry 3 lev. There is a cafe at the top of the theatre (before you go into the site) which is a lovely spot for a...
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Things to Do

Ancient Stadium in Plovdiv

The Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis (aka Stadium of Trimontium) is one of the important landmarks in the city of Plovdiv. It is another popular tourist attraction in Bulgaria. It is situated at...
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Things to Do

Bachkovo Monastery

Bachkovo Monastery (Dormition of the Holy Mother of God) is one of the largest Eastern orthodox monasteries in Europe dedicated to the Assumption of Holy Virgin. It is located at Rhodopi Mountains...
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