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Viator Exclusive: 'Game of Thrones' Walking Tour of Dubrovnik
"Meet your guide at Pile Square in Dubrovnik’s Old Town and set off on a stroll seeing some of the filming locations used in Game of Thrones -- it's a unique experience that’s only available with this exclusive tour. The popular HBO TV series adapted from George Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels documents a war waged by several noble families for the Seven Kingdom’s Iron Throne in the mythical land of Westeros. While the series itself is filmed in various European locations Dubrovnik is now the official setting for King’s Landing – the capital of the Seven Kingdoms realm.Hear tales of the blonde-haired Targaryen family who were exiled from the King’s Landing when King Robert Baratheon took the Iron Throne and then follow in the footsteps of Ayra Stark – the boyish daughter of Lord Eddard Stark – to see the places where she lived on the streets after war broke out between the Lannisters and the Starks.Climb the old city walls that were attacked by
From EUR58.00
Dubrovnik Super Saver: Mt Srd Cable Car Ride plus Old Town and City Walls Walking Tour
City Wall"Dubrovnik Super Saver: Mt Srd Cable Car Ride plus Old Town and City Walls Walking Tour"Mt Srd Cable Car Ride (1 hour):Meet your guide in Pile Square and then hop inside for your ride to the top of Mt Srd the 1352-foot (412-meter) mountain that towers over the city. After roughly three minutes inside the cable car arrive at the summit and gaze out at the vista of Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Coast sprawled out at your feet. Have your camera ready; many say that on a clear day
From EUR51.00
Private Tour to Dubrovnik from Split
"Start your day early and spend an unforgettable day in the town known as The Pearl of the Adriatic. You will meet your driver/tour guide at the meeting point in Split or in front of your hotel after which all you have to do is sit back relax and enjoy the ride. Keep your eyes open along the way because the road will first take you to Dalmatian hinterland which holds historical facts and legends known only to natives which your guide will share with you. Before you know it you will have a break to freshen up for the rest of the drive. Along the way you will pass through the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is why you should have your passport with you. Even this border has history behind it
From EUR632.00

City walls Tips (111)

City Walls Of Dubrovnik

The medieval walls of Dubrovnik have protected the city from hostile invasion for centuries. Today, they are a big tourist attraction and provide great views of the Old Town of Dubrovnik. It's a little pricey to visit - around 120 kn when we visited and planning to increase to 150 kn - but still worth it. This is definitely a must see while visiting Dubrovnik. There are several spots to enter the walls and walk the perimeter. It's popular and can be extremely crowded, but fortunately, signs force visitors to travel the walls in only one direction, which eases the congestion a bit. If you can, visit as early as possible - beat the crowds and optimal lighting for photos. There are several forts along the walls and nearby. Minceta Fort is the highest point on the walls; climb up for the best views over the Old Town. Along the southern end of the walls, right along the coast, there were several cafes and bars if you want to stop and have a drink and enjoy the view. Overall, definitely a must see in Dubrovnik and worth the price and fighting through the crowds of tourists.

jmpncsu's Profile Photo
Dec 07, 2016

Ocean Side

The (mandatory) walk on the walls of
Dubrovnik has two different sides: the ocean side and the land side.

Most people cover only the ocean side, from where its possible to see the most beautiful points of the city. It's the easiest section with not much to go up and down.

To avoid the long lines, our guide made us enter in the southern entrance to the walls. It may have been a good idea (I don't know how were the things in the other entrance), but we made our way against the normal flow of people, and, in the narrow passages, we had some trouble.

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Mar 20, 2016

Medieval city wall

If you take a day trip to Dubrovnik you should not miss a walk on the city walls. The total length of the city wall is 1920square meters. It takes about two hours to do. Complete walk around the old town in the summer take into account the hot temperatures.

Walking on the wall can be very hot during summer, there is no shelter around. Be prepared if you really do the walking thing. There are three entrances to the city wall. The most popular is the one that is located near the Pile Gate. There is also an entrance near the Ploce Gate and in the harbor. The entrance fee is 50 kuna

shavy's Profile Photo
Aug 30, 2014

Land side

The (mandatory) walk on the walls has two different sides: the ocean side and the land side. Most people cover only the ocean side, from where its possible to see the most beautiful points of the city.

It's the easiest section with not much to go up and down. But I decided to follow it all, and am not sorry for it.

The interior side is harder to walk, with some steep segments, but provide a different look, with some marvelous perspectives. And, fortunately (for me, of course!), it was the only way to see signs of the recent war.

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Aug 23, 2014
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The City Walls

The walls of Dubrovnik completely encircle the old city, and walking round them, with their battlements and towers to be climbed and explored, is a quite exhilarating experience. There are superb views from them both over the city and over the surrounding scenery and coastline. It took us over 2 hours to make our way right round with numerous stops en-route to enjoy the views.

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Nov 13, 2013

a walk on the roofs

It is probably the most impressive experience in Dubrovnik. You can enter the city walls walk from one of the two gates. Usually the gate of Ploce is less crowded though. I went at 5 pm and they told me that it closes at 6 pm so I could not do the entire walk. I was happy anyway as I could walk from one gate to another on the walls and it really lets you feel a sort of Mary Poppins walking on the roofs of the town. There are steps to climb but not many and if I could do that, it means nobody can have dizziness problems. The price is 90 KN.

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Nov 06, 2013

Incredible views ....

