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  • Belogradchik Supermarket also opens Sunday
    Belogradchik Supermarket also opens...
    by kharmencita
  • Painters´ corner w/ their paintings & wooden arts.
    Painters´ corner w/ their paintings &...
    by kharmencita
  • Street Vendors before entrance.
    Street Vendors before entrance.
    by kharmencita

Belogradchik Things to Do

  • The Town Square

    This is the central most of the town. At their center is a small fountain and area for parking cars. The square is not very attractively done and the center is not so developed. I saw only few shops, restaurants, bistros, supermarket, and one hotel. Buildings for public use like the town hall, library, museum, are located here but not so obviously...

  • Everyone can climb to the top of Rocks

    Visiting the Rocks is meant for all kinds of people young or older people who still have the guts to climb and enjoy the beautiful Panorama of the town on all sides. The climb is really not that hard. There is no hurry. You can do it in very slow and special way till you reach the Top. In my pictures you will see how many elderly people climbed and...

  • The Climb to the Top of the ...

    Actually it is not too stiff to climb up to the Top of the Rocks. It takes around 50 minutes with photo shoots interval. If you enter the second Entrance of the Fortress on the feet of the Rocks you can see right away the stairs going to the upper part. The first part of the stairs are made of concrete with combination of wooden handrails at one...

  • The ROCK Symbols

    Watching all these impressive rock formations might be very interesting play for your imagination or maybe a kind of mental activity just to keep your mind busy, active and fresh ;-) Maybe you can raise some questions of what can this rock figure mean? This may not be a big deal for some. but for those people who love to activate their imaginations...

  • Belogradchik Souvenir Shopping

    If you are a lover of paintings, on your way before you enter the main entrance of the Fortress there are local artist selling some of their interesting paintings in Aquarel or some in Oil about the Rocks Formations with good prices. Also, they sell wooden carvings and Telescopes to view closer some special points of interests. On the opposite side...

  • Rabisha Lake

    Rabisha lake can be seen from the exit of Magurata cave. The cave is on a higher place, so when you go out, you can see the lake lying bellow.It had rained while we were in the cave, so when we went out, we were lucky to see two beautiful rainbows.The lilacs and other trees were in blossom, so the view was even more beautiful.


Belogradchik Hotels

  • Hotel Skalite

    2 Vuzrajdane Sq, Belogradchik, 3900, Bulgaria

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Guesthouse Geto

    For a budget travel, this guesthouse is more than just a hotel. It is a home away from home. The...


Belogradchik Restaurants

  • Local Bulgarian Bistro

    A very simple eating establishment run by an elder man who does everything: the cooking and the preparation of the foods but he serves only before his counter. He doesn´t go from table to table to ask what you like. You pay right away cash what you order. He serves a style of cooking that involves using fresh salads and veges, mostly local...

  • A restaurant with a view

    The restaurant at Magurata Cave doesn’t look like anything special from the outside. The interior is nothing special either. Bu when you sit at the terrace in the back, you have a great view of a small valley right bellow you, green hills before you, and snowy mountains in the distance. You see no trace of civilization, and the air is so fresh… The...

  • Restaurant Eli

    Near the main square there are many restaurants. I choose restaurant Eli, which is very relaxed. The restaurant is popular among locals as it seems, and while you try to attract the attention of the waiter he nodges his head as if he says NO! The meals are about 4 lv (shopska salad and meat, that is kebab and fried potatoes)


Belogradchik Nightlife

  • A cafe with a view

    There’s a small open-air café right next to the ticket office at Belogradchik Fortress. There are just two or three tables and a limited choice of drinks but the view is better than any luxury. You can see the outer walls and gate of the fortress and the rocks towering behind it. To the left you see the whole town in the valley bellow. And behind...

  • Nightlife in Belogradchik

    Nightlife is at a low level here in Belogradchik, but that is o.k, since it is a small town and you are not in expectation for coming to Belogradchik for extended nightlife. Nightlife is concentrated around the main square and stops abruptly at 2 am. You can have some Kamintsa on tap at the pubs (0,60 lv) and then you might continue the party at...

  • Belogradchik Hotels

    2 Hotels in Belogradchik

Belogradchik Transportation

  • Getting to Belogradchik and Magurata by...

    Sofia - Magurata Cave - Belogradchik - SofiaSofia - Magurata CaveFrom Sofia take the exit to Lom and Vidin - through: Petrohan, Berkovitsa, Montana. Then the plan was to take E-79 in direction Vidin, but it was under construction, so we drove through the villages of Studeno Buche, Doktor Josifovo, Slabotin, Smirnenski, Brusarci, Drenovets til...

  • Belogradchic by bus and train

    Leaving Belogradchik: from the bus station in Belogradchik, there are four daily busses to Vidin. And there are five daily busses to sofia (four hours, 5,50 lv) This bus goes via Montana and Vrasta. However: there is no late bus to sofia. So it is not possible to arrive at Belogradchik in the evening (which you will probably always do when you come...

  • Reaching Belogradchik

    Lying just off the main E79 between Montana and Vidin, Belogradchik is easily reached by bus from the latter. The town's bus station lies immediately below the main street. Trains on the Sofia-Vidin line stop at Oreshets station 10km to the east, from where there are regular buses. The phone number of the towns bus station is +359 936/34 27.


Belogradchik Shopping

  • A Supermarket of Belogradchik

    The fact that we booked a Guesthouse without breakfast inclusive so we decided to buy our own foods and water to drink from a shop. It was Sunday morning and we were not sure if supermarkets are open on this day. After we were being told that there is a supermarket open we were very glad to buy foods which are typical for this country. This makes...

  • homemade cheese, yoghurt or honey

    on the main road to Berkovitsa in the villages you pass by there are tables in front of almost each house with the products which the house owners offer. Drive slowly and choose where to stop. You may buy the different products from different producers to make more of them happy. Do not miss the opportunity to by buy homemade white cheese, yoghurt...

  • A good thing

    I had some expectations on Belogradchik that there would be artisants selling souvenirs of the kind of miniature rocket formations such as the more famous rocket formations, t.i. a litle statue of the Nun or Adam and Eve. Luckely, the town is not getting to be that kind of place. Thank you!


Belogradchik Local Customs

  • house architecture in the region

    I was really impressed by the houses architecture very common in the area which I haven't seen in other places in Bulgaria. I find these houses extremely beautiful and I am sorry that I am not so determined to settle down (despite my age) and to buy myself such a house.

  • All round Bulgarian customs in...

    When you are at a restaurant, expect that the waiter does confuse (this is not the right word, since in Bulgarian culture it is just like that) the body-language between saying yes and saying no. So, when you want to order the waiter gives you a sign that looks as if he sais NO, but means Yes, I am coming. And for tips, dont give them, for they are...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Belogradchik Warnings and Dangers

  • Walk on the right Paths

    After you reach the third Fortress Gate (innermost Gate) which is on the way to the steel staircases you will see at the left side an orange iron lattice laid flat on the ground which is used as cover for a deep hole on the ground. Be careful don´t walk on unmarked areas and don´t step on this. This might collapse and this can be a great danger!...

  • Watch your Steps!

    Please watch your footsteps whenever you climb up to the Rocks. Use secured walking comfortable shoes. The stairs could be slippery especially during rainy seasons. Great danger can happen if you are not careful because there are some parts of the concrete stairs which are broken and still unrepaired. It doesn´t mean, however, that they don´t pay...

  • In a certain context, rocks can become...

    People who smoke marahuana and are going into the Skali district may fiend some difficulties, since they wont be able to see the diference between the reality of the rocks (f.e. a rock that looks like the Nun ) and the fictionary scenes caused by the grass: f.e. the Nun is coming to be alife and is going to give you some spanks... I cant speak out...


Belogradchik Tourist Traps

  • Let flow your own imagination...

    At first I was not oriented about which stone formation symbolized the horse rider and which one the Madonna with a child. I kept on pondering and tried to produce my own interpretations after I kept on analyzing my pictures afterwards. The artists who are displaying their drawings and paintings at the foot of the mountain showed another...

  • Interpretation problems

    the most interesting tourist trap must be, when you are standing in front of a rock-formation and some self-declared guide will tell you the rock looks like as if it is the 'Nun' and you think it msut be more something like Adam and Eve; disputes about the imagination and interpretation of the form of the rock can give you then a hard time to get...

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Belogradchik What to Pack

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    Miscellaneous: Since the Skali rocket formations can be everything that you see in them (such as clouds do have the same effect) bring an idea notition-book with you so that you can use the rocks to let you get inspired by them. Inspired by some of the rock formations, i happened to get a total solultion for world peace. but...i did not had my notition book with me, so that i cannot present my schedules, statistics and plans at the UN this year...

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Belogradchik Off The Beaten Path

  • Visit Magurata Cave

    The Magurata cave was inhabited from humans since the last palaeolithic age (8000 B.C.)The most impressive thing there are the drawings. They are more than 100 and were made by the cave inhabitans using bat guano in various periods - epupaleolith, neolith, eneolith, the beginning of the Early Bronze Age.It is is one of the largest caves in Bulgaria...

  • Communist Era remnants

    Even in this less known places you can see some communist era remnants. Or maybe just because it was a third-rate road out of nowhere, that monument was left to stay, or just ignored. I remember travelling as a kid, there were many monuments, signs, captions on bridges, etc. with red stars, pompous slogans, and other typical communist ‘art’. Later...

  • More rock formations along he road

    Beside the more imposing rock formations around Belogradchik, there were many more smaller groups that we saw along the road to Sofia. Some were behind the green fields and others, behind the row of houses along the road. The roads were narrow and in very bad condition but we drove through a lovely area. The road was tree lined, with a lot of...


Belogradchik General

  • The Best Time to visit The Rocks.

    Afternoon Sunlight is the best Light to have the most beautiful picture of the whole Rocks on the westside. When we went around 8:30 a.m. and started to climb up to the rocks there were more shadows infront where the steps are. If you take pictures of the Rocks at this time from the west side you have only the most shadow side of it.(see my Photo)....

  • The Legend of the Belogradchik Rock...

    The Rocks tell you some romantic love Stories.....It was narrated: “That long long time ago there exist two kinds of Monasteries: Monk monastery and Nunnery in the middle of Belogradchik Rocks. There lived a nun named Sister Valentina. She wasn´t able to hide her beauty under her frock and the rumors of it spread throughout the Land.A shepherd...

  • Tourist stuff to do...

    The tourist information is at the main square (although at the Tourist Hotel there is also a center). You can get maps and free brochures at the office at the main square and staff is very friendly, mainly young students. The main street is Thith March street, a street that goes to the fortress. Along this street you can find an internet agency...


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