One of the must do things in Dubrovnik is to walk the city walls all the way around .... the views of both the sea and the old city are beautiful to say the least. There is a couple of steep climbs throughout but we saw grandmother's doing it, so don't think that it's undoable. it took us about an hour to walk around the entire city with plenty of stops to take photo's in between. Price to walk the walls are 90 kunas and tickets can be bought directly right as you enter the old city thru the Pile Gate. Also there is another entrance to the walls on the west side by the Maritime museum. This was one of the highlights of our trip and well worth it.

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Oct 14, 2013

Dubrovnik City Walls

A masterpiece of military and city architecture is one of Dubrovnik's main drawing cards. It is a complex combination of towers, bastions, forts and fortresses which protected the Republic for more than five centuries. Dubrovnik's city wall is the most complete and the largest completely preserved amongst the European cities and the place which shouldn't be missed on any Dubrovnik trip. It offers you a good view of the city and shows you at the same time how important the walls were to defend it. Some of the different structures are described in a separate tip.
Walking on the walls is really enjoyable and highly recommended. You can enjoy the view and explore the different perspectives from many forts and towers, however none of the towers you will see from inside have anything beyond their bare stones. The museums at Fort St. John have a different entry and you'll need a separate ticket for them.
A walk around the walls will take you around 2 hours. The audioguide has good information and is worth the money. However, be sure how to handle it (they are MP3-players from the very early 2000s) and have a look at the signs with the number of the track you need to listen to. Some of those signs are well hidden or washed out. The tickets cost 90 kuna (2013) per person and are more than worth the money. There are three access points, one close to the Dominican Monastery, one close to the Maritime Museum/Aquarium at Fort St. John and one at Pile Gate. Most visitors use the last one which is also the only place where to get the audioguide. In summertime, try to get very early or very late onto the walls - because of the temperatures and the number of tourists up there. Take some water with you - there are a handful of shops and cafés where you can buy a drink, but prices are three times higher then just a couple of metres below.
If you show your city wall ticket from the same day at Fort Lovrijenac, you can visit it for free. In case you buy the Lovrijenac ticket first, you'll get a discount at the city walls.

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Aug 11, 2013

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Walk the City Walls

It's hot and tiring and costs 90 kunas, but it is well worth doing because the views over the town and port are fantastic. I went up near the Pile Gate and exited at the same place. I could have exited earlier at 2 places. The whole walk took me 1 hour 15 minutes at a leisurely pace.

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Aug 07, 2013

Walking paths on the city walls

Dubrovnik offers a unique experience to the visitors, walking tour on the top of the city walls all around the old core of the city. The paths are very safe, even for children or elderly people. I am not sure about the distance but it must be around 2 or 3 kilometres. The walking tour is both, enjoyable and romantic, offering stunning view at the city core and its close surroundings.....

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May 14, 2013

Walking The walls

The main thing to do and certainly the best is to walk around the majestic city walls, the views are fantastic.

There are 3 points were you can access the city walls, Pile Gate (Vrata od Pila), The Dominican Monastery (Dominikanski Samostan) and near the Aquarium on Kneza Damjana Jude. you have to pay to walk around them though, this seems a bit of a con at first but it is something that is definitely worth doing even if it is the only thing you do while in Dubrovnik. Its not really that cheap at 70kn for adults and 30kn for children. (70kn is about 10 euro, When we arrived we entered the city via the Pile Gate and walked down the main street up to the Cathedral then over to the Dominican Monastery and onto the walls, We had to pay in Kuna as they do not accept Euros, we did not have that many but luckily we had enough!

The views are fantastic, I loved the terracotta roofs the bell towers and the great walls and battlements. its not an easy walk especially when its 36c but the walls are really well looked after and there is the odd shop selling drinks and souvenirs as well as a few places to shelter.
Building of the walls started in the 8th century and construction carried over the centuries with some extensive work carried out after the war in 1991.
They are about 1 1/4 miles (just under 2 km) and are 82 ft (25m) at their highest point and 39ft (12m) at their widest point. it takes about an hour to walk round at a steady pace while taking photos.

Open 08:00 - !900
Adults 70kn, Children 30kn (They do not accept Euros)

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Sep 17, 2012

The walls of Dubrovnik

The most interesting thing I experienced in Dubrovnik was the walk in the wall.
The walls are almost 2 km (1.24 mi) long, were constructed around the city and run from four to six meters thick on the landward side but are much thinner on the seaward side.

From the top of the walls you can see the old part of Dubrovnik and its characteristic architecture, the beautiful Adriatic sea and an island.

The price for adults is 70 kuna.

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Jul 28, 2012

Things to Do Near Dubrovnik

Things to Do

Fort Bokar

Protecting the seaward, south-western corner of the city and Pile Gate entrance is the Bokar Fort. The circular fort was built between the 15th and 16th centuries and was designed by the Italian...
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At the western end of the street called Šetalište kralja Zvonimira, there is a small beach. From here there is a footpath that follows the shore in the direction of the Hotel Neptun. This is a lovely...
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Big Onofrije's Fountain

Strategically located, this fountain from the 15th century, is visited by everybody, either to drink its cool water, either to wash face and hands. Sixteen fountains always pouring water brought...
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Island of Lokrum

For those who stay for a longer time in Dubrovnik, a day trip to Lokrum can be an interesting option. Though the island has no beautiful sand beaches, it has a couple of swimming opportunities, a lot...
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Minceta Fortress

Located in the north area, in the highest point of the walls, this strong construction, besides its imposing structure, is a good place to photograph the town. Climbing it under the sun is hard,...
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Old City

There is a famous view over Dubrovnik which I am very familiar with. I was not sure where to take it from.Then I had a look at Sandy Smith's VT page and she had the view and said she had seen it from...
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Getting to Dubrovnik


Gradske Zidine, Op?ina Dubrovnik,20000. Croatia


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